Monday, December 17, 2007

the next episode


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

believe it or not, I have ditched Samsung for the 1st time ever. It wasnt the easiest decision, really. Ever since SPM, Samsung was always the brand of choice. I was gonna buy U600. I did some study particularly on that model, and you could never be more disappointed by its ugly appearance this time. It looks super gorgeous on paper, but... and therefore I.....................

-the next episode-

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

seminggu lagi


I have written too little this holiday. I have become so lazy that my brain is now rusty. Apart from going to friends' wedding and futsal, I have not done much this holiday. What I enjoy nevertheless is meeting people. Next is Jasfiq's wedding. Best2..makan free n jumpa gambar sket dpd wedding Ezy ari tu..

In less than 4 hours is the match of Liverpool-Marseille. More than a match, it's a do or die now for Liverpool. Liverpool is deemed the favourites now,which,of course, never a question. Marseille on the other hand, is not weak either. Samer Nasri(playmaker) is the next big thing in France. Cisse and Zenden both have played for Liverpool before. I just hope Liverpool will be lucky enough to beat Marseille this time as I will be watching the match later of course.

A friend asked me, what do u find in common in Liverpool and Man Utd fans?


isn't Auckland nice?this is anfield, where we play football week in and week out. haha, that is Auckland Domain, not Anfield. I wonder, if these facilities were given to Malaysians, how long would these remain unspoiled?

1 thing that would catch you suprise is I have lost my 2-year long hair. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I wasnt thinking at all yesterday. Got up from bed, had my shower, went to the barber and bammmmmmmmmn...I lost it!duh!!!

I am writing rubbish here. silap2 time korang baca ni Liverpool dah kalah dah.....tidak!!!

till next time,

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

my december


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

a new day comes brings closer to the end of this an ideal world, a 3-month holiday would be ideal.ideal world, it exists,doesnt it?=)...

as promised before, my mobile no - 017 - 393-5663.this no lasts until only 3rd of january,therefore im not so worried to post my no here. i dont have a stalker anyway(JOEY does!)

over the past few years, or rather lately Malaysians have developed a tendency to become self-appointed judges with unfortunately low quality of judgment. I dare not discuss the issue of Hindraf here.However I find it very annoying that Malaysians listen to one side of the stories all the time. i have stressed it many times in previous posts that only 2 sides of a coin will tell u the truth. Yes, some of the claims are ridiculous and irrelevant. Nevertheless. we hardly see in the media the interviews with the Hindraf leaders. why dont give them(the Hindraf leaders) chance to reply back. U watch Buletin Utama at TV3, u hear only 1 side n later you will start slamming the Hindraf leaders.I dont thats wise.

Read carefully, I'm not saying which party is right or wrong here. What I want to tell to readers is to be mature in dealing with news.

n to football fans, I notice that English media are really weird.few weeks back, Liverpool was not playing well n they were 6 points behind Arsenal.they were not considered title contenders. Now still they are still 6 points behind n now they are title contenders. Never mind that, another undeniable fact is the media are trying hard to make managers lose their jobs. No wonder they did not qualify. they never tried to rally the nation to get behind their national team during the matches. Instead, before,during and after the game's main headline is when is this particular manager will be sacked.How negative is that?

gambar 7 tahun lepas.aku pakai baju putih tu.

gambar tunggu prebet dulu

to my mrsmpc friends, don't forget this friday's futsal n ezy's wedding this Sunday. Futsal is on every friday, unless cancelled. spread the news, bukan selalu bole above are taken from Shamir's flickr

okla, will write again

Thursday, November 22, 2007

jet lag


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I do not have my laptop with me, therefore this entry is nothing more than just an entry.

To the England football fans, I wish u good luck. I'm a fan of EPL, but England has never been my 1st choice at international level. Germany 1st, then only England comes. Since Andres Brehme scored the winner in 1990 World Cup, there's no turning back in supporting them. Weird somehow, because I dont know Bundesliga as much as I know EPL. I hope England will qualify, otherwise this tournament, as other tournaments, will be dull without them. Crouch-inho is the leading striker from what I read, I know he wont disappoint the lots of you.

