Thursday, December 28, 2006

2 issues

1. taken from the star, 28 dec
He added that Egypt, Jordan and Australia had grand mufti each.

Dr Syed Ali said with the grand mufti, confusion on issues relating to religion could be avoided and religious enforcement agencies could play a more relevant role towards the development of the ummah.

He said threats and criticisms raised by certain quarters following what Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said showed that traditional knowledge of Islam was being destroyed by certain parties with self-interest at heart.

He said if the situation persisted, it could destroy the traditional knowledge of the religion, leading to confusion, bigotry and even chaos.

Mohd Asri had said that religious authorities should focus on more urgent matters such as combating corruption rather than spying on couples committing khalwat. This view drew much criticism.

“I may sound harsh, but the problem is that popular ulamak like sensational issues. They love to comment on such issues, knowing that people like to hear it,” Dr Syed Ali said.

“Why do we waste time catching those who commit khalwat? It is better if the religious enforcement officers and Rela members catch loan sharks who exploit the poor.

“They should work together because they are also responsible for the state of society.”

Dr Syed Ali said a bigger problem which religious enforcement agencies had to overcome was corrupt knowledge.

“For instance, ulamak who speak the truth are being silenced, but the views of those who are ignorant are being heard.

“Corrupt knowledge is even more dangerous than bribery because truth is turned into lies and vice versa

2. sunnah dan kita tolak akidah syiah sedang mengadakan polling untuk memilih siapakah tokoh tahun 2006. Sekarang ini Hassan Nasrullah telah mendahului lain-lain calon dengan undian sebanyak 68%. Tokoh ahli sunnah yang nampaknya layak untuk menerima adalah Ismail Haneyya (HAMAS), malangnya sehingga detik ini beliau hanya menerima 15% undian sahaja. Pak Lah juga ada, dia hanya terima 3% sahaja.

Harap antum sekelian dapat mengundi Haneyya untuk menaikkan nama tokoh ahli sunnah dan mujahid kita.


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Monday, December 25, 2006

for ilmu - seekers

Menyebut Kejahatan & Menutup Aib Org Lain

Maksiat Jelas & Tertutup

Maksiat Jelas & Tertutup (Sambungan)

10 hari, sebelum dan selepas


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful...may peace be upon you my brothers and sisters.

this is my 10th day in msia since arrival. I drove to JB last Friday and back home today.i'd describe it as fruitful trip.very cheap DVDs, dpt makan ayam masak merah, weddings, dan lain2..

one of the dvds i bought was remp-it.seriously a complete disgrace to Muslim communities. I didnt find this funny at all - org mcm ko ni semayang gak ke? ->from a muslim to another muslim. few more examples : porn-type jokes, explicit scenes. RM 4million gate collection from this movie is not something to be proud of. I'd rather spend my money on Cicak - Man if i had known this. it might be quite common that u see Americans make jokes about their religion(s) but these are not things that u see, digest and practise. We the Muslims should be the leaders in all fields, we set the rules what to do, we give commands. Most of our power-n-money-obsessed leaders, not specifically in Malaysia, they tell u thousand things, but they do nothing. Islam is continuously being made playing toys, manipulated and the leaders do nothing. Literally ZERO. we feel happy when we master the useless things - music, guitars, movies, entertainment,etc.WHY? consciously and unconsciously we are deviating from the purpose of life. we know that, but we desire power and name, which eventually will set us in at the bottom of the ground, gaining nothing but zero benefit temporary happiness. we benefit nothing from these, but we always feel happy aren't we? again WHY? because we do not practise ISLAM as it is. ISLAM to most of us is just a religion. we pray 5 times a day, we fast during ramadhan, we celebrate eid, - that's ISLAM that we do though we know it's a completely not true. It is not my intent to criticise anyone here. Nevertheless, as said by MUFTI Perlis--> berceramah tanpa menggerakkan minda umat Islam tidak akan membawa apa2 faedah --> lebih kurang gitu aa..x brapa igt.ada dlm kaset ke arah memahami sirah Rasullulah.

on a completely different matter, liverpool is on winning streak. 7 games without conceding a goal.they are scoring goals at the moment though not playing the best fooball. Nothing compared to the games played by Arsenal. Inter Milan on the hand, WOW!

I've met few friends so far within the 1st 10 days. I went to IMU, met few frens during my brother's wedding, irrelevant but few have been getting prettier. I havent touched any football yet. I will leave my no here 012 - 3794967. it's temporary. On top of all, i wanna see few friends in specific.Ones i feel i need to see and unnecessary to mention their names here

to those who follow the recent issue of Khalwat or close proximity. i found this video that explains

Penjelasan Mufti Perlis SS Dr Mohd Asri ZA:

- Isu tangkap khalwat

- Isu Islam liberal

- Isu pendapat ulama boleh dipertikaikan

- Apakah maklumbalas dari isu ini?

- Isu kayu Kokka

- Masa depan dakwah Sunnah

a very good video. if u have some free time, watch it and forward it if u feel u want to.this is nothing like u have to forward to 20 ppl or otherwise something bad will come to u.

will be back with less-serious stuff

Saturday, December 16, 2006



peace be upon my brothers and sisters..'s great to finally be back in Malaysia.not as hot as i thought it would x really fussy anyway.I couldnt help smiling to myself towards the end of my flight.I was too preoccupied with food, family and frens and the most important agenda -> my brother's wedding(the akad was today, I managed to be here on time).the ceremony went perfectly well, unfortunately I didnt bring my camera along, so i cant post any pics here.

oo ye, i still do not have any cellphone no yet. I should have asked my sister to get one for me last week. They should have a package where u dont have to register ur line if u plan to be here for less than 3 months or something like that dont u think?now i hev to wait for tomoro to go to maxis.=(...digi is never a choice, no offense but they are for losers.btw, leave ur contact no thru yahoo or msn please, or here if u dont mind.

to liverpool fans out there, we couldnt ask for a better tie, could we? liverpool vs barcelona how better can it be?i dont mind losing.seriously.i'll tell u what i wanna see in that game
1. crouch vs puyol
2. gerrard vs xavi
3. sissoko vs ronaldinho
4. carragher vs eto'o
5. messi vs all defenders
it seems like barcelona would outplay liverpool on paper.u never know.ronaldinho persistenly voices his desire having frank lampard on his side. lampard better than gerrard? too subjective,certainly it is a question with neither yes nor no. gerrard is more complete, complemented by better defensive skills whereas lampard is better in other areas.

