Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Side


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious,the Most Merciful.May peace be upon u my brothers and sisters.

to those who didnt go to the stadium or watch the match on the tv, u'd probably missed Malaysia's best football match for years. I was there, Serih was there, probably Muziman too, and with 40 000 other Malaysians we had a good time. Draw wasnt the best result, but something is always better than nothing rite? Hardy Jaafar's was the best that I have ever seen in my life. yg pernah aku tgk btol2 depan mata aku...gile puas plak tu tgk singapore kene kad merah.berlakon injured tu...malas cita panjang2 aa..ngantok..letih jerit2 tadi..esok aa kot smbg...macho gile aa gambar2 ngan team malaysia time diorg datang NZ dulu..yg 1st gambar tu ngan el capitan msia dulu- nurhafiz zamani misbah..aku lagi macho dari dia kot?

Sunday, January 21, 2007



sick picture of the day

i guess u guys have seen this coming..hahaha..macho gile aa liverpool..I know it's a victory against a much-weakened chelsea..but who cares..Im just gonna be one of the annoying Liverpool fans here. It's a rare win for Liverpool kan? u might say skali skala..skali skala aa yg kene!

however, to those who red the star(M) yesterday, Sir Alex was saying that Liverpool fans now prefer to see Man U winning the title rather than's never true mate..I'd rather see Chelsea win the title again. it's the only chance to see a team inventing records. I dont think u'll ever see again any club to win 3 premiership titles in a row.same goes to the record 49 matches unbeaten set by arsenal. Who cares if Man U was the team who stopped the record from reaching 50.Man U will never be able to do that. Liverpool mmg x bole.

Im hoping that Arsenal will outplay Man U tomoro and win if possible. come on Arsenal.

gila annoying aa entry kali ni...

p/s : harap2 Inter Milan menang lagi weekend ni..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

dutch lesson

if u go through the list of topscorers of EPL, the only Liverpool player that is on top half is Dirk Kuyt.but how do u pronounce the name? is kuyt pronounced as kite or coit or apa2 gak layan video atas tu...

malaysia will play singapore 1st leg in Shah Alam on 23rd jan.let's fill up the stadium friends..malaysia needs our suppport. let's create the situation that we usually see on Malaysia Cup finals only. Malaysia needs to win their 1st leg bcoz it's not easy to play in front of national stadium singapore, famous for their Kallang Roar

till next time..
sapa nak pi stadium sound aku...

Friday, January 19, 2007



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious,the Most Merciful.peace be upon my brothers and sisters...

Coming towards the end of your holiday, counting your days would probably be the best thing to do. Sembahyang jumaat terakhir,lepak mamak terakhir, wayang terakhir are just few of the examples. 'terakhir' here means the last time before u come back to malaysia for another holiday, for instance. Nobody would want that 'terakhir' to be really terakhir isnt it? My IMU friends are currently busy with Sem 7 EOS xms. PC friends are here but its hard to lepak around with most of them are still within their 1st year of working. KDU frens are in penang. asasi xtau nak kontek camna..apa nak ku buat ni?anyway, Chelsea-Liverpool and Man U-Arsenal are up in the fixture this weekend.I dont hold high hopes to Liverpool in this match. They have proven bad records against top club sides. so whats the point of watching the game la?

Jeff Ooi brought up an interesting topic few days ago--> Did Big Foot survive the Johor floods? kelakar gak...mmg fitrah manusia agaknye suke bende2 pelik kan. Whether Big Foot exists or not it's a different matter.yg bestnye bila bukan je org biasa, tp menteri2 pn semangat buat team utk cari big foot..hangpa sume xde kerja ka??

i've been contemplating the idea of deleting my myspace account. Most of my real friends in Myspace are dormant ones. Perhaps everyone is more comfortable with frenster. It's not logic to have 20 000 frens, there is not limit in number of friends in Myspce by the way. I dont have any problem with that, but it's annoying when u get 'comments' or u call it testimonials (in frenster) from strangers. It's even worse when they leave a 'p/s' dont forget to leave some comments at my page ya!..bosan2...

