Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Future


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

To Syasya, thank you for the compliment. You will be rewarded with the most memorable slap once I reach home this coming weekend. One that you won't forget, in exchange for your sarcasm.

Hahahahah..padan muka!

No more occasional extra allowances for you! No no..ala2 kak mek lak.

Okay, enough with trivial issues.

In less than 40 days, I will complete a year of my service in the government hospital. I am happy. There is so much I have learned, and yet, there is still a lot that I know I do not know. Is that good? Learning is a lifelong process, and I suppose, I very much realise that I am not that smart.

Still, having survived this far, I feel delighted with what I have achieved. I am now more independent, more calm, more mature and more cool! I thank Allah for giving me what I am now, and to my parents, I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for you both. Thank you!

Looking to the future, I have sort of made up my mind what I want to do. To keep it short, there are only 2 universities that occupy my mind for years, USM and UM. There is a strong bond between UM and my family, and from the moment that I stepped into UM in 2001, I knew this is where glory is made. USM on the other hand, is purely from my love for Kelantan.

I might take this back in the future, but at this time, I would not mind pursuing my higher studies in USM Kelantan. Though my dialect sounds so Siamese, I won't back off from the idea.

40 days, still a long way to go. As for now, my objective is to continue my survival in Kulim.

Putting the above matters aside, I feel sad with what is going on with Pakatan Rakyat. They have become an UMNO-like pact. There is less freedom of speech, and those who voice out their opinions, they will be discussed in the next disciplinary committee meeting.

I don't need this. I prefer dialogues, more mature to my eyes.


No wonder both parties are losing support. The battle now is to choose the lesser evil between those two. Aye?

till next time,

Friday, January 29, 2010

Productive Fella


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I'm happy! I have had a very productive today. I woke up at 9 am today, surfed the net for a while, then got up on my feet and started cleaning up my room.

My room at 10 am,

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

My room at 12.30 pm,

Pic 1

Pic 2

It feels funny. I'm writing like my sister now. lol!! Or perhaps, more like Joey and his friends, "Days of Our Lives". So lame..

At work, life was relatively quiet until 6 pm. All of a sudden, there was a rush of patients flowing in. Mostly involved motor vehicle accident. It gives me another reason to fall asleep tonight that I worked till 10 minutes past 10 pm today.

My senior and I. We share the same name.

My latest pic. 'Cool' is the best word to describe this, isn't it??

till next time,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mudah Lupa


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I feel tired. I was worried about our CME(continuous medical education) that I woke up a little bit early to prepare the slides. Later on in the evening we were told that tomorrow's session is now canceled.

It's canceled, but it is no good news to news to us neither. We have to be at the Hospital at 7 am tomorrow for a trip to Kuala Nerang. I bet less than 20% have heard of the place, am I right?

I am happy with my car currently. It hasn't given much problems, and I'm looking forward to future long distance driving. It's super nice!

Back to our recent headline maker, YB Zulkifli Nordin. I feel pity for what has happened to him. He was one of the front liners who ever worked so hard to save Anwar Ibrahim in 1998. I have always respected him for his stand and consistency. This time however though, I have to admit that he has gone overboard. He shouldn't have what he has done.

Perhaps what he thinks is right, is not right after all. If only the term 'Allah' is the biggest issue, then it is the Arabs who should have the final say, not the Malays.

Still, I think PKR have done well in imposing gag order on him. He may have done some mistakes, but his good deeds should not be forgotten, especially by PKR leaders. If my memories are still intact, he was at the court in 2004, raising Anwar's hands after the latter was acquitted from the sodomy or corruption charges.

We should not be like Tun Mahathir's Melayu Mudah Lupa.

I will not change my stand in supporting Khalid Samad. I personally think that the administration of JAIS and MAIS should be revamped. These are the bodies that are tarnishing our image.

Freedom of speech right?

till next time,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Worth the Wait


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I am tired. I've just arrived from KL a couple of hours ago. It was an exhausting trip, but it's worth it. I finally got what I waited for.


till next time,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Choosing Headlines


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Sorry for the lack of updates. I am still recovering from flu. Now I'm coughing out greenish phlegm, a good sign but its inconvenient.