I dont plan to write long this time. I havent really had any proper rest since arrival. to my friends, please come this sunday if u are free.


p/s : boikot israel ttp diteruskan yekk..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Konvensyen Sunnah ke-2

aku mintak maaf pasal website anglican church australia yg aku forward pasal azhar mansoor kata murtad.aku xde amek drpd source malaysia thru sms or khabar angin sblm ni.aku amek dpd church nye website aku mintak maaf.aku x patut wat tu walaupun sumber mana pun selagi xde bukti.ada diterangkan dlm video yg kedua kat atas tu

Friday, November 10, 2006

birthday entry


may peace be upon you my brothers n sisters.may all of us be under the Guidance of Allah all the time..

I turned 18 earlier today..18? yes my fren.that's right. 18. officially 23 starting today. i've been getting birthday wishes as early as 3 days before. thanx. thanks a lot u guys. i can still recall my last birthday in msia, we went to Rn R in Awan Besar, not far from IMU. we had a great time, fooling around and took some stupid pictures there. It was very close to the xm but we decided to have a night out, and so we did. I still have that picture, i think.

anyway, there are 2 other students who share the same birthday date in Auckland. Tapa and I threw out some big makan2 in the Railway Campus( famously known as THIS IS NOT THE RAILWAY STATION). reasonable turnout today although the weather has been unpredictably cold in the past few days. good food, good socialising, and a day to remember. it would be the last day of Tapa celebrating something before going back to Malaysia for good. Unfortunately, I didnt take any pictures today, which I should have.

there's no serious stuff in this entry..I should be back to the old me in a month's time.

this is one of my favourite songs back in form 1 or 2. it's really nice.just for my birthday.

So you're standing on a ledge,
It looks like you might fall
So far down, or maybe you were thinking about jumping
And you could have it all,
If you learned a little patience
For though I cannot fly,
I'm not content to crawl
To give me a little credit,
Have in me a little faith
I wanna be with you forever,
If tomorrow's not too late
But it's always too late when you've got nothing,
So you say
And you should never let the sun set on tomorrow,
Before the sun rises today

If I am,
Another waste of everything you've dreamed of, I will let you down
If I am,
Only here to watch you as you suffer, I will let you down

So you're walking on the edge,
And you wait your turn to fall
But you're so far gone, that you don't see the hands up held to catch you
And you could find the fault,
In the heart that you've been handed
But though you cannot fly,
You're not content to crawl
And it's always too late when you've got nothing,
So you say
But you should never let the sunset on tomorrow,
Before the sun rises
for full lyrics, click here
this is probably going to annoy you. but this is so cool. I started to watch Friends 3-4 years ago.and I managed to spread the virus to my frens in IMU, to the extent they were more addicted to the series than myself. just look at phoebe( oh pheebs).hahahaha...seriously this is funny.

to those who wants to send me any present, I would welcome it with open
thanx anyway for today


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Perkataan, Man U Fans and Raya


peace be upon my brothers n sisters..i dont think it's too late to wish Selamat hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin..dh kat 20 kali kot raya je mintak maaf zahir dan batin..batin apa yg salah pn aku xtau..apa2 pun ada salah silap halalkan la yek..apa2 kekurangan pn sama2 kita maafkan..kita manusia je..

talking about raya, as I told u before it's my 1st time to be celebrating not with family..unlike Arserih, this would be his 1st raya with family after spending so many years in the did it go? well, it's different..u get up in the morning, go to the mosque and perform solat AidilFitri, and family gathering will be up next..for me, coming back from Solat, I had to be home as quick as possible.I was chosen to be the host for 1st day raya open house.I cant tell the exact no of ppl who turned up for it, maybe around 50, but it's fun for sure.Fun in it's very own way.Potluck was the concept, and 1-2 days, most of the guys were busy preparing kuih tat, rendang, daging bakar, kuih2 lain..n musa brought his trademark Kek Batik..serius sedap wa cakap lu...Raiway Campus' preparation and celeration was even better..more food, ? more chicks, and more malays definitely! Railway Campus even had their Solat Raya n Khutbah at their place! mantap x mantap..ada video tp besar sgt kalo nak letak kat youtube.nanti la..
I think 2 nights before raya was when Man Utd were playing Liverpool..Man Utd Fans? lol! man u fans will always be man u fans..the way the talked after the game was as if they had won the league title..I admit Liverpool will not be the champion this season, and I did say that in the previous entry.Im realistic..I knew that with 6 new players any team will need time before they really play as a team.Man U bought in 1 player, Chelsea 4 and Arsenal..Chelsea even played like shit in the 1st few games...Man U played better of course, but all Liverpool's games against top teams(man u, arsenal and chelsea) will be away from Anfield in the 1st half of the Premiership. maybe liverpool will win at anfield, u never know..arsenal had gone through their bad patches, Liverpool is going through some difficult times..Man U and Chelsea will be there as well..jgn cakap banyak dulu..this is lame but it's still fun..

some unpleasant voices have been questioning why am I writing so much about tehrani faisal.cakap la apa2 korang nak cakap.but 1st of all, I dont think I have ever said he is a syiah( and he admitted he is a Sunni).what I wrote about was his writings on Syiah.I tried to prove why Syiah is wrong by using sources from other websites.maybe the evidences are not good enough, I dont know.even if it's not good enough, at least I have done something to say it's wrong.and in my last few entries, i've always mentioned to compare all those evidences.I didnt ask any of you to accept my words.check balik apa aku tulis.if it's not good enough, find a better evidence, and let all of us know.xde emo2, but try to take this more intellectually.I gave you 3 websites to compare, tehran's blog, al-ahkam n JAKIM.bukan 2 tapi 3 tu.

another huge topic that I should not be discussing is the feud btw Dr M and Pak Lah.i can assure you there's no politics in here(in my entry). one of the ministers was quoting that Dr M pn mcm tu jugak dulu. how r u gonna reply that? of course he knows he was exactly like that previously. Dr M is not that stupid to comment on things he doesnt know.there must be some hidden agendas behing this.something that we,the public will never be able to find out.certainly there are reasons, if revealed, hmm..jadik apa eh?