ingat nak komen pasal isu khalwat yg Mufti dok timbul. Kalau korang baca bnyk gak yg komen/hentam dia. tp xpela, pandangan ahli agama mmg bole dikomen. xde sapa yg maksum, xde sapa yg sempurna..Tp kita mintak sblm diorg komen tlg selidik dulu samada betul atau tidak. sapa yg kata kene haramkan tangkap org khalwat? Mufti cakapp hentikan mengintip sbb Rasulullah x pernah suruh pun. xkan kita nak mendahului Nabi dgn buat perkara yg x disuruh? Dia cakap kalau laporan sila ambil tindakan. Pendapat yg sama jugak Yusuf Qardhawi kata. xpela, sekurang2nye mufti perlis tu ada background PHD dlm hadith.sgt frust bila ada org kata Mufti Perlis tu kaki bodek adalah lagi dan pandai mentakrifkan hukum agama menggunakan akal dia sendiri bukan berlandaskan kepada nas AlQuran yang mulia .. Hang tu ada background yg sedap2 nak hentam orang? Isu ni kalo kepada sapa2 yg ikut kuliah dia tahun 2005 lg dia dah ulas pasal topic ada video penjelasan balik dlm entry saya yg lepas2...kepada harakahdaily n detikdaily, kalo ada artikel org lain tolong jgn copy paste je...

kalo sapa2 yg minat nak baca pasal hal ekonomi n politik, ada orang komen pasal blog yg lim kit siang tulis..klik sini.. sekadar baca je..utk ilmu..

next time plak..

Saturday, January 13, 2007



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. May peace be upon my brothers and sisters

one of the advantages of having regular readers of your blog(s) is u r able to feed them ur thoughts.sometimes the enemies of Islam give you the weapons that they use. They use the net the spread their lies, but they also give you the means for us to counter them. They give us internet but often it's us who never learn how to use it properly. Why use the net for solely entertainment purpose?

I have been telling that I'm not one of students who are anti-government.Neither do I support them. As a student, I'm supposed to be neutral isnt it? The reason Im stating these facts are just for academic purposes, stating the facts the never came out in the newspapers in the last few days :

1. from Jeff Ooi, According to Malaysiakini yesterday, Abdullah had made a one-day visit to Johor - the worst-hit state - on December 23 after an official visit to Venezuela. He then reportedly left on the same day for Australia for a one-week holiday.
2. regarding to the boycott on Batu Talam by-election, taken from, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng Lim told theSun in a telephone interview that the EC could not even provide valid and convincing reasons for the discrepancies in the electoral roll for Batu Talam."I was told there were only two houses resided by Indians in Batu Talam. But there are more than 300 registered Indian voters. The EC could explain that," he added. -> we r always told the oppositon are scared of losing(if u read the news by the way)
3. Im clearly impressed with the knowledge of Perlis's Menteri Besar. He memorises lots of hadiths and has vast knowledge on Islam. my salute on you boss!
4. I dont wanna sound anti-government so I'll just give the link this time.
5. There are 74 000 evacuees in Johor as I speak.
6. Congratulations to the Government for making Tahun Melawat M'sia a success so far although there few repair-able flaws.

hey, seriously Im not anti to the current Government but Im sick of too many one-sided stories in local newspapers. please, please and please do not judge me here. Im just feeding u my thoughts here as I said earlier.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

<18 days


in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
peace be upon my brothers and sisters

mathematically I have only 18 more days left here.InsyaAllah, my flight will be on Jan 25th.I feel my holiday is too short that I dont even wanna call it a holiday.the day I reached here was on the same day of my brother's akad nikah,n i was busy that whole weekend. I wasnt at KL the next weekend. Thanx to my cousin's wedding I was able to get 22 Dvds for rm100. last weekend I was in klate darul naim for 4 days. Hence my holiday in KL has just been only 1 week. Im complaining!

anyway, yesterday was great.Congratulations to Khalil!smoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu. i cant remember the exact no how many turned up from mrsmpc.more than 20 for sure. it's great to see these ppl after so many years. imagine the feeling when my dad's going to have a reunion with his Sultan Ismail College(SIC) ex-classmates at the age of 60. they left the school at 17 and they gonna meet again 43 years later! mesti best gile aa...
fresh prince or thierry henry?

penyokong arsenal mesti bangga kan?i talked to Sham 7(shamir) n i clearly expressed my view on Arsenal. Arsenal play the best football when their players are fit.No disrespect to Man Utd n Chelsea fans, and to Liverpool fans but Arsenal's gameplay is always breathtaking. I felt sad and happy when we lost to Arsenal, sad because we lost and happy because Kuyt was given Man of the Match award. why? his performance always does the talking for him.

the hero hyypia the next zorro what the heck crouch?