There aren't too many exciting events in the past few days. Some who don't read a lot, would think that racial tension only happens in Malaysia. In Nigeria, the Christians and Muslims are fighting each other. The stated reason,

The fighting started when Christian youths protested the building of a mosque in Christian-dominated Nassarawa Gwom district, where houses and vehicles were also set alight, residents said.

This won't make headlines of course. Had the Muslims started it, we would have been shot from all possible angles.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, the battle is far from over. Some sections are adamant with their request, and some are willing to compromise, and some, don't even know what is happening in the country. The Government shouldn't allow this issue go unsolved until the trial comes. It's in March isn't it?

KUANTAN: Seventeen Muslim non-governmental organisations and 13 Christian ones in Pahang have got together to seek a consensus over the issue of attacks on houses of worship.[The Star]

The news of above has at least brought some comfort to the disgruntled Malaysians. To the majority, we can live side by side with Malays, Indians and Chinese. Some with political missions, are capitalising on every single issue possible to achieve another milestone, or to strengthen their grip on the power.

My previous experience in KDU, 6 Malays, 2 Indians,2 Chinese and 1 Sabahan lived together with harmony. We respected well each others' cultural and religious beliefs. We, some Malays, even fell for this 1 Chinese girl. She's cute and so soft spoken.

I will be coming home this Thursday. Home is KL, I mean. The car will be ready by this Saturday, and it's been ages since I last saw my family. I missed them. Being sick at the moment doesn't help me at all.

If only the holiday for the house officers in Malaysia was as good as the medical officers', I would want to stay in KL until this Sunday. My schedule needs me to be at Kulim by 3 pm. It's not ideal. The car is to be collected and driven home this Saturday at 8 am, and I should be leaving KL by 11am the latest. Can I cry, please?

No, I am not a girl.

As for now, my heart is set for this coming weekend.

My HTC P360i is giving me troubles. It needs to be charged daily now. Lend me RM2000, will you?

till next time,

p/s to all my fellow Liverpool, remember. You'll Never Walk Alone.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Crisis, What Crisis?


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Crisis? What Crisis?

This is frequently uttered out by Liverpool fans. To the fans of Liverpool, we are doing pretty bad at the moment. The obvious low of confidence was further 'tombstoned' by Reading 2 nights ago.

I think the time has come that for me to come and pledge my undivided support. At this critical time, with the loss of Gerrard and Torres, this is the best time for everyone to stick together and be counted. It's time for Aquilani, Maxi, Ngog and Babel to prove their worth. I have to however agree with Torres that the board needs to splash the cash this winter transfer window. We need a proven goal poacher like Nistelrooy to boost our much predicted forward.

Nevertheless, we badly need Rafa to stop utilising Kuyt as a right winger now. He sucks! Yeah yeah his work rate.. Kuyt's a striker, isn't he?

Torres and Azri Aquilani
Aquilani says,

"We don't think, 'We haven't got these players, we've lost already'," he told the club's official website.

If everyone has played CM3 before, they will know that everyone will go through a crisis in confidence. At this period, everything won't be going well, we're getting the sticks from the fans and the players stop believing in their abilities.

If we stick together and keep trying, we will be back in top 4. Realistically speaking, we are running out of time and the Lady luck seems not to be turning her back on Man City.

If we are back on winning ways, then 'Crisis, What Crisis?' will be a music to everyone's ears again.

I suppose it is not fair to be with a team only when they are at a high.

Re-quoting Aquilaini,

"We don't think, 'We haven't got these players, we've lost already'," he told the club's official website.

We will get through this rough period.

Chin up, lads!

till next time,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chegubard's right!

e assalamualaikum

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

If you happen to have a Malaysiakini subscription, this would be a good article to widen your perspectives on the current Allah issue.

Everybody knows 'Allah' is not a Malay word, but nobody would question a Malay using the word to refer to the god that he or she worships because Malays are Muslims, and all Muslims of all nations call Him by this name because He says in the Quran that that is His name, and He is to be addressed with that name.