I'm gonna be busy for this coming 3 weeks, so please dont try to bug me at yahoo or msn okeh.ada hal penting nak diselesaikan kalau ada hal penting sound je la okes~~

a short clip of my all time favourite striker

that's about it for now.
ada rezeki jumpa lagi..mangap zahir n batin.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

versi raya


may peace be upon my brothers and's 25th Ramadhan today here in my place...maybe 5 more days to go contrary to maybe just 3 more days in Mekah...alhamdulillah, everything is good...sahur n iftar are not really a problem despite the lack of nasi kerabu, ayam percik n etc etc...amazingly, u can find ayam golek in here..quality-wise, not bad...bersyukur...

we had iftar(buke pose) at my place last Saturday...we had too much of food that we became a bit lazy to proceed to terawih...but we did it anyway

i have several issues that i wanna raise here...

1st-ly, i know this might sound stereotype, but i am and was 'forced' to write on this again...i posted an article on faisal tehrani in the previous entry..n im gonna write on him again...again and again he writes on articles that are obvious its inclination towards's crystal clear that syiah is wrong, and i did provide a link to JAKIM's website regarding to the syiah issue..i write a few comments on his blog, but rarely he approves it...tgk link kali ni plak...look at the 3rd dare she gave all those comments to Muawiyah and the rest of sahabat2 of the comments that i gave(unfortunately rejected) was I tried to explain there was a seminar on Pertelingkahan Sahabat, antara fakta dan Sejarah by Ust Asri, which now has become a University topic, explains how the syiites(syiah) twisted the story that made Muawiyah looked so bad...for those who havent watched it, it's a worthy rm15 dvd..he(tehran) is a well respected man in malaysia and an idol to teenagers, and unless something is done, Syiah will spread with the help of Lubnan-Israel war recently..i dont want any of the readers here to accept my opinion blindly.. or perhaps dont accept it at all..go to his blog, and go to and JAKIM's website, and make the comparisons..tapi aku ttp puji dia dlm hal yg btol2..web blog pedulipalestina dia mantap...dia letak bende ikut keutamaan...jgn kita sembunyikan kebaikan sapa2 x kisah aa sapa2 pun
*aku xde niat buruk apa2 pun..jgn diskas topik ni ikut emosi..aku pn letak link page2 sume tu utk dibuat rujukan..tak adil dgr satu pihak je...

did anyone read on PAS' vision to become a developed state by 2015, 5 years earlier than previous plan..isnt it amazing? i have no political agenda here, even if it's UMNO, they will have my support..of course, my full support if it's done with the right way and intention...*hint hint*..we do not want to see any physical development that is followed by widely posted pictures of clubbing, drinking(alcohol) etc etc on internet...

aku ada copy n paste lagu outlandish - look into my eyes kat prebet..ada lirik skali..pasal palestine...lagu dia mmg mantap!

pejam celik pejam celik kita dh masuk 10 ramadhan terakhir...tinggal 5 hari je...kita sume pn tau apa maksud dlm 10 malam terakhir..dr kecik sampai besar kita dgr bende sama kita x pernah amek pengajaran apa2 slalunye...ada artikel pasal ' kesilapan berulang' cakap pasal time2 ni la kita sibuk ngan kuih raya, n bende2 lain..aku x nafikan, senang la aku cakap sbb aku xde kat apa kata,kita nak sibuk ngan kuih tu troskan aa, tp kita naikkan sket amalan dlm 1o malam terakhir...mana tau nasib baik ke...kurang2 wat malam 27 aa kalo ye pun...

lastly, being a typical Malay, i wanna wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin...this is my 1st raya away from my precious Papa dan Mama, mintak maaf banyak2 utk salah dan silap..sedihnye x bole balik...utk Bg Joni n Jiji, Iwan n Mc, Ani, Syasya, Intan n Ana pn mintak maaf zahir n batin...jgn sedih2 plak raya ni macam x cukup korum je...kalo ada duit raya tlg simpankan dulu...

to my Auckland friends as well, Selamat hari Raya gak...sorry to those who r not in the pic..
no specific dedications will be made here, it'd be so inappropriate to do so...maaf zahir dan batin for this 1 year..thanx for making the transition to life here very smooth...

to my IMU friends, dh biasa puasa ngan korang lain plak rasa kali ni...3 tahun lg kita gi sahur kat Kirana lagi my study group friends, and non study-grp frens, n to other frens too, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin...mana kad raya aku weh?

utk dak2 mrsm pc...selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin..korang nye pasal aku letak 2 gambar kat sini...balik hujung tahun futsal 4-5 round aa...

tp apa2 pun aku xkan lupa member2 kdu, aku xde aa gambar 1 gile aa dok kdu dulu...kena plak shin chan kewell antara team paling mantap dulu..

kepada member2 asasi UM dulu, slamat hari raya gak..lama gile x jumpa korang sume..korang pn ntah igt aku ke aku igt sket2 aa sapa yg lawa dulu2..hahahah..xde aa...

kepada member2 yg aku x letak gambar, x sebut nama ke, x teringat nak letak ke, sori sgt2 ok..


Friday, October 13, 2006


Saya menerima e-mail dari seorang pengunjung yang mengadu telah mengirim e-mail kepada pihak di ruangan Surat Pembaca. Email berkenaan bertarikh: Sep 28, 2006

E-mail berkenaan dikirimnya kerana mahu menegur pihak harakahdaily yang membiarkan salah seorang penulis ruangannya (Faisal Tehrani di dalam ruangan ‘Hauzah Seni’) menyebarkan unsur-unsur Syiah melalui ruangan berkenaan.

