Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah dan Maha Pengasih

Kita dikejutkan dengan satu lagi pilihanraya kecil yang baru diumumkan sebentar tadi. ADUN Kajang secara tiba-tiba meletakkan jawatan. Agakan orang ramai, walaupun kelihatan tidak logik, ialah masalah kesihatan.

Yang diberitahu kepada rakyat ialah keputusan beliau bertujuan untuk menguatkan jentera PR di Selangor.

Turut dibincangkan ialah hubungan perletakan jawatan ini dengan konflik Azmin-Khalid Ibrahim. Benar atau tidak, tiada siapa yang dapat mengesahkan.

Rakyat Selangor pastinya tidak mahu membazir masa dengan berkempen lagi. Tidak sampai 5 jam berita ini tersebar, beribu-ribu das tembakan telah ditujukan ke PKR dan de facto leader DSAI. Tidak kurang yang mencadangkan agar diundi siapa sahaja selain PKR pada pilihanraya kecil ini.

Rakyat Malaysia yang tidak pernah mengambil tahu perihal negara, masih sibuk membincangkan kenapa penyanyi A yang menang AJL, dan kenapa bukan B?

Karakter rakyat yang progresif jelas kelihatan di sini. Hahaha.. tak kelakar pun


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Burnt out


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

This is only Day 3 of my 5 day break. Break from work, it is supposed to sound fun. Mentally I'm only few stages yet from reaching equal-to-leukaemia-spent-phase. I feel so burnt out.

Exams are months away. 4 months to be exact. Oh, I forgot to mention that I've spent 3 days reading Nelson Textbook of Paediatrics.

It's thickness is probably 5-6 cm. I can deal with that. What is killing me is the text is so wordy.

Nevertheless, I'll give my best shot for this upcoming Year 1 exams. I can imagine what's life going to be like in the next 4 months.

Studying as a medical student wasn't that hard. You have no other commitments other than your books and exams. It is different this time, especially having your family around. You need to have allocated time for them, for them being the most precious possession forever. 24 hours is not enough for your studies, your own family, your extended family and football definitely.

Allah is the Most Fair of all. He knows what is best.

Tomorrow will be the same old routine.

On LFC related matter, has anyone come to realise that we have not signed any new player yet? The only signature that we have secured is Dunkin Donuts. How lame is that? I can't complain though. We can at least be proud to have succeeded, since 2 of our targets were stolen by CFC and Spurs.

Can't get any lame than that, huh?

I'll try to come up with something fun. Or something provocative. I've been picking up unnecessary fights on Facebook. Lol!

till next time,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Agree to disagree


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I was involved in a healthy debate with a friend recently. Well, people have their own ideas and so do I. For you to move forward, one thing that you ought to learn is to agree to disagree.

While he admits to have been doing his research, one should not resort to thinking that I prefer to stay here and listen to hearsays.

I decided not to extend the argument. I thought it would bring more harm than good. Therefore I discontinued it.

till next time,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hakikat yang tak diketahui


Dengan nama Allah Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

Terfikir sejenak sewaktu menghabiskan masa di facebook. Ada satu hamba Allah menzahirkan pendapat beliau tentang beberapa isu.

Bermula dengan gegaran sewaktu jenazah Ariel Sharon dikebumikan. Digambarkan seolah-olah bumi sendiri tidak mahu menerima jasad. Sama ada kebetulan atau hakikat, itu bukanlah persoalan sebenar yang ingin saya timbulkan.

Sejak dari bangku sekolah menengah kita dimomokkan dengan cerita betapa kejinya makhluk bernama Mustafa Kamal Attartuk. Tidak perlu saya coret satu persatu, terlalu banyak dan semuanya tidak datang dengan sumber bertulis yang sah.

Ini menjadikan saya ingin tahu bagaimanakah pandangan orang Turki sendiri terhadap pemimpin mereka ini. Adakah beliau seburuk itu? Adakah cerita-cerita yang didengari sebelum ini benar-benar  betul?