[Do you (really) believe in Allah?]

I have completed reading a book on 'Panduan Solat Jemaah'. Backed by Quran and many hadiths, all the 4 great schools of teaching have concluded that it is compulsory for the prayers to be done in segregation, and the rule falls the lowest into sunat muakad. It terrifies me to be writing this, because, I find it hard to be compliant to this. I really do.

As Chegubard puts it, ' Perjuangan adalah perlaksanaan kata-kata'. Talking is cheap. So is preaching(without practising).

In another matter, I think I've gone overboard in criticising Liverpool. I should be sticking to them, through thick and thin, no matter what. I woke up at 4 am last night to show my support, but they rewarded me with an abysmal performance. The news of Torres will be out for 6 weeks, Gerrard 2 weeks and Benayoun(Israeli, I don't care much) for 4 weeks further adds more salt to the wound.

Now we have to rely on our best right wing, Dirk Kuyt. Yeah right. Even better, the best right back in EPL, Degen.

I take my hat off for Aquilani for his performance last night. It's obvious he's still finding his feet, but he was composed and calm, mimicking me very well.

Liverpool is the only football club that I support with all my heart. They will rise again, just like how Theoden King leads his army to the rescue of Minas Tirith.

I rest my case.

till next time,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I am extremely exhausted. I survived the on call last night with 1 hour sleep, I got up and went back to A&E Department. I completed my job and went outside afterwards to earn some extra money. Just when I had the time to relax, Addin texted, inviting Azri Aquilani to exhibit his talent on tennis court.

Somehow I felt the whole journey was fruitful.

I need to go to Penang for many reasons. 1 of them is to get as many DVDs as possible. I haven't got much life since I started work. I am not complaining though. Life as it is is good enough for me. I get to do what I want, yet I'm toeing the line well.

Liverpool is playing Reading tonight. Fingers crossed, Liverpool will win with greater than 3 goal margin. The goals will come from Gerrard, Aquilani and Torres.

I'm out.

till next time,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saya rasa okey!


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

We see in the past few days that there are a group of people who are so keen in defending the name of Allah. Only the name, I think. It is obvious that there are so many activities that are against Islam that are still left alive, and yet when it comes to the name Allah, they get so emotional.

Of course everybody would like their thoughts to be heard, and so do I. My mother came up with an interesting opinion on her facebook,

Sekadar satu pertanyaan. Wujudkah ALLAH dalam hati para pemimpin yang beria pertahankan penggunaan nama itu khusus untuk orang Islam sahaja sedangkan kelakuan mereka mengkhianati ISLAM. Kepercayaan rakyat dilkhianati dan nama baik ISLAM dicemari. Di mana ALLAH ketuika itu?

You see this comment,

"Tetapi apabila berlakon, ada sesetengah drama memerlukan watak saya untuk tidak bertudung, jadi saya akan buka tudung ketika pengambaran.

"Namun ia masih ada batasnya kerana saya tak akan sesekali berpakaian seksi atau 'buka' sana sini malah dari dulu lagi saya bukanlah seorang yang seksi.

"Saya tahu ia merupakan isu sensitif dan banyak pendapat dalam Islam mengenai hal ini tetapi selagi saya tahu apa yang saya buat ini benda yang betul, saya rasa okey," ujar isteri kepada Abdul Wafi Hassan ini lagi[source]

Jakim, together with the muftis, should act on this kind of statement. This statement is stupid, daring and embarrassing.

I am reminded by Spider's Salut.

Sama lu kita salut lu memang hero
Kita pun kecut perut tengok dari jauh
Sama lu kita salut
Lu memang jebat
Biar dah banyak balut masih lagi ligat

Aku kecut perut dengar kenyataan2 macam ni.

UMNO, the government, Jakim, the Muftis and the authorities should get their heads together and restructure its objectives in each's own roles.

They should work on strengthening the aqidah of the Muslims. Let the non Muslims get united on winning their battle to win 'Allah'. For us, let us be one in our aqidah. It is more important than the name. We don't necessarily need to have Islam on our MyKad to show that we are Muslim.

