Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Semarakkan lagi..


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesman, said that the incident was nothing more than a "propoganda stunt".

"Israel would never have done anything against international law, that is inconceivable," he told Al Jazeera.

[SOURCE Israeli vessel hits Gaza-bound boat]

YEAH RIGHT..............

more deaths recorded today.latest is 360+. what are you still waiting for? America to stop Israel?

More or less we are actually contributing more towards the formation of the state of Israel.

Let's get practical here. The Palestinians stand a thousand times better to die as a martyr, while you are out there smoking your cigarettes, and talk tough on how to defeat Israel. Rubbish!

Whether you are a fan of Boycott Israel or not, you have no choice but to help the Palestinians. Mercy Malaysia is sending a team there. AMAN Palestine is ever waiting for your donation. Fingers crossed I am hoping to do my bit tomorrow.

Be proactive. Many of you are busy to go to the bank, so why not be a leader in your office, and start collecting donations, so that only one of you has to go the bank, instead of 15.

I know, with the economic recession and all, we don't have the luxury to donate rm10 each, but 10 people donating rm1 each is equivalent to rm10 too, isn't it?

the least you can do is keep spreading the account no of Aman Palestin. Not the least actually, why not we encourage each other to do good deeds? I do not have any info how to contribute to Mercy Malaysia at the moment, sorry.

and, please stop smoking. The money from those cigarettes goes a lot to Israel. You name the brand, and simple, they own them. Fatwa made in 1995 has clearly stated smoking is haram.

and, please stop politicising the hudud issue. It is our responsbility to first educate the Muslims and non-Muslims before implementing them. Don't leave it to PAS only. and don't expect UMNO to do it, they do not want hudud. Evidence?

till next time,

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mulakan dan Semarakkan Kesedaran


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

up to this date, 345 deaths at least have been recorded, thanks to Israel. Unless miracles happen, this number is going to increase in the next few days.

Believe it or not, Malaysia is so calm and peaceful that to many of us, this is just another news. This attitude has got to stop. At least to the Muslims, we have got to show concerns, that Palestine is another flag that we need to be proud of.

Imagine if it happened to us, would you stand still and wait to be killed by the Israelis?

Terror and being terrorised are 2 different objects and subjects. Mind your words before you utter them.

Israel never existed 100 years ago. Look at what they have become? A country that is expanding in 21st century? A country that never is, and never was is on killing spree, as if this is the way they celebrate Malaysia's Mega Sale.

When I say this never care attitude needs to stop, and I mean it, the education process of our understanding towards Palestine issue needs to start and be restarted. How? If we/I spend too much time facebook-ing, this will be just another dream like any ordinary individual has.

I admit that I too have not been keeping abreast with the Palestinian issue, and I have only myself to blame.

While I have done my part here, this is not enough. Though we thank all the Muslim countries for providing assistance to the Palestinians, this is not enough. The Arab countries have enough firepower to halt the attacks, and the fact that they only know how to talk is very, very annoying.

Do you really think that Palestin will lose? Never? They are not like us, their faith is rock solid. Should worst case scenario happen, many muslims will change nationality to Palestinian. Many are ready to become a martyr.

Dr. Rantisi's(paediatrician) famous words,

Are you afraid to die?
It's death. Either by killing or by cancer,
it's the same thing.
We are all waiting for the last day of our lives.
Nothing will be changed.
If it is by apache or by cardiac arrest.
I prefer it to be by apache.

There are lots of NGOs out there if you intent to help. AMAN Palestine, Palestinkini and many more. We too have to translate our words into actions.

At the age of 20+, it would be very very very very very unwise to spend all your time on facebook, EPL and gossips. On average, we have only 30-40 years more to live on. Leave your legacy alive, and do not die like an ordinary.

As a Muslim, three of many options are to commit charity, seek and pass knowledge and pledge doa to our parents. Commit charity to our Muslim and non Muslim communities, and seek and pass knowledge to the best that we can.

till next time,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



in the name of Allah te Most Gracious the Most Merciful

PAS is making headlines again. They have reiterated their stance on their long standing mission to implement hudud.

It was originally brought up by the charismatic Husam Musa in a debate btw PAS vs UMNO in Kelantan. Next, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz politely asked DAP to come up with reasons why they will not accept hudud.

I will leave to the scholars to explain what is hudud. It is not my area of expertise, thus I will do my studies and keep quiet in the meantime.

However, there are 2 things that I think ought to be highlighted here,

1) Mistakes on PAS' side
a : failure to educate - they need to adequately educate the Muslims and Malaysians the whole principals behind hudud. Well educated Muslims have no objections, and those majority poorly educated and want-to-act-like-ones have a lot to talk about, and these people bring more confusions than solutions.

b : Not in Pakatan Rakyat manifesto - in simple words, they can't violate what they had agreed to fight for together in the last election. Work on common grounds first, and slowly start the education process. This is wise to my eyes.