With my long hair, I know some will be surprised when they see me. I surely will get a haircut soon. How soon is my 'soon' is subjective. Just like in medicine, acute is defined in many ways. Oh as a student is hard enough, let alone when the working days come. No many good news in HO(house officer) life, except for the improved wages/salary. Sorry, I dont know the differences between wages and salary.

for this friday, I hope Serih will be ready for 'Torres'. So much for his Elano, Torres will show him the meaning of sexy football. kasut futsal dah la xde selamba je..

My mobile no will be posted in the next entry.

n happy (belated)birthday to frens who turned 24,25 and 21 this month.

till then

Sunday, November 11, 2007



in the name of Allah the Most gracious the Most Merciful

ever since Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was sacked, I have been an avid follower of Malaysian politics. I rarely show my passion nowadays, mainly because of Akta Universiti dan Kolej University(AUKU). I fear my thoughts will be misquoted, thus it prevents me from being expressive sometimes.

Nevertheless, I can't stress it highly enough that one must back his opinions only with valid evidences. Why? Slandering is strictly prohibited in Islam, not only because it creates a malfunctioning society but affects the civilisation of a nation. That's the situation in Malaysian. One party constantly accuses another for whatever reasons they have.

You might wonder why of all sudden I'm writing this. You might have come across the issue of BERSIH. BERSIH is a coalition of 67 NGOs and the opposition parties formed for asking a greater transparency in the elections. So they went to the streets in KL for a peaceful demonstration in November 10th, coincidentally on my birthday.

-definitely not 4000 here-

Speaking with no inclination towards any sides, I'd totally understand why the Opposition and the NGOs are so frustrated with the Government. Looking at the reports by Harakahdaily, Jeff Ooi, The Star, Utusan and several other websites, you will definitely wonder which side is telling the truth. HarakahDaily came up with a figure of approximately 100 000 turning up for the demonstration, Jeff Ooi with 40 000 and The Star with only 4000. Come on, whoever you prefer to support, you just can't help the feeling that The Star is the culprit here.

I have always stressed that it is very important one reads both sides of each story you hear or read. I'm sure you go to Mamak X after you found Mamak Y does not offer you good food. Why did you that? because you are comparing 2 sides, and you then pick the best. As mentioned in the Quran

Surah al-Maidah: 8:(maksudnya): Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, hendaklah kamu semua sentiasa menjadi orang-orang yang menegakkan keadilan kerana Allah, lagi menerangkan kebenaran; dan jangan sekali-kali kebencian kamu terhadap sesuatu kaum itu mendorong kamu kepada tidak melakukan keadilan. Hendaklah kamu berlaku adil (kepada sesiapa jua) kerana sikap adil itu lebih hampir kepada taqwa. Dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah, sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui dengan mendalam akan apa yang kamu lakukan”.

I hope whatever I write will be taken maturely. Whatever mistakes in my posts, do let me know. In 2 different hadiths

Nabi s.a.w bersabda: Cukuplah untuk seseorang itu dianggap berdusta dengan dia menceritakan setiap yang dia dengar(Riwayat Muslim). Kata al-Imam Malik bin Anas (meninggal 179H): Ketahuilah, tidak selamat seseorang yang menceritakan setiap apa yang dia dengar, dan seseorang tidak menjadi imam (pimpinan) sama sekali apabila dia menceritakan setiap yang dia dengar”. (Riwayat Muslim dalam Muqaddimah Sahihnya).

I hope at this time you will the relevance of me providing the link of Dr. Asri's Bersikap Adil Dalam Penilaian.

As for me, with regards to malaysian politics, I listen/read to every party's opinions. Only there and then I make judgement.

the links to few of many websites I visit are provided in the sidebar.

till next time

Thursday, November 08, 2007



in the name of Allah the Most gracious the Most Merciful

I have approximately 10 more days before I start breathing the fresh air of Malaysia again.Pheww...