Oleh kerana sejak 28/09/2006, email berkenaan tidak disiarkan, maka penulis e-mail ini mahu menyiarkan isikandungan e-mail berkenaan di

Berikut ini adalah isikandungan e-mail berkenaan:


Sdr Faisal Tehrani cuba memasukkan unsur Syiah di dalam harakah

Saya rasa bertanggungjawab untuk menyedarkan editor tentang wujudnya usaha untuk memasukkan unsur Syiah di dalam akhbar yang kita sayangi ini. Paling ketara ialah artikel-artikel oleh Sdr Faisal Tehrani di dalam ruangan ‘Hauzah Seni’ terutamanya artikel bertajuk “'Memasjidkan lapangan seni” dan “Budaya tiada malu dan homo ludens”.

Di dalam artikel tersebut Sdr Faisal telah memetik kata-kata dari kitab-kitab besar Syiah yang telah disahkan sesat oleh JAKIM. Kitab-kitab tersebut ialah ‘Usul Al-Kafi’, ‘Mafatih al-Jinan’ dan ‘Bihar al- Anwar’ dan dan beliau tidak sekali pun memetik dari kitab-kitab Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah. JAKIM telah menerbitkan artikel tentang kesesatan Syiah dan menyenaraikan kitab-kitab tersebut di antara kitab Syiah yang sesat. Untuk rujukan sila lawati web JAKIM sebagaimana berikut:

Beliau juga merujuk kepada ulama’ tertentu dengan gelaran ‘Imam’, sesuai dengan aqidah Syiah Imamiyah atau Syiah Imam Dua Belas ( Jaaafariyah) .

Sekiranya perkara ini tidak dibendung adalah dikhuatiri penyokong PAS akan terkena tempias Syiah dan ini adalah amat bahaya kepada perjuangan PAS. Saya dengan ini meminta, demi untuk kebaikan PAS dan juga ahli-ahlinya supaya Sdr Faisal Tehrani tidak dibenarkan menulis di dalam akhbar ini kerana beliau didapati cuba menaburkan racun-racun Syiah melalui tulisan-tulisannya.


*aku xde niat apa2 tentang faisal tehrani..tapi nampak dgn jelas skali kalo korang sendiri yg baca blog dia pun...sekadar pendapat aku...jgn amek pendapat aku kerana aku bukanlah seorang yg alim pandai..korang pegi blog dia n judge sendiri..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the next episode


peace be upon my brothers and sisters..let me start off by saying alhamdulillah, I'm doing fine here..a bit anxious(xm in approximately 2 months)...otherwise physically,mentally and emotionally healthy...all the praise for Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful....

Macho x?lol! macam kat jepun lak rasa ngan pokok sakura ni....1st time oo..I'm still on mid term break for 2 weeks..Syed Umar and I, we went down to Palmerston North..a very beautiful place...very peaceful but windy though..and a very convenient place to be at..low cost of living, with most things that you want are available in the town e.g Countdown, Pak n Save,Warehouse..not to forget halal chicken too!ppl in PN, mostly students(PN is a student city) were very friendly...thanks a lot...definitely the best nasi lemak in months...probably since I came to NZ..interestingly enough, I was told half of the doctors in PN Hospital are are everywhere
another macho pic in a place called windfarm...sejuk tmpt namanye windfarm...tmpt jana tenaga...semulajadi gitu(energy-generating wind)

I'm sorry for having no updates for almost a month...xde mood la nak blog...

Ramadhan is coming...very less than 4 days maybe...alhamdulillah, most of us have been given the chance to enter Madrasah Ramadhan...maybe this is our 12th Ramadhan(that's for me) much have we changed? how much have we benefited from Ramadhan? why are we using the word Madrasah here? Im talking for myself as well..there's an article on Super Muslim(credit to azzahra) on in Auckland, there will be a "soal jawab puasa - dvd Ust Asri Zainal Abidin "...those who are free, and please set your Saturday free for this session...hopefully this would be helpful in guiding us to having better Ramadhan...

Ust Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin(MAZA) has been offered the post of mufti of Perlis..he has not accepted the offer YET...hopefully he will...there has been a lot of debate on this issue..should he take this job or not? IMO, he should! we need somebody with his credibility..he holds a PHD in Hadith..go to Al- Ahkam to get more info on his profile..

I'm quite suprise how bad have Liverpool been playing so far..Kuyt hasnt managed to score yet....waaa! I'm sad Liverpool lost to Chelsea..but Im not sad on how we lost the game to Chelsea..we played some good football(we call it soccer in NZ)..the ball somehow couldnt find its way to the back of the net...Ballack was sent off but all the effort to undone them was useless...probably the rotation system is to be blamed here...but it worked for the gaffer in Valencia..he won La Liga in his 1st year at Valencia,beating the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona...I dont really like to talk on history(apart from Islamic History, we are encouraged to do so) of gives you nothing..u can talk of winning Champs League in 2005...but it does not guarantee Premiership title or save you from being relegated...*update* kuyt scored his 1st goal for liverpool last nite(liv vs nwcstle)

u judge

My sister arrived in Canada safely last week..alhamdulillah..very few malays,according to brother(elder of course) is getting married..i cant wait to be back in malaysia...voices whispering to my ears some ppl are missing me badly(gilak perasan)..just joking...I miss teh ais n roti canai to be honest...

update on fantasy football...sani's team is by far the best team in our league...I used to be the best and be prepared to be ousted Sani...hahahha...No 1 spot will be Shin Chan Kewell's doubt, Shevchenko is the main reason Im stuck at 3rd now..hahahah...adat permainan, ada kalah ada menang...btw, congrats Sani...

elaun JPA sket je...seciput je bak kata org Perancis...

I've just updated/added some links to my page..let me know if u wanna have urs too...

till later...


Sunday, August 20, 2006

still dreaming


In the name of Allah The Most Gracious, The MosT Merciful...peace be upon my brothers n sisters..
I was at a place called Russel for 2 weeks..was there all by partner...i was bored to the max that I travelled everywhere alone trying my best to waste my time..on my way from Paihia to Waitangi, the place where NZ was officially formed, I came across this van with Gandalf and Gollum painted on each side...cun isnt it?