2) UMNO's immaturity
- TG Nik Aziz was saying yesterday 'Hudud ni hukum Allah bukan hukum PAS. Sama macam solat, itu hukum Allah , bukan PAS yang buat.' We know at least PAS is doing something, although the manner is questionable. UMNO on the other hand, is obviously fighting for Islam on papers only. Haven't we heard at all they want to implement hudud. They keep saying previously it is PAS's interpretation of the law, therefore it should be rejected. If it's wrong, then correct it. When are the Islamic scholars in UMNO? Why do you keep quiet?? Why haven't you voiced out your intention to implement hudud? Do you not want hudud? Are you too busy corrupting our money?

Comparing these 2 points, one should not fail to see PAS is trying to something, while UMNO has done nothing but talking rubbish.

Our job is to seek knowledge, so that we know we are talking about.

I am a little sick these 2 days. Will be back to full fitness hopefully this Thursday.

till next time,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

6th entry


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Yusuf Estes, a well known Muslim scholar from America was in Malaysia few weeks ago. I was in NZ therefore I could not attend his lectures here. I did, when he came to Palmerston North, August 2006. If i'm not mistaken, he was previously a Christian priest.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Malaysian Tour 2008
Lecture No. 10, Faith, Science & Common Sense

it's pretty cool to hear somebody talks about Islam in American accent. wohoo!

here in this video, he explains what is Salafi which has caused so many confusions in the Muslim world. and why we should be careful in our choice of words, for e.g. Wahabi, e.t.c.

taken from HarakahDaily

KOTA BHARU, 18 Dis (Hrkh) - Mursyidul Am, Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, mengemukakan gurindam untuk bakal pengundi dalam Parlimen Kuala Terengganu sebagai panduan sebelum mengundi.

Gurindam itu antara lain berbunyi:

Nak beri rasuah salah,
tak beri rasuah kalah,
akhirnya jadi serba salah,
kerana itu jom pakat undi PAS.


till next time

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tulisan Indonesia.


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

semalam saya berpeluang membaca sebuah artikel berbahasa Indonesia'Khilafah Islam dan Upaya membendung Kristenisasi', mengenai dakwah Kristian(Christian missionaries). Dakwah mereka(Christian) bukanlah sesuatu yang saya sangat ambil berat, kerana hal mereka adalah hal mereka. Tetapi saya tertarik dengan salah satu hujah yang diketengahkan

' aqidah Islam pun difahami bukan berasaskan kaedah method yang benar, iaitu kaedah proses berfikir. Aqidah Islam tidak dibangun berasaskan akal, tapi semata-mata perasaan yangg muncul dari naluri beragama'.

Satu point yang cukup menarik untuk difikirkan. Islam difahami secara kasarnya kepada sesetengah golongan di Malaysia iaitu 'apa yang ustaz cakap semuanya betul' dan bukannya secara berfikir. Islam diwariskan berdasarkan Quran dan Sunnah. Apabila kita belajar berfikir mengenai Islam, kita berfikir apakah yang kita belajar dan amalkan itu adakah selari dengan Quran dan Sunnah.

Sistem pendidikan yang diterapkan dalam korikulum sekolah tidak menekankan akidah Islam pada tahap yang begitu mantap, menyumbang kepada rosaknya umat apabila asas akidah yang rapuh digoncang .

91. Allah sekali-kali tidak mempunyai anak, dan sekali-kali tidak ada tuhan (yang lain) beserta-Nya, kalau ada tuhan beserta-Nya, masing-masing tuhan itu akan membawa makhluk yang diciptakannya, dan sebagian dari tuhan-tuhan itu akan mengalahkan sebagian yang lain. Maha Suci Allah dari apa yang mereka sifatkan itu,

92. Yang mengetahui semua yang ghaib[1019] dan semua yang nampak, maka Maha Tinggilah Dia dari apa yang mereka persekutukan. Al-Mu'minun ayat 91-92

ayat yang paling menarik ialah ayat 91

seperti contoh, konsep Jesus sebagai anak Tuhan, sama sekali kita tidak dapat terima konsep ketuhanan sebegitu rupa. Konsep tauhid yang lengkap jika diajar secara efektif, datangkan seribu ajaran lain pun Islam tidak akan tergugat. Apabila dakwah Christian datang dan kita tidak dapat melawan hujah mereka, maka dakwah Christian mula bermain di fikiran mereka. Mengapa mereka menyamakan sifat manusia yg inginkan anak itu sama dengan Tuhan? adakah Tuhan akan mati disitu?

sepatutnya, akidah umat yang sedikit goyah yang lebih patut kita risaukan, dan perihal musuh bukanlah sesuatu yang berada di dalam senarai perkara paling penting. Kita kuatkan benteng kita dahulu, dan keduanya barulah fikir macam mana nak lemahkan benteng lawan.

together we work now!

till next time,

Monday, December 15, 2008

AUKU tiada utk ku~


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

“The only sure thing is that we will not be buying Protons,” Lim said, describing the national car’s service as “abysmal”.

