Tuesday, May 29, 2007

come clean


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

yes it hurt when wo lost to AC Milan.Liverpool played well ,only to be frustrated by lack of killer instinct in front of the goal. Milan otherwise had 1-2 clear-cut chances and they took them.Fair enough Inzaghi's 2nd goal was a masterpiece. 1st goal was a total fluke. The introduction of Peter Crouch was too late to make an impact. Everyone could see how he changed the game, he terrorised the defence and helped in the setting up the only Liverpool goal in the dying seconds. MU cum Milan fans were celebrating after the game.penyokong baru ehh? Not little were saying Liverpool were lucky in 2005, but please tell me how lucky more could you get when MU scored 2 goals in injury time in 1999?

there's a good article here.do read it when u r free.it's a bit long.

today also I want to congratulate a fren who graduated few days n happy birthday.sori la xde kad tahun ni.agak bz skrg...i am terribly sorry for that.and sorry too to another fren for not being there when u really need help and company.

satu perkembangan yg sgt menyenangkan skrg website2 agama semakin popular tiap2 hari.syabas!contoh terbaik website Ust Hasrizal.dlm januari n feb tahun ni jumlah pengunjung website lebih 2 juta.on average lebih 30 000 visitors sehari. w'pun tiap2 hari kita dijamu ngan brita hiburan yg x abis2, masih ramai lg yg mencari agama.sy bkn org terbaik utk ckp pasal ni, tp kita kene luangkan masa utk agama Allah ni.sy masih lg surf bende2 melalaikan gak.tp kene surf gak bende2 gini. Islam di Malaysia, masih bnyk lg yg mencari Quran hanya bila ada kematian, ada xm, dan lain2.xpela kita bole buat lg.tapi kalau kita mati esok? agak susah tinggalkan bende2 lagho,aku pn sama je, tp jadikan mengikuti perkembangan agama, blaja agama pn dlm jadual tiap2 ari.approach yg x begitu menyusahkan sgt rasanye...

nape mp3 player sony bean rosak lg?i cant really believe this.i bought bean 512mb for rm600.the newer model of sony mp3 player is 2gb n they are selling it for rm500.thats how fast the technology is moving.better tech,better prices eh?i was contemplating the idea to buy, buy my was functioning mp3 player deterred me from pursuing it.sigh-

today marks 1 year since I started blogging last year.May 29th last year I started, 8 days after Rocky's Bru was launched. I was new to blogspot back then although I was a regular blogger in Myspace before.I had 133 entries before I eventually decided to stop using Myspace.thanx for the comments.thanx for the inputs.sama2 kita menuju jalan yg lg elok..


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

menjelang pagi esok


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I'm back in Auckland.

tomoro is the day.the day every football fans can't never wait.Lvpool vs AC Milan.on paper, both teams should rise up to expectation of playing spectacular football tomorrow. as always, things never always turn out the way you wanted them to be.Should my team,Liverpool, of course, lose tomorrow, it is only natural to feel sad. I wont get disappointed, I think. why should I? to lose a final is normal, one team has to lose for another party to win isnt it? again, should Milan win, Liverpool can always boast with the trophy we won in 2005.the trophy that Liverpool won 5 times. do i really sound defensive?lol!anything can happen tomorrow.whatever the outcome is, i'll accept it.

a really big issue came out in the newspaper yesterday. it's not a national issue by the way.tp manusia, biasa la. i do agree the way he brought up and elaborated the topic was probably irrational and irrelevant. Maybe he was influenced by emotions, maybe he did not voice out his opinions correctly. Nevertheless, no one has yet to take notice the concerns that he's concerned about. The replies(Jangan Hukum...) he has got so far are nothing but true, but some of his statements are true as well, arent they? i know he was wrong in generalising all male malays as one entity that is potrayed as really bad. Israel is always wrong, but they are ever enthusiastic knowledge seekers and isnt that the positive the we can always get. or is it the negatives that we are always looking for?

a photo of Pokro,daddy-soon-to-be. dak kelas K brapa org dah ada anak.Pokro, Mc Nik, Suria. Kelas K gak power.=)..gambar masa gi Seremban minggu lepas,main futsal.

kembali lagi.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Quote of the Day


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

it's my 2nd entry in 2 days.

this quote below goes to all Chelsea fans.hohoho....

"I guess when you've invested £500million, it's a fantastic season

to win the League Cup."

Liverpool Cheif Rick Parry, to Jose Mourinho

Saturday, May 05, 2007

post-food night


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

im bored.today's officially my 1st day of mid term break. my break is no less than 14 days n i have no plans.absolutely none. I was planning a trip to Oz, spesifically to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. For some reason, I had to cancel it off. It sucks, isnt it?

Congratulations to my friends whom I can call DOCTOR now. Jaka is a doctor.My cousin Shirin has also graduated. tahniah kpd yg lain gak..

congratulations to AC milan and Liverpool as well who have made it to the final.we always somehow knew Man Utd would be the LOSER. This is my 2nd time and im not suprised anymore if Milan have more fans than usual in May 23rd. U hate or u like it, that's always the case. I dont care if Liverpool do not turn out to be the winners, but surely everyone gets annoyed if Milan wins and u see thousands of people claiming they are hardcore AC milan supporters. Call me a typical Liverpool fan, but Im 120% sure u'll see lots of ppl saying "aku dh lama sokong AC MILAN". I've been a thick and thin Inter Milan fan, and I bet i know more about AC milan than MOST of u guys do. Ever since the days of Franco Baresi, Maldini, Bierhoff, Van Basten and many more.


len kali plak


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lemayan(ala2 YM nye icon tu)


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

with special credit to Rafi/Cik Lapan for designing the poster, we proudly present a special event to abang2 di auckland. click on the image to enlarge

This event is made for the purpose of

1. makan2 sempene duit lebih dpd trip to Wellington - yg x pegi pun dijemput sngt2 utk datang
2. berkenalan sesama sendiri
3. aktiviti biasa membaca surah mana2 dpd Quran pd jumaat malam[bkn malam jumaat..=)]
4. to plan more activities for the rest of the year
5. launching of something.apa ek?
6. kalau nasib baik ada tayangan video dpd vid camera afiq masa trip tu

Menu of the night(plan sahaja- mgkn ada perubahan)
1. pizza
2. ayam mcm KFC- beli punye
3. air x pasti lg
4. ada cadangan apa2 cakap je

Tentatif :
6.45 : sampai di flat 14
7.00 : solat isyak
7.20 : tilawah sket
7.40 : very short tazkirah + air
8.00 : tayangan sket : aktiviti2 yg dh dibuat tahun ni n lain2
8.30 : acara yg paling ditunggu --> make,makang, makan, x kisah la sebut camna

All abang2 from this region are invited.F.O.C of course.Lokasi di Kondominium 14.lol!flat 14. harap sume bole dtg on time kerana di kondominium 14 xde intercom.=p.kalau dh start solat susah lak

oo ye,tarikh jumaat ni,4hb.datang ye y'all.

sekian utk sekarang.ada apa2 perubahan akan dimaklumkan di sini dan YM dan email.trimas.ada apa2 cadangan/soalan/inkuiri bole hantar kat sini or YM sapa2 je.