Recently, I aired some criticsm on tehrani faisal..I have to stress here that was purely my opinion on his view on Lebanon...I disagreed when he tried to say syiah is not wrong...apart from that issue, I totally agree with him that we must unite and start practising what Islam is...and regarding on the open letter issued by GAMIS on Siti Nurhaliza, tehran was right to criticise him...why must we spend so much time on Siti Nurhaliza while we have so many important matters that are yet to be solved? Im a Malay, I like Siti, but to put Siti's wedding on top of our endless list of more important issues is not a right thing to salute to you bro for bringing up the right topic this time! full article on the letter...

we had a seminar on palestine-israel today..I wonder few of us,if not most say this is an old issue..yet, if it's old we still do not have any contribution to solve it...u might get bored if I say this again..boycott on israel campaign is still on! how far lebanon-israel war is over, im x sure...but even if it is, israel is never getting any weaker by most means..why? kita sume tau jawapan dia the way, the seminar was organised and presented by malaysians...awesome! mathematically they are younger than me, but nevertheless they are better simpler example, rooney is by far the better striker of all forwards in england, but he's only 20...

Liverpool started the campaign on a low note..tu pun dapat penalty's still lucidly clear to me all the players need to gel amongst themselves...6 new players bought in to Liverpool and few of them do not speak in English to make the matter worst...I just hope for the best this season..2nd spot sounds good to me..isnt it annoying to see Liverpool fans celebrated Charity Shields like they had won Champions League...Charity shields means nothing....
I found this video at youtube few days ago....Sanz Luis of my favourite players at which Gerrard describes as 'he misses the easy ones, but scores the difficult ones..that's Garcia"...

Have you ever thought that we like to talk about unimportant things all the time..for instance what Sharifah Armani said last week..i will sound stupid if i talk in malay...biarlah dia nak cakap bahasa apa pun...sket plak orang komen bila dia cakap if the film mencemarkan budaya,lets do it more often...the latter is the one we should be more concerned about..forget about budaya, anything that clearly shows any elements that are not in the same line as Islam should be cut off from any films..clearly, malays like excessive entertainment..something undeniable...i think what PAS doing is right..seperate the men and women in concert..this has nothing to do with politics..but with the given situation, i think this could be one of the temporary solutions..I dont have much knowledge on i leave to the more senior ones to talk on this...

this has become too long,hasnt it?
i shall stop now....
till next time..
jangan lupa solat..pesan kat sapa2 jgn lupa solat...dosa tinggal solat lagi teruk dpd minum arak...kita stat ngan solat dulu...baru kita melangkah ke bende lain...step by step..


Saturday, August 12, 2006

consistently inconsistent


in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful....peace be upon all my brothers n sisters...

the next hulk hogan?

the longest sleeping hours in the last 7 days + 6 more days to come is 7 hours i think..I feel tired...burnt out...i need rest...although i enjoy each n every minute i spend in classes, learning new never-ending interesting things every day, it has almost reached to a certain point that I feel my motivation is waning away...Im trying hard to be mentally strong...I do...I know it'll even be more harder when u start working.....

interesting quote by one of my frens...
" org pandang lg serong kat dakwah drpd org pandang serong kat maksiat"..btol gak...isnt it supposed to be the opposite way?kita terlalu pandang serong kat xdelak kita pandang gitu kat kawan kita yg x brapa btol perangai...

epl is back in town!liverpool will be playing against chelsea for charity shield...the curtain raiser for the new season of epl....will liverpool be able to live up to their 1980's standard?are they gonna be able to challenge chelsea for title?or still fighting for uefa champs league spot?honestly i dont have any clue...tottenham is getting better n u certainly getting no weaker as well...arsenal looks a serious doubt for next season, in my view...they have released few players to other clubs pires :villareal, campbell : portsmouth, bergkamp, ?reyes, ? cole..n influx of only just 1 player...rosicky..really good player though....
liverpool's new kit...macho rite?ignore the carlsberg logo though..i've been wishing for other sponsor too...

kepada sesapa yg rajin ada masa sket dan rajin membaca..klik sini..skali skala kalau ada masa terluang....

from the star today and jeff ooi regarding on the issue of khairy jamaludin(KJ)..ironic isnt it? he had sold his shares in ECM-Libra after weeks of speculation..Mahathir came up with a question of how did Khairy manage to get his money to buy all the shares...KJ replied with I borrowed the money from friend(s)..n to reply that Mahathir said 'saya mau tanya sapa kawan dia kasi pinjam tu, saya pn mau pinjam...'! read more by clicking at the links provided above...

some info on lebanon...PAS ada menghantar beberapa anggota ke beirut utk memberi bantuan...mereka turut menyampaikan bantuan sbnk rm22000 kepada mereka...tahniah..satu benda yg tehranifaisal x prnh ckp..yg dia ckp cume pas x kasik pegang poster nasrallah..tu je..x paham story banyak tol dia ni...bnyk info gak kat

we had meeting with JPA today n yesterday..more of to a seminar than a was we have some ideas where will we go once we graduate(insyaAllah) from here...I've got 2 1/2 years more in here...if everything goes smoothly as planned, I will go home in end of 2008...sama2 la kita doa yek!

baru jumpa gamba ni...xde niat apa2...xde niat politik pun..cume gambar ni menarik..

okla...dah isya'..lagipun nak angkat baju dah cuci tadi...
jangan lupa solat...

Friday, August 04, 2006

flawless victory


peace be upon my brothers n sisters..

it's been 2 weeks since my last blog...i've been really bz...sorry...