I dont know if I had mentioned this before. Upon reaching KLIA, I'll be heading to Kelantan on the next day for a few days. So, dont expect my call/sms within that period.My contact details will be provided later. Whatever it is, I should still be able to turn up for the weekly PC-futsal, I hope. Serih, ko prektis awal2 la...kang kalo aku dribble lepas ko ada je alasan kang..

1 thing that I notice is very few of my IMU friends update their blogs now. FACEBOOK is the reason why. Everyone is so into it. I have one too, but I am still very much loyal to Myspace. I said to myself that I would start exploring FACEBOOK after the exams, yet until today I have not initiated anything. Probably I know too little of it, but I find it very annoying when u get notices on Superpoke, surveys and other facebook stuff.FACEBOOK = muka's my facebook link anyway..

by the way, did anyone watch the Liverpool-Besiktas game? It was Turkish-delight last week, it's Turkish n0-delight anymore now.Trashed big time they were. 8-0? =). told u not to write off Liverpool just yet. next question is who's next? Stop boasting, nanti kalah weekend baru tau(a reminder to myself).

to all friends who are graduating this year, CONGRATULATIONS! they say it feels like u're on top of the world the moment the invigilator asked you to stop writing your answers in your last subject. the last I attended a graduation ceremony was back in MRSMPC, which, obviously for myself. Soon you'll step into a new world. Wherever you'll be based at, strive for the best. MUSLIMS are hadhari.

a friendly reminder, to all Malaysians who are eligible to vote, please register. It's a responsibility. As much as a reader and a fan of Rocky's blog, I think at times he doesnt turn his talk into actions. He complains a phantom voter registered using his name and also reveals he has never voted before. True, with the evidences, phantom voters should be rejected. But why has he not voted before? It does matter what your choice is, but what matters more is to cast your vote. Why complain then e.g the Government being unfair/opposition oppressed when it's remediable? If given the chance, I'd like to register. My choice? UNDI ANDA ADALAH RAHSIA(yeah right)

to those who have wished(my 2xth birthday) in advance, thank you very much. This picture was taken in 2005. We celebrated MY birthday in R & R Awan Besar. It was fun although it's was in the middle of EOY(end of year) exams. I shall see these guys again in 2 weeks' time. Gab in red jersey is in Canada now, Rassam the Kenyan guy is in Adelaide. The rest are Seremban dwellers now. Look to my coming on the 5th day, at dawn, look to the east(ayat Gandalf in Return of the King). hahaha..poyo gile..aku datang nanti weh.kasut futsal aku pun tertinggal kat sana..

before I stop, enjoy the video above. Ohh the good old days.............

till next time,

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

back again!


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

So for keeping u guys waiting for an update.ages ago the last time I wrote something.

Here we go.

I was reading the reaction Malaysians' reaction towards the launch of ECER. I felt disappointed when I saw(something like this) - "aren't PAS and UMNO supposed to be enemy?then why are they sharing the stage together?". Sigh. Too much politics, bro. let's get real. Forget about UMNO, even if ECER was initiated by PAS, it wouldnt bring more harm than good, dont u think so? Whether the timing was politically motivated, I dont know to be honest. No one does. There are speculations on general election to be held in December or early next year. With so many economic-driven launchings, December would be a perfect time for them. Having said all these, I prefer to be a neutral. I didnt register to vote for this election anyway.

how nice is this?

In the past few weeks, people have been writing off Liverpool. I'm not someone who says everything about Liverpool is right and I'm the first to admit Liverpool have not been playing up to their standard. They lost to Besiktas, drew with Arsenal and only just managed to beat 9-man Everton. I believe it's premature to sum up Liverpool's season based on those matches. Strangely now Liverpool are deemed not on form and Rafa's rotation is the reason behind it. Earlier in the season when Liverpool managed to collect 10 out of 12 points, they were considered as title challenger. It's the media.

I will be back in Malaysia on Nov 17th. I'm open for any futsal, weddings, anything. Let me know the time and place and I'll be there(InsyaAllah).

farwah farihah

latest pics on my future-F1-driver niece. taken from sister's blog. dah besar sehhh....

