Monday, December 07, 2009

Sakit Angin


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Syira's latest entry is funny. Her page is linked to mine, so have a read by clicking at her name.

It's ironic, and it is never my intention to highlight the inferiority of our Malay language. After working for 9 months in Kulim district, many, including the locally trained doctors find it hard to translate some of the traditional words into conventional English.

Sakit angin, sakit urat and sakit nyot-nyot are few of the heaps of subjective words. Sakit nyot-nyot lak tu?!

We always try our best to put ourselves in their contexts, but we have failed miserably sometimes.

Whatever their meaning is, we give our best shots to help this beloved Kulim community. It's difficult to compare between government and private hospitals. Of course you would get more in private, simply because you pay more. In A&E Departments, you cannot be expecting luxurious service if you pay only RM1.

In a way, the government has helped a lot in health related fields. For this, I take my hat off for them. Of course, highlighting the good issues won't sell the newspapers and magazines.

Even a slight delay in giving Paracetamol can make headlines today, I suppose!

Ridiculous, is it not?

Having said all of the above, I reiterate it again, I love my job!

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farah hanim said...

sakit nyot-nyot tu sakit yg rsnya cm menyucuk-nyucuk badan kot..i's funny..haha:D

azri fickry said...

lol! tu la yg ramai kitorg pelik,kat banyak tmpt lak tu sakit gitu.x paham!

farah hanim said...

rs2nyakn..angin dh merebak satu badan..sbb tu sakit nyot-nyot kat byk tpt..teehee:P

Nazeef said...

Salam, setiap penyakit ada ubatnya...kena berusaha cari ubat sebagaimana Abah saya bngkak di kaki hampir 3 bulan...Hospital pun dktr xblh buat ape2...shgga abah cuba Pil Urat Hjh Rokiah...

Alhamdulillah bukan sekadar abah dah sembuh dgn izin Allah selama 3 hai, orang kampung dan lain 95% dpt feedback yang baik...Alhamdulillah...terbaru Tan Sri Jins Syamsudin dah cuba...die pun kata, setelah beribu2 abis duit tuk berubat...

Alhamdulillah Pil Urat ni amat berkesan untuk dirinya...Izin Allah..
Sampai sekarang dia beli ubat ni dengan Abah..

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