Monday, January 28, 2008



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

cape reinga

I can't believe weekend is already over. As mentioned, Waiuku was over last friday and the plan was to head to Cape Reinga for a 3 day trip. Everything was going well till I was told Chip could not make it and unfortunately, I fell sick too on Friday. Friday was a sleeping day. Saturday I felt better, and the was night was occupied with Monopoly, where I came out as a loser. Big time.

Lots of speculation raised lately on the al-ahkam issue. Things are still blurry to me, however, on a positive note, Al-ahkam is back! To analyse the issues, you need to listen to and interrogate all parties, which is not my job. Normally, I will just give a ring to my dad and ask. This time, I will just leave the issue as it is. Lupakan yang for your pleasure reading, have a look at this ; Al-ahkam now has replied to Tehrani's claim. To refresh,, the note below was taken from tehrani's

Benar, hampir kurbannya ialah Ismail tetapi lupakah kita kurban yang lebih tragis ialah Husin? Ismail diganti dengan qibas, Husin tidak diganti. Aidil Adha apa yang kau rai?

If rude is not the right word to describe it, then what is?

In any situation that hits us hard, we always have to think of 2 possibilities. It's always a 50-50 situation, 1st goes to not trying hard enough to win or 2nd the opponents were better than us. Indeed, if I talked about Muslim issues here, people would get the impression that Islam is a very troublesome religion. I have always believed that no opponent(religion) is better than Islam, thus I opt for the 1st reason that causes non-stop confusions towards Islam. Many reasons lead us to that, and we have only ourselves to blame.

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. berkata: Bersabda Rasulullah saw, "Islam mula tersebar dalam keadaan dagang (asing). Dan ia akan kembali asing pula. Maka beruntunglah orang orang yang asing". H.R. Muslim

It's time to stand on our feet again. The time has come. This is not the time criticising Siti Nurhaliza for not wearing tudung(headscarf) properly, instead, we thank her for initiating more women to put on tudung. We close our eyes on obvious maksiat, Siti's little fault on the tudung is we are worried about. This concept is wrong. Stop criticising, start initiating. Initiating is the correct word, not inventing(bidaah).

Daripada Abi Nijih 'Irbadh bin Sariyah r.a. berkata, "Telah menasihati kami oleh Rasulullah saw. akan satu nasihat yang menggetarkan hati kami dan menitiskan air mata kami ketika mendengarnya, lalu kami berkata, Ya Rasulullah! Seolah-olah ini adalah nasihat yang terakhir sekali maka berilah pesanan kepada kami." Lalu baginda pun bersabda, "Aku berwasiat akan kamu supaya sentiasa bertakwa kepada Allah dan mendengar serta taat (kepada pemimpin) sekalipun yang meminpin kamu itu hanya seorang hamba. Sesungguhnya sesiapa yang panjang umurnya daripada kamu pasti ia akan melihat perselisihan yang banyak. Maka hendaklah kamu berpegang teguh dengan sunnahku dan sunnah para khulafa Ar Rasyidin Al Mahdiyin (Khalifah-khalifah yang mengetahui kebenaran dan mendapat pimpinan ke jalan yang benar) dan gigitlah sunah-sunah itu dengan gigi geraham dan jauhilah perkara-perkara yang baru (bid'ah) yang diada-adakan, kerana sesungguhnya tiap-tiap bid'ah itu adalah sesat." H.R. Abu Daud dan Tirmiz

When you read the news of KL 5's coming to KL soon, you can't help the feeling of wanting to be there to watch the world's best. Brazil,Argentina,Iran and our beloved Malaysia are amongst the teams registered to play. I have no Sky, therefore Footytube will be the best remedy to it.

i have to stop here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Anxious man


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Does anyone know what has happened to I've had very little internet connection in the past 2 weeks. The current al-ahkam does not look like the old al-ahkam anymore. any explanation anyone? This is what I found from al-fiqrah, one of the links provided in Pro-tajdid websites. I hope this thing will be sorted out very soon, as hundreds of thousands of fans are anxiously worried with regards to this matter.