One last thing, I really like Dr. Asri's(Mufti Perlis) article "Bersikap Adil Dalam Penilaian". It's really a well-written one, in which he explains why we should not talk, discuss and bad mouth-ing things we hardly have the knowledge about, which is totally opposite to what we practice today. Have a read, it's very useful I promise.

I'll write again.

p/s : anyone who wants their blog(s) to be linked here, let me know.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gambar Raya


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

there are no issues to be discussed today. To compensate, some pictures are posted. Click to enlarge, and feel free to keep(save) the pics. No permission is needed.

Faiz dan simbol keamanannya(peace)

gambar reramai pas makan

sebelum pegi solat raya

memotong lemang

gold is the most macho(goes without saying really)

same spot, same pose, but still does look macho, doesnt he?

meant for KDU ex students only. but Chuan?

again, meant for KDU ex-students. they claimed they were. lol!

that's it for now.


Monday, October 08, 2007



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

menjelang Hari Raya yang bakal menjelang beberapa hari lagi, kat sini saya ingin mengucapkan


kepada ;

1. Ayah dan Emak di rumah TTDI. Mintak ampun dari hujung kaki sampai ke hujung rambut selama ni n halalkan makan minum. Sedih seh xleh balik lagi tahun ni, isk isk...

2. utk adik bradik yg lain, pun mintak maaf gak la..halal2 aa sume2 ye..meh list down nama jap,


3. utk sedara2 yg terbaca ni gak, sama la gakk ehh,,,

4. utk kengkawan yg menjadi pengunjung setia kat sini, saya ingin meminta maaf kepada anda semua kalau ada tersalah silap, terkasar bahasa, tersilap cakap, terkutuk belakang dan depan, semua tu atas kelemahan saya sendiri,sama ada sengaja atau tidak. Apa2 silap saya maafkan je la, n kalau ada hutang apa2 ke bgtau la ye..

- kepada budak2 SKTTDI n SMTTDI, xtau brapa bnyk korang igt aku tp aku still igt lg kebanyakan korang.ada rezeki bole jumpa lagi

- kepada dak2 MRSM PC, kenangan 2 tahun mmg xleh nak lupa sampai skrg. sampai skrg pn kita sume still keep in touch lg,futsal pn tiap2 minggu..wat open house ke upload la gambar.dh 7 tahun dah since kita tinggalkan maktab dulu...

- dak2 asasi, aku x dpt trace bnyk kat mana skrg, melainkan yg aku ada YM je..apa2 pun halal gak aa sume2 ye

- dak2 KDU, kebanyakan korang(dak batch aku) banyak akan bergelar doktor dlm bulan 5 tahun depan..semoga berjaya ye!!kalo rajin hujung tahun aku turun Penang ke..

-dak2 IMU, sampai skrg aku rasa aku x bazir 2 1/2 tahun kat bukit Jalil dulu..sgt seronot..aku x dpt nak wish korang individually, so secara umum pn jadik la ye..

- n last sekali dak2 AUCKLAND, selamat menyambut Hari Raya di perantauan lg..kekadang aku perangai x betul n sbb tu, aku mintak maaf kepada semua ye. Sama ada terjadi dpn korang or belakang, kita tinggalkan aa bende2 yg lepas2 ye. utk pihak aku, aku halalkan sume(SAPA YG HUTANG JGN WAT2 LUPA LAK).ehehhehehe...sabau2...insyaAllah yg aku tau xde sambutan di flat 14 mcm tahun lepas, so sori la ye..