Lim Guan Eng's statement today in The Star hurts a lot. While we acknowledge that Proton is nowhere near to Honda or Toyota in terms of quality and quantity, we do not expect any Malaysian to come up with a comment like that.

The comment itself is abysmal. That comment won't help improving Proton, and Malaysia. It keeps the people away it seems to me. Regardless of your political background, if we do not want to use national product, please keep it to yourself and at least strain yourself from public outburst.

Why couldn't he say we want to use Toyota because it gives more value for money. That simple, so hard to you izit?

and to Rocky Bru, as much as I am your fan, I would love to see only decent language used in your writings. Those 'f' words are for losers, and great thinkers do not need those word to get attention.

To me, what is wrong I'll object, regardless of who you are. In many times, it is hard to say it verbally, therefore this is the medium that I choose.

Akta University dan Kolej University does not apply to me anymore. I shall and I hope to be more vocal now.

I am not forgetting Liverpool here. Can you please score goals, Dirk Kuyt? If you don't know how, come here for some extra classes by Safee Sali or Indra Putra. Duhhh... but please, we want more goals from you. If the likes of Hull City or Fulham you can't beat, you might as well forget the title now. Liverpool vs Arsenal this weekend, which you are you readers rooting for? Of course la Liverpool kan..I was gonna watch Chelsea-West Ham last night, but I dozed off before the game started. Opssss...

till next time,

p/s: nak tengok Spa-Q 2 jap lagi.kihkihkih...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to Reality


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

i am now back to reality. I landed at the modern KLIA on 5th Dec. I went home immediately, rested for a couple of days before celebrating Hari Raya Aidiladha. On the evening, we left for Kelantan. The journey by 2 cars took off at 11pm and we reached Kelantan on Tuesday morning. My brother and I took turns to drive, and though we felt tired throughout the journey, we were reasonably fresh upon arrival at our kampung.

To those who know so little about Kelantan, Kelantan is a state that celebrates Hari Raya Haji exactly the same way we celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Amazing isn't it? To many of my friends who grew up in KL, Hari Raya Haji is inappropriately treated as just another public holiday.

2 days off are given for Hari Raya Haji there. As a result, it was difficult to find nice places for good food. These 2 days were hard, and these Kelantanese, many of them took the whole week off!! Hari Raya puasa x macam tu bro!!=)

On Friday, we hit the road again to Awana Kijal. The place was marvellous, complimented by stunning view facing the ocean. Got discount la bro, that's why we were there. Alhamdulillah...

Tomorrow or the next day, I have to drive down to Putrajaya to meet my sponsor JPA. I need to sort out the paper works as soon as possible. I can imagine how miserable it is to be spending 2 months doing nothing, although this is what I will be asking for once work starts.

I am still tired driving from Kijal therefore I shall continue my time wasting post here tomorrow. My mobile no now is 013-224-8515. I've used Maxis for 7 years, and I need a change. Hidup Celcom!

till next time,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Post-traumatic stress disorder


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I saw heaps of happy faces when I checked my facebook today. Those faces come mostly from Australia, where many medical students graduated from medical school today. Farah Latif and Affida graduated from Monash, Shawn and friends graduated from Melbourne and few more names that I can't recall here.

Good news is also spreading all over Auckland where almost 100% of my 4th year juniors have passed their exams! God knows how happy they are now, and I know how it feels like. I've been there before.

Many from my seniors say that medical school is nothing. "Hell" will start when you start work. Perhaps they are right, but I do not give a damn about that. It's an achievement, and they have been there before. What the juniors need are guidance from the seniors, and those sayings I'm afraid is of very little benefit.

To those who are staying overseas, I wish you good luck and all the best. Let's face it, it's both money and work load that put these people off Malaysia. For me, Malaysia is my one and only place. It has very little to do with patriotism, as you can be as patriotic as I am even if you are in Zambia. If possible, do return to Malaysia one day, as Malaysia needs you more than UK and Australasia do.

I am now enjoying my life day by day in Malaysia. Everything is smooth and fine here. It's not as hot as I expected, which is a good news of course. However, it is marred by the tragedy in Bukit Antarabangsa. My thought is with you. I hope many of you there are safe and sound.

Still, I can't take my mind off Auckland. It is super duper odd, because academically, everyday was not a holiday there. I worked my socks off, it was difficult but was a worthy journey in the end. Auckland has taught me many things, and these things you definitely can't buy with Mastercard. Adios..

