Monday, December 17, 2007

the next episode


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

believe it or not, I have ditched Samsung for the 1st time ever. It wasnt the easiest decision, really. Ever since SPM, Samsung was always the brand of choice. I was gonna buy U600. I did some study particularly on that model, and you could never be more disappointed by its ugly appearance this time. It looks super gorgeous on paper, but... and therefore I.....................

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

seminggu lagi


I have written too little this holiday. I have become so lazy that my brain is now rusty. Apart from going to friends' wedding and futsal, I have not done much this holiday. What I enjoy nevertheless is meeting people. Next is Jasfiq's wedding. Best2..makan free n jumpa gambar sket dpd wedding Ezy ari tu..

In less than 4 hours is the match of Liverpool-Marseille. More than a match, it's a do or die now for Liverpool. Liverpool is deemed the favourites now,which,of course, never a question. Marseille on the other hand, is not weak either. Samer Nasri(playmaker) is the next big thing in France. Cisse and Zenden both have played for Liverpool before. I just hope Liverpool will be lucky enough to beat Marseille this time as I will be watching the match later of course.

A friend asked me, what do u find in common in Liverpool and Man Utd fans?


isn't Auckland nice?this is anfield, where we play football week in and week out. haha, that is Auckland Domain, not Anfield. I wonder, if these facilities were given to Malaysians, how long would these remain unspoiled?

1 thing that would catch you suprise is I have lost my 2-year long hair. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I wasnt thinking at all yesterday. Got up from bed, had my shower, went to the barber and bammmmmmmmmn...I lost it!duh!!!

I am writing rubbish here. silap2 time korang baca ni Liverpool dah kalah dah.....tidak!!!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

my december


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

a new day comes brings closer to the end of this an ideal world, a 3-month holiday would be ideal.ideal world, it exists,doesnt it?=)...

as promised before, my mobile no - 017 - 393-5663.this no lasts until only 3rd of january,therefore im not so worried to post my no here. i dont have a stalker anyway(JOEY does!)

over the past few years, or rather lately Malaysians have developed a tendency to become self-appointed judges with unfortunately low quality of judgment. I dare not discuss the issue of Hindraf here.However I find it very annoying that Malaysians listen to one side of the stories all the time. i have stressed it many times in previous posts that only 2 sides of a coin will tell u the truth. Yes, some of the claims are ridiculous and irrelevant. Nevertheless. we hardly see in the media the interviews with the Hindraf leaders. why dont give them(the Hindraf leaders) chance to reply back. U watch Buletin Utama at TV3, u hear only 1 side n later you will start slamming the Hindraf leaders.I dont thats wise.

Read carefully, I'm not saying which party is right or wrong here. What I want to tell to readers is to be mature in dealing with news.

n to football fans, I notice that English media are really weird.few weeks back, Liverpool was not playing well n they were 6 points behind Arsenal.they were not considered title contenders. Now still they are still 6 points behind n now they are title contenders. Never mind that, another undeniable fact is the media are trying hard to make managers lose their jobs. No wonder they did not qualify. they never tried to rally the nation to get behind their national team during the matches. Instead, before,during and after the game's main headline is when is this particular manager will be sacked.How negative is that?

gambar 7 tahun lepas.aku pakai baju putih tu.

gambar tunggu prebet dulu

to my mrsmpc friends, don't forget this friday's futsal n ezy's wedding this Sunday. Futsal is on every friday, unless cancelled. spread the news, bukan selalu bole above are taken from Shamir's flickr

okla, will write again