Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Perkataan, Man U Fans and Raya


peace be upon my brothers n sisters..i dont think it's too late to wish Selamat hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin..dh kat 20 kali kot raya je mintak maaf zahir dan batin..batin apa yg salah pn aku xtau..apa2 pun ada salah silap halalkan la yek..apa2 kekurangan pn sama2 kita maafkan..kita manusia je..

talking about raya, as I told u before it's my 1st time to be celebrating not with family..unlike Arserih, this would be his 1st raya with family after spending so many years in the US..how did it go? well, it's different..u get up in the morning, go to the mosque and perform solat AidilFitri, and family gathering will be up next..for me, coming back from Solat, I had to be home as quick as possible.I was chosen to be the host for 1st day raya open house.I cant tell the exact no of ppl who turned up for it, maybe around 50, but it's fun for sure.Fun in it's very own way.Potluck was the concept, and 1-2 days, most of the guys were busy preparing kuih tat, rendang, daging bakar, kuih2 lain..n musa brought his trademark Kek Batik..serius sedap wa cakap lu...Raiway Campus' preparation and celeration was even better..more food, ? more chicks, and more malays definitely! Railway Campus even had their Solat Raya n Khutbah at their place! mantap x mantap..ada video tp besar sgt kalo nak letak kat youtube.nanti la..
I think 2 nights before raya was when Man Utd were playing Liverpool..Man Utd Fans? lol! man u fans will always be man u fans..the way the talked after the game was as if they had won the league title..I admit Liverpool will not be the champion this season, and I did say that in the previous entry.Im realistic..I knew that with 6 new players any team will need time before they really play as a team.Man U bought in 1 player, Chelsea 4 and Arsenal..Chelsea even played like shit in the 1st few games...Man U played better of course, but all Liverpool's games against top teams(man u, arsenal and chelsea) will be away from Anfield in the 1st half of the Premiership. maybe liverpool will win at anfield, u never know..arsenal had gone through their bad patches, Liverpool is going through some difficult times..Man U and Chelsea will be there as well..jgn cakap banyak dulu..this is lame but it's still fun..

some unpleasant voices have been questioning why am I writing so much about tehrani faisal.cakap la apa2 korang nak cakap.but 1st of all, I dont think I have ever said he is a syiah( and he admitted he is a Sunni).what I wrote about was his writings on Syiah.I tried to prove why Syiah is wrong by using sources from other websites.maybe the evidences are not good enough, I dont know.even if it's not good enough, at least I have done something to say it's wrong.and in my last few entries, i've always mentioned to compare all those evidences.I didnt ask any of you to accept my words.check balik apa aku tulis.if it's not good enough, find a better evidence, and let all of us know.xde emo2, but try to take this more intellectually.I gave you 3 websites to compare, tehran's blog, al-ahkam n JAKIM.bukan 2 tapi 3 tu.

another huge topic that I should not be discussing is the feud btw Dr M and Pak Lah.i can assure you there's no politics in here(in my entry). one of the ministers was quoting that Dr M pn mcm tu jugak dulu. how r u gonna reply that? of course he knows he was exactly like that previously. Dr M is not that stupid to comment on things he doesnt know.there must be some hidden agendas behing this.something that we,the public will never be able to find out.certainly there are reasons, if revealed, hmm..jadik apa eh?

I'm gonna be busy for this coming 3 weeks, so please dont try to bug me at yahoo or msn okeh.ada hal penting nak diselesaikan dulu.tp kalau ada hal penting sound je la okes~~

a short clip of my all time favourite striker

that's about it for now.
ada rezeki jumpa lagi..mangap zahir n batin.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

versi raya


may peace be upon my brothers and sisters..it's 25th Ramadhan today here in my place...maybe 5 more days to go contrary to maybe just 3 more days in Mekah...alhamdulillah, everything is good...sahur n iftar are not really a problem despite the lack of nasi kerabu, ayam percik n etc etc...amazingly, u can find ayam golek in here..quality-wise, not bad...bersyukur...

we had iftar(buke pose) at my place last Saturday...we had too much of food that we became a bit lazy to proceed to terawih...but we did it anyway

i have several issues that i wanna raise here...

