Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Side


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

tomorrow is a holiday in NZ and Australia. Logically as many will do, tonight will be the time when nobody really touches the book. It's a bad habit though, a total waste of time. Believe me when I say it will be the time that u want the most when exams are around the corner.

My initial plan was to have few posts for photos from Wellington trip. Come to think of that idea again, I think it would be a bad one. This page is not made and meant for purely photos. maybe I need to reactivate my dormant fotopages.do u think so?

Few weeks ago, we had another day of Hari Kesedaran Palestin. I have nothing but only good words for the organisers. Good presentation and good food(of course la). The content was not bad either. started with history of when Zionist was formed and ended with Boycott Israel Campaign. I agreed that it's a must for us by any means to stop Israel. Somehow, whether u agree or not, most of us blindly support the campaign 100%. I have to say I'm very selective in my boycott. A boycott on National Geographic, CNN brings no benefit to the Muslims, let alone further weakening of financially-strong Israel. A friend suggested having these TV channels as a 2nd reference. I could not agree with her bcoz we r not talking about political news here. CNN and National Geographic provide more than just one-sided proIsraeli news. It's a different case with Coca Cola, McD and Colgate where their contribution is very obvious yet we continously blind ourselves when buying these products. Some dillema arises when we individually boycott these products, but when going out with friends these are the shops we go to for dinner or whatever reasons u name it. why la?its not easy is it? probably these are my issues, but i think they happen everyday even to the hardcore boycott israel supporters. u tell ppl to boycott, they will boycott.u ask them 3 months later, surely they are now back to where they were 3 months ago buying Coca COla again.these campaign when u dont tell the reasons we r boycotting and dont provide the alternative, nanti macam penat je tp x dpt apa2.in case u might get the wrong idea, i'll stress it again i totally support the campaign. it's just some issues that i have here. btw, the next compaign should be Beli Barangan Muslim. tu yg lagi baik kan? ckp senang, tp sapa nak organise kan??

the title My Side here has 2 reasons. One is to voice my opinions on the Campaigne, the other one is because I like David Beckham's autobiography cover: My Side. Sesuai ngan sifat Islam yg sentiasa memberi peluang org menyatakan pendapatnye.

sebagai penutup, Surah Al-Ghasiyah ayat 21
Maka berilah peringatan, karena sesungguhnya kamu hanyalah orang yang memberi peringatan.

Saya xtau apa cerita di sebalik kenapa ayat ni turun, tp mcm self-explanatory je. tolong explain kalau ada crita2 disebalik tu.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

selected photos part 2


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

below are more pictures from trip to Wellington. Cool ey?

PHOTO 1 - rasa nama mcm Van Nistelrooy lak kat tmpt ni.

PHOTO 2 - ikutlah kami ke jalan yg lurus?
PHOTO 3 - wajah ceria kanak2..
PHOTO 4 - x bole blah je iqbal
PHOTO 5 - Rafi enjoy ke ? mcm nak pukul org je?
PHOTO 6 - org Malaysia sanggup wat apa saja utk gambar
PHOTO 7 - human bodies parallel to tree branches(besar pn panggil branch ke?)
PHOTO 8 - Dennis Bergkamp plak.(kamera org lain ni)
PHOTO 9 - team bola sepak Wellington?
PHOTO 10 - group photo. amin yg riang.hahaha
PHOTO 11 - lambang negara baru
PHOTO 12 - teori Darwin mmg x salah lg.hhahaha
PHOTO 13 - tmpt ni nama dia Windfarm.
PHOTO 14 - NZ glamer ngan binatang2 ni
PHOTO 15 - sangat lawa. ni la Mt Doom dlm LOTR
PHOTO 16 - bole menang anugerah oo gambar aku ni
PHOTO 17 - gmbr Mr Cool yg berjaya menakluk Parlimen NZ.hail AZRI!

there are more pictures to come. hopefully my page wont be heavy with so many pictures on it.enjoy the pics guys!

till next time,

Thursday, April 12, 2007

from auckland to wellington 1


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

here are some selected photos from our Welly trip last weekend

PHOTO 1 - photogenic guys - gile lame

PHOTO 2 - musa yg sibuk nak makan memanjang

PHOTO 3 - aku suruh wat2 silau tp amin gi tabik plak

PHOTO 4 - view from Mt Victoria. Subhanallah

PHOTO 5 - org Melayu yg bazir duit beli kete pakai duit scholar. hahaha.mcm real je

PHOTO 6 - antara tmpt dlm Wellington

PHOTO 7 - lawa gile aa gambar ni

PHOTO 8 - batu boys.

there will be more to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos. gambar2 from camera aku. Cool ey?

Friday, April 06, 2007

easter break


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Im leaving for Wellington tomoro-Monday. Will be back online on Tuesday. just leave ur message(s) at my YM if u have any. doakan kami sume slamat pergi dan pulang.

these are 2 of many pictures from the match Malaysia - Nepal. final score 8-1. MOTM had to stop playing in 1st half due to knee injury-->aku la tu.hahahha. 1st photo ->warming up. 2nd photo -> team photo. gambar lain nanti aa.


Monday, April 02, 2007

jangan stress2


jumpa gambar ni kat myspace sapa dh..mcm ala2 pirates of the carribean gitu..hahahha...penguins of the carribean sket...flying dutchman n jack sparrow(kat belakang)..