Monday, May 04, 2015

Lub dub lub dub


I am now back in the hospital again. The kind of life that we go through, that we actually spend more time at workplace, rather than home.

I found out Blogger mobile is less flexible, in my previous entry. You can't resize n relocate the photo. The options for other things are limited too.

Gotta go and save lives.

Will be back again,

Saturday, May 02, 2015

On call


Blogging from my phone now. So tech savvy kan?

On call has been relatively peaceful so far. There is a long way to go still though. It's a long weekend, and here I am spending time with patients.

It's difficult being in a public hospital setting. Everyone's fighting for long weekend, e.g. Labour day friday, weekend and wesak day on monday. No annual leave will be deducted. It's a bit unfair for those who have to work because they won't get any replacement off days.

But we chose to be in this line, didn't we?

Although I will miss Kelantan football match tonight, and Liverpool QPR as well, there is something that I am looking forward to tomorrow morning.

It's PacMan vs Mayweather, people!!

A couple of hours of short nap afterwards before I get myself ready for the next on call.


Perhaps I should get myself prepared for rounds tonight first, before I start thinking of the next one.

Pray for me a good call!!


Friday, May 01, 2015

Menghitung detik


Let's start with the most cliche way. Sorry for keeping the blog hiatus. It's a combination of all, time, laziness, idea and commitment that is keeping me busy.

My wife is asleep, right next to me. In less than a month's time, I will be alone in Kelantan. Everyday is about completing the day, counting the hours to fly home again so that I can be with my wife and daughter.

What makes it harder is that my wife is pregnant with our second child. The moments when she will need help the most are the times when I won't be able to be there.

Well, the journey that I am taking is the completion of second half of my studies. It is certainly going to be extremely difficult, and having no family members around is not going to make it any easier.

I haven't found a place to stay yet. Kelantan, despite being known as a poor state socioeconomically, things are rather expensive here. Studio apartment can cost you RM1000 the cheapest. Ain't kidding bro, you can check it on

You may wonder why am I not taking my family along. It is not as easy as you think. To secure a place in Kota Bharu as a medical officer is not easy. Hence,  if she gets somewhere else far, she may as well stay wherever she is now. I can't afford to ask her to go on unpaid leave. Economically it is not viable. She just bought a new car, still paying for her house in Melaka and she also provides some money to her mother monthly. I, on the other hand, have a car and house to pay, ASB and lots of other things too.

It's going to be a challengin time ahead. Puasa will also start in June. Buka puasa alone, sahur alone, and the same routine repeats everyday, till the day I get to go the airport to fly home.

Where is home now? Melaka or KL?

It doesn't matter. What matters is Ohana. Ohana means family, and I am going to miss them so much when the time finally comes.

I hope I can start blogging on regular basis again. Time consuming really, but I get to say what I want to say, and I like that.

till next time,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014



In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I did not keep my promise, I'm terribly sorry for this. I couldn't write on regular basis, as I had wished. It has been a turbulent 4 months. So many things have happened, my end of exams and all.

I'm still physically and mentally exhausted. This torture hasn't come to its end yet.

Can't wait to be back in KL and Melaka again. I haven't seen my daughter and wife for 10 days. Not easy, I know.

till next time.


Monday, February 03, 2014

membunuh masa


Sekarang tengah kat bilik on call. Specialist on call tak sampai lagi so lepak kejap kat dalam bilik.

Alhamdulillah, walaupun setakat ni agak sibuk, tapi kebanyakan masih di bawah kawalan. Pagi saja untuk postnatal rounds ada 31 babies, so nak tercabut lutut rasa.

Ikutkan kalau on call yang macam biasa xdela komplen sangat, yang ni pun bukanla komplen, sekadar bercerita je. Kalau on call biasa, malam sebelum tu biasa dah dapat rehat cukup.

Nak jadi cerita semalam kok 930 am abes on call pastu terus balik, tapi mata lak xnak lelap. Petang tu dapat la tido2 ayam dalam 2 jam kot. Letih gile rasa, pastu jadi panas sebab liverpool xleh nak menang.

Dipendekkan cerita, hari ni kena on call balik. Badan still terasa letih daripada on call sebelum ni and sekarang dh on call.

Tapi buat je la. Yang penting memang kena on call jugak. So daripada komplen baikla buat je.

Seronok gak dapat update blog dari henfon je.

Haha, mengarut gile entry kali ni.

Till next time,

Sunday, February 02, 2014



In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

I was told yesterday that I appear different from he usually sees in Facebook. I was described too opinionated and rebellious, whereas at work, I am a bit lively, cheerful and cool. Okay, I made up that 'cool'. 

This friend is of an opinion that what ISMA does is not entirely wrong. Of course, nobody will disagree. 

That is not the main focus of this entry. 

I reckon, whatever the subject that I bring up on Facebook or Twitter, my critiques are directed towards his or her thoughts. Almost always there will be replies from them.

My idea mainly to voice out my dissatisfaction, and whatever that you may agree or not, let us take it as we agree to disagree.

I very much still cherish our friendship, my ISMA friends. I'm pretty sure life in Auckland would have been much more difficult if it wasn't for you people. I sincerely thank you for everything.

My wife and Natasya. My backbone that keeps me going. May you always be blessed. Love you both.

Till next time,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah dan Maha Pengasih

Kita dikejutkan dengan satu lagi pilihanraya kecil yang baru diumumkan sebentar tadi. ADUN Kajang secara tiba-tiba meletakkan jawatan. Agakan orang ramai, walaupun kelihatan tidak logik, ialah masalah kesihatan.

Yang diberitahu kepada rakyat ialah keputusan beliau bertujuan untuk menguatkan jentera PR di Selangor.

Turut dibincangkan ialah hubungan perletakan jawatan ini dengan konflik Azmin-Khalid Ibrahim. Benar atau tidak, tiada siapa yang dapat mengesahkan.

Rakyat Selangor pastinya tidak mahu membazir masa dengan berkempen lagi. Tidak sampai 5 jam berita ini tersebar, beribu-ribu das tembakan telah ditujukan ke PKR dan de facto leader DSAI. Tidak kurang yang mencadangkan agar diundi siapa sahaja selain PKR pada pilihanraya kecil ini.

Rakyat Malaysia yang tidak pernah mengambil tahu perihal negara, masih sibuk membincangkan kenapa penyanyi A yang menang AJL, dan kenapa bukan B?

Karakter rakyat yang progresif jelas kelihatan di sini. Hahaha.. tak kelakar pun