1st-ly, i know this might sound stereotype, but i am and was 'forced' to write on this again...i posted an article on faisal tehrani in the previous entry..n im gonna write on him again...again and again he writes on articles that are obvious its inclination towards Syiah...it's crystal clear that syiah is wrong, and i did provide a link to JAKIM's website regarding to the syiah issue..i write a few comments on his blog, but rarely he approves it...tgk link kali ni plak...look at the 3rd comment...how dare she gave all those comments to Muawiyah and the rest of sahabat2 Rasullulah...one of the comments that i gave(unfortunately rejected) was I tried to explain there was a seminar on Pertelingkahan Sahabat, antara fakta dan Sejarah by Ust Asri, which now has become a University topic, explains how the syiites(syiah) twisted the story that made Muawiyah looked so bad...for those who havent watched it, it's a worthy rm15 dvd..he(tehran) is a well respected man in malaysia and an idol to teenagers, and unless something is done, Syiah will spread with the help of Lubnan-Israel war recently..i dont want any of the readers here to accept my opinion blindly.. or perhaps dont accept it at all..go to his blog, and go to al-ahkam.net and JAKIM's website, and make the comparisons..tapi aku ttp puji dia dlm hal yg btol2..web blog pedulipalestina dia mantap...dia letak bende ikut keutamaan...jgn kita sembunyikan kebaikan sapa2 x kisah aa sapa2 pun
*aku xde niat buruk apa2 pun..jgn diskas topik ni ikut emosi..aku pn letak link page2 sume tu utk dibuat rujukan..tak adil dgr satu pihak je...

did anyone read on PAS' vision to become a developed state by 2015, 5 years earlier than previous plan..isnt it amazing? i have no political agenda here, even if it's UMNO, they will have my support..of course, my full support if it's done with the right way and intention...*hint hint*..we do not want to see any physical development that is followed by widely posted pictures of clubbing, drinking(alcohol) etc etc on internet...

aku ada copy n paste lagu outlandish - look into my eyes kat prebet..ada lirik skali..pasal palestine...lagu dia mmg mantap!

pejam celik pejam celik kita dh masuk 10 ramadhan terakhir...tinggal 5 hari je...kita sume pn tau apa maksud dlm 10 malam terakhir..dr kecik sampai besar kita dgr bende sama je...tp kita x pernah amek pengajaran apa2 slalunye...ada artikel pasal ' kesilapan berulang' cakap pasal time2 ni la kita sibuk ngan kuih raya, n bende2 lain..aku x nafikan, senang la aku cakap sbb aku xde kat msia...tp apa kata,kita nak sibuk ngan kuih tu troskan aa, tp kita naikkan sket amalan dlm 1o malam terakhir...mana tau nasib baik ke...kurang2 wat malam 27 aa kalo ye pun...

lastly, being a typical Malay, i wanna wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin...this is my 1st raya away from my precious family...to Papa dan Mama, mintak maaf banyak2 utk salah dan silap..sedihnye x bole balik...utk Bg Joni n Jiji, Iwan n Mc, Ani, Syasya, Intan n Ana pn mintak maaf zahir n batin...jgn sedih2 plak raya ni macam x cukup korum je...kalo ada duit raya tlg simpankan dulu...

to my Auckland friends as well, Selamat hari Raya gak...sorry to those who r not in the pic..
no specific dedications will be made here, it'd be so inappropriate to do so...maaf zahir dan batin for this 1 year..thanx for making the transition to life here very smooth...

to my IMU friends, dh biasa puasa ngan korang lain plak rasa kali ni...3 tahun lg kita gi sahur kat Kirana lagi okeh...to my study group friends, and non study-grp frens, n to other frens too, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin...mana kad raya aku weh?