Simple, right.

2 good articles to share with everyone,

Do Malaysian Muslims understand what ‘Allah’ means? by Dr Farish A Noor


till next time,

Sunday, January 10, 2010



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I had zero sleep during my call last night. I loathe lack of sleep, but the blessing behind it is extraordinary sometimes. If only Kulim Hospital is well equipped with modern facilities, this would probably the best hospital for the house officers.

I pray that 1 year old boy is doing well in Alor Star Hospital. 45 minutes of seizure, that is a massive amount of insults he exerted on his developing brain. I have no experience in paediatrics yet, therefore I can't tell you the prognosis. I hope he will do well.

I think some people have got it wrong with my intention of the previous entry. Some people take football so so serious that they think, for instance, Liverpool/Rafa Benitez is not to be criticised. That is extreme. Of course Rafa has done some magics for Liverpool in the past 5 years, but even Sir Alex Ferguson is still open for criticism.

If I say Lucas does not deserve his place in the first 11, I'd like to think that he is played out of position. He was an attacking midfielder previously. Not that he is not good enough, but in defensive midfielder position, you need a defensive midfielder.

Due to extremism also we see people throwing bomb at churches.

Extreme - free fall from 40m high.

Extremism is bad. So is blind loyalty.

People have got to be realistic in everything.

till next time,

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Walking Alone


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I'll be away for on call tonight, so I will leave you with a cool fun video. It's super funny, both for Liverpool fans and haters.

I don't mean to insult Liverpool. This is just hilarious. Seriously.

till next time,

Friday, January 08, 2010

Birthday Birthday


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Tomorrow is the 6x'th birthday of the greatest father in the world. Therefore Pa, Happy Birthday. Semoga umur dipanjangkan, rezeki dimurahkan and sentiasa bergembira bersama keluarga.

I have to admit, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be where I am now. Right before I agreed to go to MRSM, I had made up my mind to secure a job that would make me as good as he still is now. Medicine was one of the options, if not NEVER.

It was a struggle in my first year in Kelantan. I was weak in Mathematics, I worked extremely hard just to barely pass my physics and enough said that I don't want to talk about my biology. Not a month in MRSM, Mr Lee Tong Hai said this to my face ' awak balik la sekolah lama awak'.

Putting aside the journey to today, I am proud to say that I am so lucky to have you as a father. I could not ask for a better one, honestly.

I still hold the record for becoming the only doctor in the family. I hope I've made you proud.

I was rewarded for many of my achievements, and give me 3 full days to work to my brain to the max, I don't think I will ever find the way how to repay you. Thanks very much for being there for me.

So, here goes the wish
'Happy Birthday Papa'!

till next time,

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2 steps 2 late


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I had only 15 minutes of sleep on my on call session last night. Surprisingly enough, I still feel fresh at 11.30pm.

People have really got to stop smoking.

Last night, a 49 year old gentleman with smoking as the only risk factor for heart disease. He came in at 4 am with the complain of chest pain. ECG picked up a massive heart attack reading. He had no diabetes and high blood pressure. As we were treating him, his blood pressure sky rocketed to 210/130. Ya Allah, should he become that unlucky, he would have picked up stroke at the same time.

Another gentleman, a regular customer, presented with shortness of breath. He's a long term smoker, and it is widely recognised now that smoking can cause you asthma-like condition(COPD). This will constantly attack you as the day gets darker, and fingers crossed, you are lucky if you can reach the hospital on time.

People will only realise the value of your lungs when they are gone. Believe me, this is a fact.

It's fascinating isn't it? Those smoking overseas trained engineers, doctors and accountants are just as stupid with the lowly educated villagers. I will not retract my words. Pardon me if I have no guts to say it to your face.

I can reserve my sympathy for the current older generation. 30 years ago, they had very little opportunities to go to school. In 30 years to come, fingers crossed I will still be able to maintain the feelings.

