Friday, February 29, 2008

12th GE Part 4


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I find Tun Mahathir's comments quite cynical at times. If he really means it, I don't know. This is taken from Rocky Bru's page, an interview with Tun Mahathir(only a fraction is posted here). For a full interview, visit his website(link is provided in the academic bar).

Which achievements would you take issue with?
Islam Hadhari has caused a lot of confusion. There is only one Islam and now they are told that they are followers of Islam Hadhari or modern Islam as if it is a new religion. With regards to the new development corridors, they are just announcements. Nothing has happened on the ground. The amount of money involved is fantastic. It goes into trillions of ringgit and it will happen over a period of maybe 10 to 20 years. So, these are promises. Anybody can make a promise.

I did not change a single word from above. =)


Thursday, February 28, 2008

12th General Election Part 3


below are videos of Dr Asri's Khutbah Amanat Pilihanraya.

Some Quotable Quotes

*hendaklah pemimpin itu orang yg bersolat*
*pilihanraya bukanlah sekadar memangkah di kertas undi*

spend some time watching these videos. Untuk kita Muslim, setiap undi yang kita buat adalah amanah. Untuk yg risau tentang unsur politik dalam video2 ni, Dr Asri bukanlah seorang ahli politik. Tiada unsur2 yg memihak mana2 parti politik, yg disebut hanyalah panduan memilih pemimpin.

Kepada yg begitu fanatik terhadap parti2 yg disokong saudara/saudari, bila kita didatangkan berita samada contohnya Utusan Melayu atau harakahdaily sekali pun, hendaklah diadili berita seelok-eloknye. Bertahun-tahun kita tahu Utusan melaporkan berita yang memihak Barisan Nasional sahaja, dan HarakahDaily pulak hanya berita PAS.

Dalam peringatan daripada Al-Quran,

Al-Hujurat, Ayat 6. Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jika datang kepadamu orang fasik membawa suatu berita, maka periksalah dengan teliti agar kamu tidak menimpakan suatu musibah kepada suatu kaum tanpa mengetahui keadaannya yang menyebabkan kamu menyesal atas perbuatanmu itu.

adili keputusan anda seadil-adilnya. Kesilapan sekarang hanya boleh diubah 5 tahun kemudian. Undi anda adalah rahsia, yang lagi penting undi anda adalah Amanah yang harus ditunaikan dengan cara yg betul.

till next time
p/s : my favourite website now is Elizabeth Wong's. Short, simple and neat.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

General Election 12th Part 2

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Looking back at the news few days back, BN or UMNO specifically mentioned they will male Kelantan "Tamadun Islam'', together with so many Islamic programmes included in the plans. If anything, the non-Muslims should be more afraid of UMNO than PAS. Why? UMNO is trying to project themselves as the champions when it comes to religous matters/

Two questions here :
- Why Kelantan? Is UMNO trying to say they are less Islamic in other states?
- Are the non-Muslims ready for a more 'extreme' Islam here?

Look. Islam is Islam, as what the Prophet Muhammad, the messenger has taught us. He has taught us to be moderate in all matters.

Now read gain those questions. No answer is a wrong answer here. I would think this is nothing more than a gimmick to win the hearts of Malay voters. The impression that I get here is UMNO is trying to become more Islamic now. If non-Malays are truly scared of Islam, they should cast their votes to PAS, because UMNO is now more Islamic than PAS. Makes sense, right?

It's weird. People are willing to go extreme for power, money and women.

That's my humble opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I have added some new links at the academic bar. Links from both the opposition and BN are available now.

In ideal world, I would state my preferred side here. ain't gonna happen.......

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

GE 12 Part 1


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious The Most Merciful

while waiting for Rafi to pick me up, let me just write a little bit. People get restless whenever I stop!!..absolutely rubbish!!

24th March, tomorrow, is the nomination day for the next General Election of Malaysia. Except for certain places, we already know who will be contesting for most of the DUN and Parliamentary seats. It's no secret I am a big fan a of Malaysian politics, since 15 perhaps. I have lots to say with regards to the next election, so do come and visit my page regularly for my views. You do not have to if you are not keen on politics, it's only my view(s) after all. I'm not a one-sided person, my insight is always based on 2 sides of a coin with the support by facts.

