Thursday, December 28, 2006

2 issues

1. taken from the star, 28 dec
He added that Egypt, Jordan and Australia had grand mufti each.

Dr Syed Ali said with the grand mufti, confusion on issues relating to religion could be avoided and religious enforcement agencies could play a more relevant role towards the development of the ummah.

He said threats and criticisms raised by certain quarters following what Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said showed that traditional knowledge of Islam was being destroyed by certain parties with self-interest at heart.

He said if the situation persisted, it could destroy the traditional knowledge of the religion, leading to confusion, bigotry and even chaos.

Mohd Asri had said that religious authorities should focus on more urgent matters such as combating corruption rather than spying on couples committing khalwat. This view drew much criticism.

“I may sound harsh, but the problem is that popular ulamak like sensational issues. They love to comment on such issues, knowing that people like to hear it,” Dr Syed Ali said.

“Why do we waste time catching those who commit khalwat? It is better if the religious enforcement officers and Rela members catch loan sharks who exploit the poor.

“They should work together because they are also responsible for the state of society.”

Dr Syed Ali said a bigger problem which religious enforcement agencies had to overcome was corrupt knowledge.

“For instance, ulamak who speak the truth are being silenced, but the views of those who are ignorant are being heard.

“Corrupt knowledge is even more dangerous than bribery because truth is turned into lies and vice versa

2. sunnah dan kita tolak akidah syiah sedang mengadakan polling untuk memilih siapakah tokoh tahun 2006. Sekarang ini Hassan Nasrullah telah mendahului lain-lain calon dengan undian sebanyak 68%. Tokoh ahli sunnah yang nampaknya layak untuk menerima adalah Ismail Haneyya (HAMAS), malangnya sehingga detik ini beliau hanya menerima 15% undian sahaja. Pak Lah juga ada, dia hanya terima 3% sahaja.

Harap antum sekelian dapat mengundi Haneyya untuk menaikkan nama tokoh ahli sunnah dan mujahid kita.


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Monday, December 25, 2006

for ilmu - seekers

Menyebut Kejahatan & Menutup Aib Org Lain

Maksiat Jelas & Tertutup

Maksiat Jelas & Tertutup (Sambungan)

10 hari, sebelum dan selepas


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful...may peace be upon you my brothers and sisters.

this is my 10th day in msia since arrival. I drove to JB last Friday and back home today.i'd describe it as fruitful trip.very cheap DVDs, dpt makan ayam masak merah, weddings, dan lain2..

one of the dvds i bought was remp-it.seriously a complete disgrace to Muslim communities. I didnt find this funny at all - org mcm ko ni semayang gak ke? ->from a muslim to another muslim. few more examples : porn-type jokes, explicit scenes. RM 4million gate collection from this movie is not something to be proud of. I'd rather spend my money on Cicak - Man if i had known this. it might be quite common that u see Americans make jokes about their religion(s) but these are not things that u see, digest and practise. We the Muslims should be the leaders in all fields, we set the rules what to do, we give commands. Most of our power-n-money-obsessed leaders, not specifically in Malaysia, they tell u thousand things, but they do nothing. Islam is continuously being made playing toys, manipulated and the leaders do nothing. Literally ZERO. we feel happy when we master the useless things - music, guitars, movies, entertainment,etc.WHY? consciously and unconsciously we are deviating from the purpose of life. we know that, but we desire power and name, which eventually will set us in at the bottom of the ground, gaining nothing but zero benefit temporary happiness. we benefit nothing from these, but we always feel happy aren't we? again WHY? because we do not practise ISLAM as it is. ISLAM to most of us is just a religion. we pray 5 times a day, we fast during ramadhan, we celebrate eid, - that's ISLAM that we do though we know it's a completely not true. It is not my intent to criticise anyone here. Nevertheless, as said by MUFTI Perlis--> berceramah tanpa menggerakkan minda umat Islam tidak akan membawa apa2 faedah --> lebih kurang gitu aa..x brapa igt.ada dlm kaset ke arah memahami sirah Rasullulah.

on a completely different matter, liverpool is on winning streak. 7 games without conceding a goal.they are scoring goals at the moment though not playing the best fooball. Nothing compared to the games played by Arsenal. Inter Milan on the hand, WOW!

I've met few friends so far within the 1st 10 days. I went to IMU, met few frens during my brother's wedding, irrelevant but few have been getting prettier. I havent touched any football yet. I will leave my no here 012 - 3794967. it's temporary. On top of all, i wanna see few friends in specific.Ones i feel i need to see and unnecessary to mention their names here

to those who follow the recent issue of Khalwat or close proximity. i found this video that explains

Penjelasan Mufti Perlis SS Dr Mohd Asri ZA:

- Isu tangkap khalwat

- Isu Islam liberal

- Isu pendapat ulama boleh dipertikaikan

- Apakah maklumbalas dari isu ini?

- Isu kayu Kokka

- Masa depan dakwah Sunnah

a very good video. if u have some free time, watch it and forward it if u feel u want to.this is nothing like u have to forward to 20 ppl or otherwise something bad will come to u.

will be back with less-serious stuff

Saturday, December 16, 2006



peace be upon my brothers and sisters..'s great to finally be back in Malaysia.not as hot as i thought it would x really fussy anyway.I couldnt help smiling to myself towards the end of my flight.I was too preoccupied with food, family and frens and the most important agenda -> my brother's wedding(the akad was today, I managed to be here on time).the ceremony went perfectly well, unfortunately I didnt bring my camera along, so i cant post any pics here.

oo ye, i still do not have any cellphone no yet. I should have asked my sister to get one for me last week. They should have a package where u dont have to register ur line if u plan to be here for less than 3 months or something like that dont u think?now i hev to wait for tomoro to go to maxis.=(...digi is never a choice, no offense but they are for losers.btw, leave ur contact no thru yahoo or msn please, or here if u dont mind.

to liverpool fans out there, we couldnt ask for a better tie, could we? liverpool vs barcelona how better can it be?i dont mind losing.seriously.i'll tell u what i wanna see in that game
1. crouch vs puyol
2. gerrard vs xavi
3. sissoko vs ronaldinho
4. carragher vs eto'o
5. messi vs all defenders
it seems like barcelona would outplay liverpool on paper.u never know.ronaldinho persistenly voices his desire having frank lampard on his side. lampard better than gerrard? too subjective,certainly it is a question with neither yes nor no. gerrard is more complete, complemented by better defensive skills whereas lampard is better in other areas.

I dont plan to write long this time. I havent really had any proper rest since arrival. to my friends, please come this sunday if u are free.


p/s : boikot israel ttp diteruskan yekk..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Konvensyen Sunnah ke-2

aku mintak maaf pasal website anglican church australia yg aku forward pasal azhar mansoor kata murtad.aku xde amek drpd source malaysia thru sms or khabar angin sblm ni.aku amek dpd church nye website aku mintak maaf.aku x patut wat tu walaupun sumber mana pun selagi xde bukti.ada diterangkan dlm video yg kedua kat atas tu