Personally, I feel the smokers are the biggest contributors to the downfall of Palestine. You donated a large chunk of Muslim money to the Israel. Aren't you proud of your achievement. I am pretty sure you are.

till next time,

Monday, January 04, 2010

My Side - Isu Nama Allah


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

The much heated debated on 'Allah' is not showing signs of settling down. I'm afraid that this issue is played by the politicians to achieve another political milestones, or to strengthen their grip of governing Malaysia. It is getting more Malaysia.

UMNO is accused of trying to be the new champion of Islam. PAS on the side is not showing enough sentiment. Zulkifli Nordin is challenging Khalid Samad to resign, saying that he should jump into the DAP ship. In his reply Khalid says Zulkifli Nordin is a narrow minded person.

None of these are mature.

As many of the scholars have preached, we the Muslims should go back to the basics, the Quran and Sunnah. Whatever point you want to throw out, back it with relevant evidence.

Prior to this event, the Malays still went to see bomoh and dukun. That is before the name of Allah was made legal for the Christians.

For your own reading,

Beza Antara Merebut Nama Allah Dan Mempertahankan Akidah

Isu Nama Allah: Garis Panduan Penggunaan Nama Allah

Larangan Kristian Guna Nama Allah : Ulasan Ringkas

The emphasis should be made on the true aqidah.

Won't Islam be easier to spread if now they speak one common word for God/Allah. We can explain Allah is Almightly and does not need to be associated with Jesus, or whoever.

Please stop being emotional. We are only 10 years behind 2020. If we don't speak with evidence based, we'll be laughed. That is still okay. The worst thing is we will be left behind, and that is sad.

Alright my dear friends, start doing some research okay.

till next time,

Sunday, January 03, 2010



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I am all fired up! I can say honestly I loathe the way how football is played by The Reds. They lack fluidity and low in confidence. It's crystal clear they have no pride in putting on the Red shirt anymore.

They managed to beat Aston Villa in midweek, and Rafa promised to field a strong line up. How could it be when Aurelio was preferred ahead of Babel. Aquaman( Aquilani) was, as usual, a bench warmer.

A lot of rumours are flying around currently. Everyone is apparently linked with a transfer to the Merseyside Club. Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Van Der Vaart, Maxi Rodriguez and few others.

Tell you what, if I was given the chance to re-shape the squad, this is how I would do it

Players to get rid of
- Dirk Kuyt
- Dossena
- Lucas
- Babel
- Voronin
- Deggen

If, by any luck, Sheikh Rashid al-Makhtoum decided to buy the club in January, I would make some loan signings. These are some fringe players who could fit into any club in the world anytime. Interesting enough, they can't make into the first 11 of each' team.

Off the top of my head,
- Ruud Van Nistelrooy
- Van Der Vaart
- Patrick Vieira
- Maxi Rodriguez
- Gattuso
- Maruoonne Chamakh(contract expires June 2010)
- Huntelaar
- anyone else?

Isn't it awesome to have
Reina(gk), Johnsonn(RB) Skrtl(CB) Agger(CB), Insua(LB), Vieira(CM), Gerrard(CM), Van Der Vaart(LW), Rodriguez(RW), Van Nistelrooy(FW), Torres(Striker). On the bench : Carragher, Aquilani, Mascherano, El-Zhar, Caveliari, Huntelaar.

Impressive isn't?
These won't cost millions, but they are world class signings who can immediately change the fortune of Liverpool.

Vieira to cover the back four, Gerrard, Van Der Vaart and Maxi to constantly terrorise the defence and supply the much needed quality crosses for Torres and Nistelrooy.

I am open for any other ideas. But please, please, please get rid of Aurelio and Kuyt.

So much for my fantasy. If only Rafa knows how to place his ego aside. Seriously.

till next time,

Saturday, January 02, 2010



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I think I just had the busiest shift in the past 2 months. One MVA(motor vehicle accident) case after another in the space of hours. At least 6 cases had to be referred to Orthopaedics department for fractures here and there. Loads to learn from these, so not all is bad here!