<----macho gile aa gambar ni

my sis n her husband r going to canada this sept...her husband will be there for masters n phd...they got married april this year...i could not go back bcoz of classes...n when i go back end of year they r not gonna be home...we r moving to another stage called 'adult',well i am at least(i think)...

earlier this week n yesterday, i received 2 messages thru was from my classmate in primary school...n one from schoolmate in secondary school...primary school was ages ago...n secondary school maybe 8 years ago(SMTTDI)... 1 is getting married....congrats! 1 was asking if i was her classmate(it's a yes) and why do i look so gempak now?ayat dia nape nampak gempak sgt skrg...apa yg gempak pn xtau mmg gempak?=)...

something interesting happened on thursday...i was in a hospital as usual...we were told there's a patient with cancer of bile the same time i was told the patient will die in 2 months...i imagine how would i react if somebody came to me and tell me i'll day in a week...what the heck, make it just 1 day...we've been thought there are few stages the patients will go before accepting the fact he's about to have his last breath...bukan senang kan?

my personal opinion on get influenced by this...simply my view on his blog..dia cuba wat bende dlm masa sama dia mcm membetulkan syiah..mgkn dia x sengaja kot....mmg la kita support lebanon...kita support dia sbb dia x makna kita trima gaya dia cakap macam syiah tu bole diterima...x pernah baca sejarah syiah ke?n dia kata ulama wahabi kuar fatwa 'sesat'..mgkn ulama wahabi cakap bende apa yg dia paham pasal wahabi sampai dia bole cakap awam kalo baca bole terpengaruh....sedap2 nak kata org sesat....dia jugak ada cakap ada ulama zaman muhammad bin abd wahab ckp ajaran wahabi ni berpuluh yg puji dia(wahabi) gak....n kalo nak kata dia sesat pn tunjuk apa ajaran dia yg sesat?? baca sejarah wahabi tu n tgk betapa terok dia difitnah lepas dia cuba betolkan kurafat pada zaman dia...muhammad bin abd wahab juga x pegang mazhab mana2...adakah dgn sbb tu dia dipannggil sesat....dia amek sume mazhab n pilih yg betol2 kuat dalil..dia x pegang btol2 satu2 mazhab mcm yg kita wat...jgn sedap2 tuduh org sesat...satu lagi...WAHABI tu BUKAN MAZHAB...n kita pn x disuruh pegang mana2 mazhab...mazhab tu cume panduan melayu dok claim sume syafie tp bnyk amalam diorg bukan syafie punye ajaran pn....skali lg...pendapat aku...dia nak dapatkan support utk aku takut org yg baca blog dia yg x brapa paham pasal syiah nanti x pasal2 trima syiah....

I havent got my phone yet...still in please msg me ur no thru frenster ke..or myspace... n add me at yahoo or msn
gmbr ngan kapitan bola msia...norhafiz zamani misbah..

tu je kot kali ni...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

you'll never walk alone


peace be upon my brothers n sisters...

<-------------have a look at this pic Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, next to the Lebanese border, Monday, July 17, 2006. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner) ...

n Malaysians in malaysia especially are enjoying akademi fantasia...I did the same thing too last time...but with the given situation, I dont think it's appropriate to spend so much time on TV...go ahead if u really want too...but dont waste your money on voting for AF...dhla ekonomi lemah, bole bazir2 lak...

logically speaking, it's way too drastic to blame everything on our government, OIC n sewaktu dengannye for not doing anything on the Middle East conflict..while they try to do their part, we have some roles to play too...our(muslim countries) military facilities and financial status do not permit us to call on war or total boycott on Israel products...It will only inflict more implications on our already weak 'image'..what I am trying to say is, we can't expect the government to call on boycott on Israeli products because they are not in the best place to do so..the safety of the nation must be above all interests...we dont even have the sufficient means to defend our country, let alone to help Lebanon and Palestine..really, u dont expect a country like Indon to start boycotting campaign...they are a really weak country...and who knows, by doing so, they might put the country on jeorpady... what we can do is spread the message among ourselves...our role is to educate the public what is right to buy, and what is not...slowly and wisely,we can help the Palestinians....start with simple things...dont buy Nestle products(Kit Kat,Milo,bla,bla), etc....correct me if Im wrong...this is just my opinion...

my pc mates will have another futsal session tonight...deng(damn)...Im here stucked in my room, studying with is a bit dull lately..few friends have already left NZ..n xm 2 days presentation..I have 7 more weeks before the next 2-week break...sigh...sometimes I feel like losing motivation..especially after putting so much effort and not rewarded deservedly....well, I seldomly express my gratitudes to Him..maybe, that's why...

EPL will start again in a month's time...wehee! everyone's got their own opinion...some will say, it will still be Chelsea again for the title...or MU stand a good chance to be a strong title a Liverpool fan, Im quite optimistic they will mount serious challenge on the title..but what does matter here is a good football match..Chelsea can have all the players in the world, but for most fans what we want is a thrilling, non-stop attacking football...this does not go to Chelsea fans, it's for everyone..and almost for sure,what I really think what will happen is we will continue sulking...Chelsea will be the champions again, enough said...

everyone's talking about Siti Nurhaliza-Dato A(or K?) getting married..she's the darling of the country...she's my darling! she's really pretty...would be prettier if she had tudung on her..marry me Siti?hahahaa...

one last issue, Im quite annoyed to see some of us are really proud with 'going clubbing', drinking and etc...and proudly post those pictures on the internet..and stupidly enough, those who are wearing tudung too comment on their pics as 'cool,'u look sweet in this pic'...this attitude is what weakens us...if we have friends who are doing all those bad deeds, hate them on their attitudes..try to help them...and dont ever 'blacklist' them....without your guidance, they will just keep deviating from the right path...

lagu sixth sense 'hari ini dan semalam' layan gak kan? =)


Saturday, July 15, 2006

hari ini dan semalam


has anyone noticed in the star today
' He’s 84, she’s 30 and they are husband and wife' ? lol...84 and 30? what in him that she sees? he must have looked like Malek Noor in her eyes maybe...whoever she chooses, it's her life..she gets to decide what she wants...n respect! back in mrsm pc, there was this one girl who suddenly became famous because of her remark 'love is blind' during ceramah or something..i guess she's right...hahaha...