I will leave with one of the possibly the greatest national anthems, together with its worldwidely known the HAKA. All Blacks' win over England before I left gave the perfect end of a beautiful life in NZ.

Anthem lyrics

Haka lyrics

Ringa pakia
Uma tiraha
Turi whatia
Hope whai ake
Waewae takahia kia kino

Ka Mate! Ka Mate!
Ka Ora! Ka Ora!
Tenei te ta ngata puhuru huru
Nana nei i tiki mai

Whakawhiti te ra
A upane ka upane!
A upane kaupane whiti te ra!

It is death! It is death!
It is life! It is life!
This is the hairy person
Who caused the sun to shine
Keep abreast! Keep abreast
The rank! Hold fast!
Into the sun that shines!

I was speechless when I saw the Haka by the All Blacks right if front of my eyes in 2006. It was very moving.

I can now be contacted at 013-2248515. Please include your name when you text/sms me.

till next time,

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Final Entry In Auckland


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

location - elephant stones ke apa tah.South Island, NZ

it's hard to believe that my stay here in Auckland(New Zealand) has finally come to an end. I have completed the basic requirements to secure a job in Malaysia.

location - lake tekapo - South Island NZ

The day that I took my first step in Auckland is still fresh in my memory..The moment I waved good bye to everyone at KLIA, and now I will be back in Malaysia in no time.

location - open house Auckland

location - Auckland Domain. Messi in Action.

3 years have shaped my life to a certain extent, though I am still pretty much the same as I was before. Being in my comfort zone back in Malaysia, life was not as tough relatively. At home, you have family and friends that you can rely on to. Still you find a thousand reasons when things do not go way.

location - 90 mile beach.

The first few months was not the best time of my life. We came in a group of 20, out of which were us 5 Malays. I was the first to be sent to Waikato, 2 hours away from Auckland. The fact I was the Malaysian was hard enough, let alone being the only Muslim there. My diet was basically maggi, maggi n maggi. 2 weeks!!!

location - Shakespear Regional Park, North Shore

2 months later, I was sent to a rural place called Russell, a town which has a population of roughly 2000. Everyday was horrendous, I was counting days for the attachment to be over. The interesting part is I had not enough movies at my disposal, so everyday I decided to watch only half an hour of each movie, so that I would have something to watch the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now how cool is that?

location- Auckland CBD, Dinner with TS Muhyiddin Yasin

These are few of many interesting stories that one day when I reflect the life I have had, I could only smile.

location - Anfield. Ibrahimovic in action

To everyone here in Auckland, I sincerely would like to thank you, from the moment I shook hands with you till the part I will wave good bye to you. This is not the place to mention specific names, otherwise some people will get upset. Also, I'd like to ask for forgiveness, for all the mistakes and wrongdoings, I am a normal human being, just like all of us. I make mistakes, and so do you. I want to leave this place on good terms, therefore on my part at least I have long forgiven all you, should you have ever committed anything wrong on me.

location - Rotorua.

To those who will still be here for years to come, I wish you good luck and all the best for your future. I don't know about you, but it hurts me to see anyone failing in academic fields. Danny agreed with me, that many times we want certain parties to learn their lessons, but not in a way that it gives troubles to your parents and sponsors.

location - Eden Park . All Blacks vs Ireland.

Make the best of your time here in Auckland. Maximise your potentials, and always keep in mind that you always want to look back at your past with pride. To turn it to reality, you have to work for it. I may have not been the best student, but I am proud to be where I am now. Proud as in 'bangga' yang berpatutan, please do not interpret it as 'riak'.

location - flat 14. Malaysia vs Myanmar. Pestabola Merdeka.

To Muslims, if you have ever heard of 'once a black, you'll never go back'. Consistent with that, once a Muslim, you are always a Muslim. Consistency/Istiqomah in doing many small things is the key. Do not look at Liverpool or Arsenal as your way of life, they are consistently inconsistent. Keep your faith in Allah, do not forget your prayers, even if you are a medical student and you are posted to a middle of nowhere, please toe the line.

camping in 1st year - Waitakere

Should you need any help, do not hesitate to contact me. It is this feeling that you become a senior, that you want to help your juniors to pass and not to repeat the mistakes you did before. Hehe..that's true isn't it?

location - North Shore. Malaysia vs NZ All Whites

My contact details
email : jeghi83@yahoo.com
YM: as above
phone: nanti balik msia mintak la, through YM or email ok.

it's 1.000am, and Im starting to feel sleepy. Thanks Allah, thanks my parents, thanks friends and thanks everyone for making me what I am today. Keep in touch, and I will surely miss everyone here. till next time, and so long Auckland.