However I am yet to come to terms with adults who come to EMERGENCY department with fever, cough and runny nose at 3 am. Doesn't the word emergency mean anything to you? We will not reject any patients of course, but do not expect us to entertain you immediately if we have 3 major trauma cases to deal with.

If I haven't written on Musa's wedding already, so here it is. This guy next to Mr Big Shot is Musa. The knot was tied(Musa and Afida) on 18th December I think. Musa is one of the most gifted individuals I have ever known. A truly impressive guy who hardly gets anything less than A grade, a superb basketball player, a talented photographer and yet, a very friendly person. He was one of the first Malays to have made into Dean' List in one of the top 50 universities in the world, University of Auckland. So congratulations Musa. Semoga berkekalan hendaknya..

Teresa has told my car would be ready by 15th Jan. So the recommended date to apply for a leave is on the 22nd she said. If that is truly the case, I have less than 20 days before I drive my 1st car. I'm ecstatic! Besides, I will finally get to see my family, who some are still in Mekah/Egypt. Yeay!

Enjoy this song by Ungu - Sembah Sujudku. A very touching song indeed.

To the parties that are still in a fight on the use of 'Allah' matter, be fair, and listen to what everyone has to say. This goes the most to the ones who argue too, alright.

I'm out.

till next time,

Friday, January 01, 2010

1st of 2010


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Happy New Year to all my readers.

The 1st day of 2010 kicked off exactly the ways I had predicted. Mostly went down to the streets, but each party had their own intentions.

The most interesting one has to be the group of Allah who voiced out their frustration on the reversal of ban of using 'Allah'. Living in a democracy country, I think it would be unfair if we did not listen to what they had to say.

On the ground if they had any basis to object the court's decision, in my limited capacity, I personally think the decision by the court was neither right nor wrong. The name ' Allah' has been used for centuries by both Muslims and Christians in Arabic soil. Hence the claim that the name is solely exclusive for the Muslims is wrong.

The fight for it was wrong in the first place. Whatever the name they would like to choose, the main concern for the scholars should be to strengthen the aqidah(faith) of the young Muslims, rather than capitalising on the opponents' weaknesses. Come 1000 names they have in mind, would it be a problem for if the rock solid aqidah Muslims? I do not think so.

I suppose it is just another rethoric to say 'it is now time to stand up and be counted'. The truth is, I am running out of ideal words, and it is the time for us to get up and out of the comfort zone. No more complaining of others, and all of us should shoulder the responsibility to take the Muslims to a greater height.

The sermon(khutbah) today was a perfect one. It touched on a few subjects, but 2 of them caught my eyes. 1st was on the 'krisis keilmuan' and the 2nd on 'bayi luar nikah'. As a medical personnel, the period of high delivery rate has to be in Sept and October because people get married in November and December. Surprisingly, December's rate is on the rise secondary to Valentine's Day. Now, it's interesting, isn't it? Of course I am talking about those out of wedlock ones!

Another mildly shocking news was the death of Gus Dur. Of course, he was a good man. I have a very little respect for this late president. Do your own research, and you will find out why. Okay, 1 example, 'Quran adalah kitab paling lucah di dunia'. Does that ring a bell to you?

To those who like to read,

1. Switzerland has decided that Muslim mosques in that country would not be allowed to have minarets. It seems that minarets would overwhelm the Swiss.

2. I wonder what would happen in Malaysia if Hindu temples are not allowed to have statues, for example. I think there would be an explosion. The whole world will condemn us as being undemocratic, not respecting human rights, not upholding religious freedom etc.

3. But when the Swiss bans minarets (there are only four minarets in the whole of Switzerland) and the French ban headscarves, these are very democratic. Always double standards and unfortunately the discrimination is always against Muslims.

4. Mr Obama, the Nobel Laureate President of the United States of America who promised to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and close Guantanamo Detention Camp, have not honoured even a single word of his promises.

5. In fact more soldiers have been sent by him to Afghanistan and Iraq. He is now preparing to attack Iran together with his ally, Israel.

taken from Tun Mahathir's blog,

Get up get up everyone.

Sorry no pictures this time,

till next time,