anyway, I have just came back from Abg Roy's place..he just shifted from avondale to parnell..we helped him moving things in and out...from morning till afternoon and helped him unpacking in the evening...I've never been so tired in the past 2 months's 10.41pm and i just had nescafe to recharge my batteries..I hope i'll be able to go to sleep later...Abg Roy is a doc who has been working here for more than 5 years..we had free lunch and the most important thing was we had free KARIPAP..karipap my fren! 5 bulan xde karipap
dude..gambar kat bawah ni sekadar hiasan je...amek mana tah..=)

world cup is over!good for more staying up till late night for football at least for the next few months...congrats to Italy!worthy winners..n I feel sorry for Zidane..what a way to close a wonderful chapter of his extraordinary football life..probably the best in his generation...but if what zidane claimed materrazi called him Islamic terrorist is true, i dont think he had done the wrong thing..anyway, congratulations too to france for reaching final...that was something...and the utmost respect to Germany...they are back...and klinsmann finished the job on a high note...we beat portugal 3-0!

my mrsm pc mates will be playing futsal in 1/2 an hour's time...adus! ive never played futsal for ages..rindu nye.....and my cousin just got married today...there is another one coming...another cousin will get married next many things that i miss eversince i came here...not my fault though...ada hikmah di sebalik sume tu...

update on Israel..from palestine to lebanon...and what next? arab league and OIC(pak lah the president), where r u? yes, there are protests here n there...but do something...long enough we miss the presence of a khalifah..the one leader of the whole muslim community...when will he come?hmm..

juve, lazio and fiorentina have been relegated to serie B and some points deduction..yuhu! inter does not have to go for uefa champs league qualification anymore...mantap aa...Toni,Zlatan and Trez, welcome to inter..hehehe...

one last thing, I've added some urls to LINKS...give me ur url if u wanna hev yours too okes!


Saturday, July 08, 2006



peace be upon my brothers n sisters...

tomorrow will be the match for 3rd/4th placing of World Cup. Ballack-less Germany vs Portugal. Somehow it does not bring as much excitement compared to previous world cup matches. Germany has been one of the consistent performers in this World Cup(i know I've said before). n come to think about it again, hmmm...why torsten frings was immediately banned for 2 matches and fifa has not taken any action yet on cufre and rodriguez? maybe because argentina was kicked out of the tournament earlier so there is no hurry to punish those 2 stupid players? cufre kicked mertesacker in the
GROIN and what frings did was just a minor punch on cruz. Julio Cruz even said he did not feel he was punched or touched.yes, video evidence showed frings did actually throw a punch. It's very minor and you can see it yourself in the video,but cufre?. So why must there be no transparency in the decision? and can you see any logic in banning the player just 24 hours before the game?nonsense...anyway, the tournament has been a success for germany regardless of the result tomorrow. they only did anything but proud for the country this time.bravo GERMANY.

7 of us went for lanun carribean(Pirates of the Carribean). It's a good movie. really. the only issue was i did not really understand the storyline. The introduction of few new characters did not help the matter at all. who is david jones? what is so special about him? sigh-....nevertheless, Jack Sparrow was a joy to watch.or Captain jack Sparrow?lol! n as usual keira knigtly has never failed to fail the movie. She's hot, isnt she?

In my last blog, I mentioned on the Palestine-Israel issue. I made a mistake. I should have said
we must try not to buy their products or anything related to Israel. On few occassions it is hard not to live with some of these. for instance Nescafe. my point here is try to avoid these products as much as possible. we may fail in our attempt to bring down Israel, but at some point maybe we have weaken their economy. Not much but at least we can try to do something. So again my brothers and sisters, try to avoid these products. they dont do anything but only will help the Israel. our brothers and sisters are killed, and we have not done anything to help them?

finally! liverpool has made few signings. qualities still a question. Gonzales= helped Sociedad to win relegation battle. Paletta = reserved no 6 jersey for river plate. Aurello = never seen him playing before.
one final thing. lately i've been listening to bon jovi's living on a prayer. very inspiring.
We've got each other and that's a lot
For love - we'll give it a shot

We're half way there
Livin' on a prayer
Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear
Livin' on a prayer.full lyrics

substitute the word love with something else. something that is equivalent to what Im doing now. Studying. Im half way there. Ya Allah, Give me strength to be at the happy ending of my Uni life.

till next time...


Sunday, July 02, 2006

7 more days


peace be upon my brothers n sisters...

everyone knows what is going in palestine...everyday..non stop...they suffer..n what are we doing here?laughing? what have u done to help them? Have you done enough to help them? no...nothing you do will be enough to solve it...I went for a ceramah few days ago...
Nabi Ibrahim dulu pernah dibakar di tgh2 api..dan datang burung2 cuba tolong dgn renjis air kat api..dan kemudian burung2 ditanya kenapa mereka berbuat demikian?dan burung2 jawab sekurang2 nye aku telah cuba sesuatu utk selamatkan Nabi Ibrahim a.s...nampak x apa yg cuba nak disampaikan kat sini...mgkn kita xleh tlg secara at least kita bole try boikot barang2 Israel...kalo kita x beli skali coke @ pepsi mmg x jadik apa2 kat kurang2 kita x tolong dia bunuh saudara2 kita...kita x rasa apa diorg rasa...kita diuji dgn kesenangan n dh brapa bnyk antara kita yg dah hanyut...termasukla penulis skali...

few of petronas friends are going back to malaysia end of this month..they are back for good this time...they are a year younger than me, and they have graduated and going to start working soon...with PETRONAS...a company who has just made an increase in profit by an outstanding value of 22%...equivalent to more than rm20 billion i so proud of them...bussiness is one the sections in The Star that i like the most...why? i have no idea...I have no plans whatsoever to venture into bussiness...I like money but i doubt I can handle myself in the bussiness world...
money, lust, many on earth are able to resist all these? I dont, that's why I have to stay away from this..

Germany in semi-finals of World Cup...yuhu! almost everyone wrote them off before the campaigne started...where's brazil?argentina?spain? lol! I am quite sad to see england out of the tournament today...England is my 2nd team...n with so many so talented individuals from widely publicised-EPL, we expected them to be in the finals...nevertheless, they put up a good performance against portugal..Christiano Ronaldo? he's innocent...any player will try to defend their fellow's a pity everyone will start hating him now..n this makes it easier for Real Madrid to price him out of Man Utd( Dreaming theatre, no more theatre of dreams)!