One reason - election comes in every 5 years. Only 5 years from now will tell us if we have done any mistake.

To those who thought I rejoiced every moment after 2-0 win of Liverpool, you were wrong. I have always mentioned all my life that Inter Milan is the team that I support in Serie A. I was delighted for Liverpool, and felt totally the opposite way for Inter. Do not liken me to any Chelsea fans, whom recently acknowledged the whole world they are the most fanatic fans in the world. That's rubbish. Prior to Abramovich, Chelsea was a wonderful side to watch, but without those 600 million pounds, they won't be where they are now.

Please do not get me wrong, due to Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti, I have no political inclination towards any side. Should you find anything that I write inappropriate, please let me know. Below, is what I intent to share. Impressive, isn't it?

P.095 Tanjong Karang
Mohamed Hanipa Maidin, 40
Ijazah Undang-undang, UIA

P.096 Kuala Selangor, 52
Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad
PhD Toxicology

P.101 Hulu Langat
Dr Che Rosli Che Mat, 57
Bekas Pensyarah UKM
PhD Sains Nuklear

P.108 Shah Alam
Khalid Abd Samad, 51
Timbalan Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor 1
Ijazah Kejuruteraan Bahan Api

P.111 Kota Raja, 50
Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud
Ijazah Perubatan

P.113 Sepang
Ir Mohamed Makki Ahmad, 53
Ahli Perniagaan
Ijazah Jurutera

I will write again.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Empire apartment


I am busy at the moment. So many things to be done
1) moving in to new apartment
2) starting new attachment at psychiatry ward
3) medical check up for visa
4) assignment
5) keeping up with news - general election, liverpool(lost to Barnsley, terrible!)

for now, any confusion on fiqh of medical-related problems, do visit this page below. These problems are approached using authentic sources Quran and Hadith

Isu Fiqh Perubatan Kontemporari

as an example,

Apakah diizinkan dalam Islam untuk menderma darah kepada non-Muslim?
Berkenaan dengan soalan anda, kita perlu jelas bahawa Islam membawa seluruh kebaikan dan kebajikan kepada umat manusia. Muslim diperintahkan untuk menjaga hubungan baik dan bermurah hati kepada semua manusia. Oleh itu, seorang Muslim dibenarkan untuk menderma darah kepada non-Muslim.


Berkenaan dengan soalan anda, kita perlu jelas bahawa Islam membawa seluruh kebaikan dan kebajikan kepada umat manusia. Muslim diperintahkan untuk menjaga hubungan baik dan bermurah hati kepada semua manusia. Oleh itu, seorang Muslim dibenarkan untuk menderma darah kepada non-Muslim.

Dalam responnya kepada soalan ini, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Presiden Islamic Society of North America menyatakan;

Transfusi darah untuk tujuan perubatan diizinkan dalam Islam. Adalah dibenarkan untuk menerima darah dari non-Muslim dan dibenarkan juga memberi darah kepada non-Muslim. Hal-hal sebegini berkaitan dengan nyawa manusia.

Alasan yang diberi bahawa Islam mendidik kita untuk memberi makan kepada yang lapar, menjaga yang sakit dan menyelamatkan nyawa manusia. Dalam hal ini, tiada bezanya di antara nyawa seorang Muslim dan bukan Muslim.

that's all for now

will write again in the future

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the next fernando torres

the next fernando torres/steven gerrard

aisar's 1st ever liverpool kit. who knows if this is a significant stepping stone in becoming the next Steven Gerrard or Fernando!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

to start with, I wish all my Chinese friends Happy Chinese New Year. Sorry no cards sent this year, partly because I'm here(NZ) and financially broke.Save me some Ang Pau la kawan!! Looking back at my life, I have always been blessed with many good Chinese friends. I lived in with 8 other students at KDU, 2 of them were Chinese. In IMU, Gabby was my housemate for 2.5 years, together with Khairi. Of course some of them are Liverpool fans, making friendship even sweeter. Gab is a fan of MU and our lepak-ing sessions at mamak never a quiet one. Hehe, miss that la macha.