lawak tah pahape dpd hot fm.DJ radio tanya apa 3 bende nak bawak kalo sangkut kat hutan ke apa tah.Ada orang jawab 1. botol 2. bantal. tiba2 Dj tu cakap 'so sweet..'..tah pahape lawak.

i saw annahita(pelakon tu) at tesco last week.bole tahan gak..

i red somewhere not from liverpool-related website. Agger has been put up for sale.what the heck? this can't be true.gile kesian. full story

interview mufti perlis ada disiarkan dlm utusan msia ari here

sedikit santapan rohani.tajuk : larangan buat sesuatu tanpa ilmu
(contoh: sujud selepas bg salam dlm solat hajat: ada dalil ke yg sokong?).luangkan sedikit masa utk ilmu yg sgt berguna.jgn ibadat kita hanya letih tanpa pahala sbg hasil

sekian dulu aa utk kali ni..
till next time.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pandangan Ahli Sunnah Terhadap Syiah

lagi video mengenai syiah dan sedikit penerangan mengenai perkembangan syiah di malaysia. turut dimuatkan kata2 imam khomenei(yg faisal tehrani selalu sebut dlm blog dia n org2 lain yg sokong syiah) menyatakan x halal makan sembelihan org yg mengaku abu bakar dan umar sebagai khalifah.

x rugi luang 10 min dgr video ni.sekurang-kurangnye kalau korang x suke aku slalu crita pasal syiah at least kita tahu apa dia syiah n kesan2 kalau tersesat ke situ.

-azri fikry-

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in review


in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
may peace be upon my brothers and sisters..

alhamdulillah, curtain 2006 was finally closed.2007 has started. i do early year resolutions but i dont keep pretty sure u guys do the same thing too.

what lies ahead in 2007?

another year of glory?

simply another chronological year?

none of us will be getting any younger of course.age is usually related to maturity. a lot of frens have graduated and most have started working. Living on yourselves, earning your own money, getting married, getting old etc. same cycle with different storylines. some may go smoothly, some will go through patches, and some will not even make it to any of those stages. I pray only the best for me and everyone.amin.

2006 is now history. it has been a very imbalanced year. good memories > sad ones.
started with January, the month I left IMU for New Zealand. I managed to pass 4th year(equivalent to 3rd year in most universities). It was also the last month, hopefully not the last time I saw my IMU frens who are now in the UK. Few months before leaving also was the last time I put on the jersey of team M2/03, the only unbeaten team in IMU( i think) since it was formed in 2003. the only regrettable incident would be when we lost the gold medal for futsal.

highlights of the year

1. swoop( 40m high) -> something like bungy jumping
2. liverpool winning FA Cup
3. Barcelona champs league
4. Kuyt signed for liverpool
5. Dr. Asri appointed as Mufti Perlis
6. Germany 3rd in world cup( ikut suke aku aa)
7. my bro's wedding
8. my YOUNGER sister's wedding(when is my turn?)
9. celebrated raya 1st time away from family
10. still able to drive my ferrari(kancil)..hahahhaa
11. Saddam Hussein finally hanged(it's a tragedy)
12. launching of Sinar Harian in Kelantan n Terengganu
13. IFC became unsuccesful
14. I became 23
15. finally able to keep long hair
16. learnt what is Wahabi and why they are not wrong
17. learnt Syiah is wrong and supporting them(Hizbullah) is merely political, we reject the aqidah of Syiah
16. care to share yours?

another issue that i've been wanting to raise is : too many of us have lost the sensitivity towards the issue of ummah. we dont simply care the needs of ummah. we never try to be concerned about the surrounding issues. to most of us, the issue of khalwat(the most recent one), IFC, sisters in islam, rufaqa' etc. I think most of us take these issues as just news and not a serious matter for us to care, let alone discussing it. We should realise that these issues are important. More important than football, music, movies. It's funny when u see ppl condemning Muslim ladies wearing tudung but still doing maksiat. Instead of defending these ladies, we r not able to defend them due to lack of knowledge and when we r pressed, we agree with the media that tudung wearing ladies are not necessarily 'baik'. Sekurang-kurangnye kita kena amek berat pasal agama kita, kalo bole lebih dpd hal2 lain. peringatan utk aku gak ni. kita sume ada minat kita.contoh aku sendiri, aku harap aku dapat minat kepada isu2 penting tentang agama sama macam minat bola.

i'll be back

p/s : betulkan aku kalo salah.