I am moving into the 3rd week in Waiuku. At this stage, I feel more comfortable now in dealing with people. Also, I am grateful to Allah that these people here understand the need for me to perform prayer 5 times a day. They provide me a room for this matter, and nothing more I could ask from them. Having been at Malaysia for 20 odd years now, I have never felt more peaceful in my life, after 2 weeks in Waiuku. I mean it. You know the feeling one following you everytime you walk on the streets of KL. I was 'pow-ed'(kene pau) by one of drug addicts(at least I think he was) at PWTC, but here I feel relatively safer. But hey, crimes are everywhere, why should I make New Zealand sound better than our beloved Malaysia?

While at Waiuku, this book has been nothing but good company. Here, Gerrard tells you from A-Z of his life, from an 8 year old Huyton boy to what he is now. You have only to be proud of his achievements, only EPL trophy now is short to complete the collection in the trophy cabinet. Only few players have achieved what he has in his 27 years life. FA Cup, League Cup, Charity Shield(if it's counted), UEFA Cup and European Super Cup. He also captained to the final of World Club Cup, only to be beaten by Sao Paolo(kalau tak silap), who managed to take the only chance they created in that game. He scored a hattrick in Jamie Carragher's 500th match for Liverpool. From my impaired memory, only Man Utd players stand as tall as Gerrard at the present. No disrespect to Chelsea and Arsenal fans, you are nowhere near to all these achievements.

Next, a repetition of an issue I aired few months back. I wonder, after so many months of complaining, many still link their pages to Faisal Tehrani. Get your facts right, I have never said he's a Syiah, but it's crystal clear that he's influenced by the ideology and now influencing the others. All the Sunnis love Rasulullah and his family, however, one of many things that separates us from Syiah is the latter apostasies the Sahabahs(para Sahabat). Spare a minute and watch this video here and watch closely what these Shiites(Syiah) do on Hari Asyura.

and now for futsal fans, have fun watcing this. We Malaysians love futsal and football, and to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

chow for now,
will be back in Auckland again by next weekend.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

new no 13


dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani

to anyone who might wonder where have I been up to, I'm back at Auckland now. came back on Jan 4th, now it has been a week since then. It's summer now, and I'm at Waiuku currently, for rural GP attachment. Waiuku is a typical countryside place, with a population of 7000. Ironic, I was raised in KL, I thought I will go mad when I was given this news(going to Waiuku). As it has turned out, Waiuku is a wonderful place, and I have no regret to be there. The whole attachment is for 3 weeks, and I now have 2 more weeks left there. all the best for me...

If I am given a power to dictate any transfer dealings for Liverpool now, I would not hesitate to sell off Dirk Kuyt and Voronin. Kuyt's workrate can never be questionable, but we need goals from strikers. As for Voronin, he's a good player. To rate him with strikers like Tevez, that would be one of the biggest mistakes. I want to bring back Owen to Anfield, and I dont care if he's a similar player to Torres. Personally I dont think Liverpool have played badly lately, but the inability to kill off games is the most frustrating part in the Reds.

Having been to Waiuku also makes me a little bit outdated of the latest news in Malaysia. When I read the online newspapers in the past 2 days, I find Malaysia is getting more Westernized. Killing off people in the lift, kids made ransom and thousands more examples are happening on daily basis. Are we transforming to a country like the US? I dont mean it in a healthy way. Malaysia is far away from becoming US, Malaysia is a peaceful country, and if corruption is not part of the practice, the police would have done a better job in curbing these social illness.Nobody wants to see a Nurul Jazlin-type of case happening again.
Germany's new no 13

the Men in Black

I will to write more often in the near future. I have no internet connection at Waiuku, everything will become more organised in the coming weeks I hope. Enjoy those pics for now..