Seakan-akan pelik bila seluruh dunia menghina seorang tokoh tetapi tokoh ini masih disanjungi di tempat beliau sendiri? Stadium bola sepak pun turut dinamakan dengan nama beliau.

Kalau sesiapa yang ada kelapangan dan ada sumber yang reliable, mohon dikongsi bersama. Sekadar ingin tahu sahaja.

Jangan nanti saya dituduh liberal pula, hahaha.

sehingga bertemu kembali

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sweet charity


In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I have come to realise that as you get older, you will find that being smart and confident is extremely attractive. Not in inappropriate manner of course.

A few academicians have caught some attention of late. One of them is Dr Maszlee. I used to idolize Dr Maza for introducing the idea of celebrating different school of thoughts. Dr Maszlee is different.


I reckon that one day, when I'm finally done with my Masters, I would like to be active in NGO related activities. I want to give back to the public. The sweetness of committing yourself for the good of the public is very rewarding.

One day, Azri, one day.

till next time,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kangkung lagi


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Today hasn't been the most fruitful day. Productivity was not as high as planned. Nothing much was planned out, so to have failed achieving few objectives set is very disappointing.

The jokes have been pretty much on kangkung today. A very big political blunder by our PM. It's like you are supplying ammos to your enemy to crush you. Though 51% of Malaysians did not get what they wanted in the last GE, the stronger opposition that resulted out of it now provides better check and balance to the existing government.

We hope more better news to come in the coming months and years. Many promises have been broken. The least you could do now is lower down the car prices. People are restless. They have already worked their socks off very hard to ensure ends met every months, yet in the end the debts are getting bigger and bigger.

This was taken in Bogor, Indonesia. We spent our holiday there with her great grandmother. She is still going strong at the age of 92. I don't even know if I could even reach 70!

till next time,

Long day


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

It's 12.28 am, 14/ 1/ 14. My wife is asleep next to me, and so is the baby too. It has been a very long day indeed. 

It all started with routine waking up at 6.15. If it wasn't for Liverpool vs. Stoke, I would have had 6 hours of sleep minimal. I was already 2 hours short to begin with. Then came work, where ICU was full, and the number of patients in the ward is just astonishing. We've been working with the bed occupancy rate of more than 100% for the past many many months. 

It is evident that when the costs of living have escalated, people become poorer. Many of us in the urban areas are lucky enough to secure some insurance package for health reasons. Despite that, the number of beds in private hospital is limited. Therefore they will keep flocking in to the government hospitals. We used to boast around to our colleagues the next morning if we had a good (on) call. Nowadays, we hardly get to even think about it. 

We just know that we will come out as zombies the next day. Neither alive nor dead. 

Lol, we still love what we do really. Wait, the day didn't end at 5. The O&G team decided to send my brother in law's wife under the knife for caesarian section. I went in voluntarily to help. The baby is fine, alhamdulillah. It was the process of putting her to sleep that still traumatizes me. 

Tomorrow is public holiday. Now I need to try my best to fall asleep. Dozing off for 2 hours earlier surely will not help much.

Like a boss right?

till next time,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Return of the king


Really has been a while, right?

To be honest I don't know what makes me want to write today. Lately, I've been wondering if I should start writing again.

Exams are around the corner. Ironic that though it only comes in middle of May, adrenaline has already kicked in. I get more restless as time passes by. It ought to be accompanied by, ideally, the urge to read. The battle is sometimes lost halfway, when you have other commitments that you must attend to.

Nonetheless, I am happy with the way things have been happening. I learn everyday that getting older does not necessarily make you wiser. Work wise, I am surrounded by enthusiastic and energetic youngsters.They keep me going constantly. We are all aware that the stamina to study is inversely proportionate with age. lol!!

In keeping with the real world, I've been making noise a lot in twitter. I don't tweet that lot, but I enjoy exchanging ideas. Issues of Allah, Bible raid and economics, to name a few that have kept the nation rocking.

I'll try to make blogging a habit again. This is Natasya Azzahra, if you don't know yet.

till next time,