My friends and I are going to Mt Rupehu for skiing on July 28th.InsyaAllah..Im quite excited...but 1 thing that is worrying me is sometimes i tend to get asthma-like symptoms in cold weather...n this time Im gonna go with Muslim friends...less problem with food, and easier to go for prayer without wasting their(non Muslim friends) time...

one more thing...last night was my 1st time eating
jemput2 pisang for the 1st time in 5 months...yuhu!

" Diwajibkan atas kamu berperang, padahal berperang adalah sesuatu yang kamu benci. Boleh jadi kamu membeci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagimu, Dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat burut bagimu. Allah Maha Mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui" Surat Al-Baqarah ayat 216.

lena kali plak..dah maghrib...solat plak...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

truly historic revolution


5 more weeks to go n get my Gen Med run done...a very hectic lame,old-boring lifestyle has just started.AGAIN!
winter is sometimes really troublesome...u get up early in the morning, walk to train station with 3 layers of shirt and a pair of gloves! believe me, ur bestfriend in winter will be none other than your heater...

germany is playing tomorrow in the 2nd round of world cup tomorrow..i hope only for the best for germany..why I have been supporting Germany is an unanswerable question?certainly u have come across that U like someone or anything withou any obvious reasons, right?what really annoys (almost)everyone is when one turns to be really obssessed with that particular team/person than anything about them is right and will never commit any wrongdoings...stupid, are you? I have been a Liverpool supporter, and no one is stupid enough to say any Chelsea players are not more open please?

Dato K and Siti Nurhaliza?euww...why him? what wrong have I done to you Siti?lol!whoever Siti chooses, everyone will still be euww..nobody will be ever be the right one for you..that is from the eyes of public...the downside of being the darling of the country must have made her life terrible..whatever she does must be right for everyone.she's a human after all.she's free to see things done her the way, im still jealous!lol...she cant wait for me to be back in Malaysia, can she?

hey, to those who can't watch world cup matches for whatever reasons, you can do so by watching highlights at yahoo..unfortunately, u need to have high broadband speed to be able to view it. what the heck, my speed is good enough..3.5 mg/s isnt it? not really france, once domination by Telecom was over and unbundling started, now most French people are able to watch 100 free channels on internet, free phone calls to 14 countries(including France, of course), and high quality 24 mg/s video streaming.. everything for just 57 euros per months...imagine what the world be like in 10 years?

from one of Jurgen Klinsmann's coaches -> 'I had heard a bit about the new Klinsmann style, but what I have seen now is a truly historic revolution,' César Luis Menotti said a few days ago. 'It basically doesn't even matter whether this Germany team will make it far or not. The thing that counts is the impression it has left. The old German style, fighting spirit and a strong defence, is forgotten. I take off my hat to Klinsmann for having so much courage, and I welcome this offensive mentality.' for full article, click here
Im done for now...I need to go for Isya' prayer...we'll be back again..jangan lupa solat!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

world cup fever


im still waiting for news from my family..they r still on the fligh or have arrived I dont know..hopefully they are safe where ever they are,amin..I have not talked to any of them in the past 2 weeks..hmm...

World cup just started yesterday..I have always said and will say it again Germany is my favourite does not matter wether they lose or win..I have never stopped supporting them..n I couldnt ask for a better start yesterday..lahm(phillip) has always been a starter in my CM3 and im really proud to see him playing for germany this support for germany started back in world cup 1990 when andres brehme was the hero in the last World cup that german won...and I have made it no secret to most my friends that ballack is my favourite player too...i have 3 or 2 german jerseys with Ballack at the back..and 2 germany plain jerseys..

a lot of things happened in Malaysia in the recent romp in malaysia(as cheap as rm3...apa nak jadik ni?), feud between Dr M and Pak Lah, Hamas came for NAM and didnt get the chance to give speech, and many much for the 'muslim country'...

I'd also want to congratulate my friends who graduated last month and to those graduating soon...Im happy to see you guys muslims, we ought to seek for knowledge...n put them into practical...may u use ur knowledge that hopefully makes u stand tall among others..dari ilmu datangnya iman dan amalan...may Allah give u a good career where ever u r sent...

hmm..gud news! I've finally have my own internet connection...Ive never stopped downloading songs, clips and whatever...damn syok!
in 2 hours time im gonna be at coffeehouse to watch england-paraguay..there's no mamak here...few more options would be fren's place or is never in the list obviously..fren's place is a gud idea but match is at 1am(NZ time), so its not nice to bug them in the middle of night...

enuf for now..till next time..apa yg baik datang dari Allah, yg buruk tu mmg dpd aku sendiri...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

testing 1,2,3

i realise that i have not been active blogging as before.I still have a week more to go for has been great.I(or we) went to tauranga and rotorua.trip was fun and awesome.I came to realise that if i had chosen uk for med school, maybe I'd enjoy Euro trip.However, I have never regretted my decision. Here in NZ you get to do lots of outdoor activities and crazy staff.It's really undescribable.
During my time at rotorua, we tried a thing called swoop. I was placed in a sac or bag and they let u swing like a pendulum at a height of 40metres. Amazing! Nobody would say it's not scary, but after a few swings you'd feel the fun. Then we went for ZORB. This time we were put in a ball filled with water. They let u off from a hill and the ball started rolling. We had no control whilst in the ball, and that's the fun part of it. Look at this pic. Bungy jumping was way too expensive. 90 NZ dollars for a jump of 15seconds.

My family is in Mekah(Macca) now performing umrah. I wish I am there now with them. They are lucky to be there. When u r there ur mind is solely focused on ibadah. And a good time to bond with your family members. Maybe not my time yet. Sigh. yesterday was the graduation day for my IMU classmates and what an another occassion to miss.

I recently talked to my friend who happened to join a tabligh group. I am quite disagree with tabligh. They( the followers) seem to be very obsessed with their leaders and rejecting other scholars at the same time. This is something not good. And they seem to be very judgemental as if only their scholars who are always right. However, having said that, nature has a way that we always remember someone by the bad things that they have done. Tabligh, as said by Ust Samsure has always been involved in rehab of drug addicts. No one has mentioned that when talking about tabligh. Anyway, I still wont join any tabligh. I dont like the way things are done, and the resources that they use are not all 'sahih'
this time I have posted a few pics.enjoy it!