utk dak2 mrsm pc...selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin..korang nye pasal aku letak 2 gambar kat sini...balik hujung tahun futsal 4-5 round aa...

tp apa2 pun aku xkan lupa member2 kdu, aku xde aa gambar 1 kelas..best gile aa dok kdu dulu...kena plak shin chan kewell antara team paling mantap dulu..

kepada member2 asasi UM dulu, slamat hari raya gak..lama gile x jumpa korang sume..korang pn ntah igt aku ke x..tp aku igt sket2 aa sapa yg lawa dulu2..hahahah..xde aa...

kepada member2 yg aku x letak gambar, x sebut nama ke, x teringat nak letak ke, sori sgt2 ok..


Friday, October 13, 2006

drpd al-ahkam.net

Saya menerima e-mail dari seorang pengunjung al-ahkam.net yang mengadu telah mengirim e-mail kepada pihak harakahdaily.net di ruangan Surat Pembaca. Email berkenaan bertarikh: Sep 28, 2006

E-mail berkenaan dikirimnya kerana mahu menegur pihak harakahdaily yang membiarkan salah seorang penulis ruangannya (Faisal Tehrani di dalam ruangan ‘Hauzah Seni’) menyebarkan unsur-unsur Syiah melalui ruangan berkenaan.

Oleh kerana sejak 28/09/2006, email berkenaan tidak disiarkan, maka penulis e-mail ini mahu menyiarkan isikandungan e-mail berkenaan di al-ahkam.net.

Berikut ini adalah isikandungan e-mail berkenaan:


Sdr Faisal Tehrani cuba memasukkan unsur Syiah di dalam harakah

Saya rasa bertanggungjawab untuk menyedarkan editor tentang wujudnya usaha untuk memasukkan unsur Syiah di dalam akhbar yang kita sayangi ini. Paling ketara ialah artikel-artikel oleh Sdr Faisal Tehrani di dalam ruangan ‘Hauzah Seni’ terutamanya artikel bertajuk “'Memasjidkan lapangan seni” dan “Budaya tiada malu dan homo ludens”.

Di dalam artikel tersebut Sdr Faisal telah memetik kata-kata dari kitab-kitab besar Syiah yang telah disahkan sesat oleh JAKIM. Kitab-kitab tersebut ialah ‘Usul Al-Kafi’, ‘Mafatih al-Jinan’ dan ‘Bihar al- Anwar’ dan dan beliau tidak sekali pun memetik dari kitab-kitab Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah. JAKIM telah menerbitkan artikel tentang kesesatan Syiah dan menyenaraikan kitab-kitab tersebut di antara kitab Syiah yang sesat. Untuk rujukan sila lawati web JAKIM sebagaimana berikut: http://www.islam.gov.my/e-rujukan/syiah.html

Beliau juga merujuk kepada ulama’ tertentu dengan gelaran ‘Imam’, sesuai dengan aqidah Syiah Imamiyah atau Syiah Imam Dua Belas ( Jaaafariyah) .

Sekiranya perkara ini tidak dibendung adalah dikhuatiri penyokong PAS akan terkena tempias Syiah dan ini adalah amat bahaya kepada perjuangan PAS. Saya dengan ini meminta, demi untuk kebaikan PAS dan juga ahli-ahlinya supaya Sdr Faisal Tehrani tidak dibenarkan menulis di dalam akhbar ini kerana beliau didapati cuba menaburkan racun-racun Syiah melalui tulisan-tulisannya.


*aku xde niat apa2 tentang faisal tehrani..tapi nampak dgn jelas skali kalo korang sendiri yg baca blog dia pun...sekadar pendapat aku...jgn amek pendapat aku kerana aku bukanlah seorang yg alim pandai..korang pegi blog dia n judge sendiri..