Coming from Asia background, we hold Eastern values a lot in our lives. In NZ, few months ago, an article was published stating Kiwis have the most number of partners compared to other countries. On average, a Kiwi man has been with 20 women and vice versa. A Kiwi woman also is free to abort their pregnancy if they wish to. FREE OF CHARGE! To anyone who thinks Malaysia is not the best place for education/raising kids/career, think again. I do not judge any individual's wish not to return to Malaysia, but don't bad mouth our beloved country. Yes yes, lots of money overseas, so what?

Talking about slander(fitnah), this is really bad.

KUALA LUMPUR: Segelintir penuntut senior Malaysia di New Zealand didakwa nekad mengenakan syarat ‘pelik’ termasuk mengarahkan pelajar junior menghisap ganja bagi mendapatkan pengiktirafan dan perlindungan sepanjang menuntut di universiti tertentu di negara itu

This is taken from Harian Metro, courtesy of Syukri. The motive, only God knows. Why would anyone do this, especially ones you call 'smart/excellent students'. Bollocks(ala2 Steven Gerrard sket).

Now a video by the man I truly respect. I shall write about him some time in the future. He talks in a mix of normal BM plus Kelantanese dialect on SMOKING.Btw, he commented this in the Star previously months ago. Hopefully what he says turns into reality as it's almost impossible practically. This man is truly brilliant.

KOTA BARU: Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is stepping up the anti-smoking rhetoric, describing smokers as "similar to certain animals which have no brains to think rationally."

He said that although smokers knew the habit was bad for health, they continued to allow themselves to be addicted, “so they do not use their brains.”

“People who do not want to think are like animals,” he said when launching an anti-smoking campaign at KB Mall.

Nik Aziz, a non-smoker, reminded that alcohol consumption and gambling were not allowed in Islam as it could corrupt those involved.

Similarly, he said smoking was discouraged as it could corrupt smokers to not think of their health.

The PAS spiritual adviser had in the past suggested that smokers should not be fielded as PAS candidates in the next general election.

Let's face it, smoking is harmful.

Have to stop now.
Till next time

Sunday, February 03, 2008



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

petikan dpd artikel Islam menentang politik Assabiyah di Utusan Malaysia. utk artikel penuh, klik di sini

Sebab itulah dalam menjelaskan maksud asabiah, Rasulullah s.a.w. pernah ditanya oleh Wathilah bin al-Asqa’: Wahai Rasulullah! Apakah kecintaan kami kepada kaum itu dikatakan al-asabiah? Sabda baginda: Tidak, sebaliknya asabiah itu ialah apabila kamu menolong kaummu atas kezaliman (hadis Hasan riwayat Abu Dawud).

Hadis ini seiring dengan prinsip al-Quran yang menjelaskan: Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, hendaklah kamu semua sentiasa menjadi orang-orang yang menegakkan keadilan kerana Allah, lagi menerangkan kebenaran dan jangan sekali-kali kebencian kamu terhadap sesuatu kaum itu mendorong kamu kepada tidak melakukan keadilan. Berlaku adillah (kepada sesiapa jua) kerana sikap adil itu lebih hampir kepada takwa (al-Maidah:8).

Penentangan Islam terhadap sikap asabiah yang membela atau menyokong kaum secara membuta-tuli turut dijelaskan dalam sebuah hadis Nabi s.a.w.: Sesiapa keluar daripada ketaatan (terhadap pemerintah) dan memisahkan diri daripada al-jamaah (kesepakatan kaum Muslimin) lalu dia mati, maka dia mati jahiliah. Sesiapa yang berperang di bawah bendera kebutaan dan menyeru kepada asabiah atau marah kerana asabiah maka kematiannya adalah jahiliah (R. Muslim).

satu lagi artikel menarik bertajuk Jadilah Ulul Albab, bukan pemilik fikiran lembap. Klik disini.

I'll write in the next few days.