- n kepada kengkawan mana2 yg x masuk kategori di atas, korang aku x lupakan.junior2 ke, kengkawan lain ke, semua2 la ye.kepada yg kasik kad raya ari tu, trimas..dpt gak kad raya tahun ni..=)

ulang2 ayat sama lak, last la aku tulis, MAAF ZAHIR n BATIN kalau ada salah silap. ni aku letak video sambutan raya tahun lepas untuk tatapan korang.

till next time

p/s: who needs utusan when u can post ur raya wish here?lol!!sabar faiz, main2 je..

p/s: sori kalau x dapat wish raya individually ye...=(

Friday, October 05, 2007

rehat sat


rehat otak jap ngan mende2 bengong kat bawah ni..hehehhe..

btw, jawapan kepada Nan yg bersifat mulia : pengorbaNAN. skema jawapan oleh Umar Hakim.hehehe

Terengganu VS Kelantan




kentang)... BANYOK-BANYOK NI....

MK : TADI MU KATO BELI KETE(ubi kentang).....

'KETANG'..... HOK ADA SEPIT......(ketam)...


Sad ending

Suami : Kenapa Sayang menangis?
Isteri : Saya telah baca sebuah buku. Sad endinglah bang..
Suami :: Buku apa?
Isteri : Buku bank abanglah..


Kutu Lepak

kat sebuah kg, terdapat sekumpulan remaja yang suka lepak. Sorang name Ali, Budin dan Ciko. Aktiviti depa ni, menyebabkan mate tok imam kat kg tu tak senang. Pada satu hari, tok imam tu datang nak tarbiyah depa ni. Maka berlakulah pentekaran kecil antara dua golongan tersebut. Nak di pendekkan cite, tok imam tu mencabar mangkuk 3 ekor ni ke surau. Si Ali berkata "tok ingat kami ni jahil sangat ke? takpa kami buktikan yang kami bukan nye jahil seperti yang disangkakan". Maka pegilah tiga ekor tu ke surau. Tok imam menyuruh Ali untuk azan. Ali pun tanpa berlengah terus je "allahtaala... allahtaala..". maka terselahlah kejahilan Ali. Bila nak sembahyang je, tok imam td angkat takbiratulikram... . angkat sekali tak kusyuk g.. angkat 2 kali tak kyusyuk g.. masuk je kali yang ketiga.. budin panggil tok imam " tok duduk kat belakang, biar saye je yang imam" tok imam pun undur le kebelakang. Budin pun angkat le takbiratul ikram... allhahuakbar... . maka si makmum pun ngikut le si Budin ni... tiba-tiba Budin pusing ke belakang dan berkata" tengok tok sekali jee!!" maka terserlah kebodohan si Budin. Tok imam pun meminta si ciko lak untuk jd imam. si ciko ni tidak lah pulak nak menolak. die terus je jd imam solat tersebut.. bermulalah dari takbir sampai le abis sembahyang. sip ade wirid dan doa laie... punye lah raspek tok imam kat si ciko niii.. mase tengah dok sembang tok imam memuji leee si ciko nii.. make dengan bongkaknye si ciko berkata " tu belum ambil wuduk laie tu"

ehehhehe..sabar2...skali skala lawak bengong..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

40 saat berharga


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Dr. Rantisi[2] was a paediatrician(doktor pakar kanak2). He was a very brave,wise and inspirational leader of the Palestinians. The 1st 40 seconds would probably be the best part of the video, if you are really busy. 1st 40s and the last 5s seconds are the parts not to be missed. His exact words before he died, or precisely brutally assassinated.

" Are you afraid to die? it's death,either by killing or by cancer, it's the same, we are all waiting for the last day of our lives. If it's by cardiac arrest or by Apache[1], I would prefer to by Apache.

[1] The AH-64 Apache is the United States Army's principal attack helicopter, and is the successor to the AH-1 Cobra. The AH-64 is powered by two General Electric T700 turboshaft engines. The crew sits in tandem, with the pilot sitting behind and above the copilot-gunner in an armored crew compartment. The AH-64 is armed with a 30mm M230 chain gun and carries a mixture of AGM-114 Hellfire and Hydra 70 rockets on four hard points mounted on its stub-wing pylons.

[2] Rantissi was born in Yubna near Jaffa. Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, his family fled to the Gaza Strip. He studied pediatric medicine and genetics at Egypt's Alexandria University, graduating first in his class and was a certified physician, although he did not have a practice. In 1976 he returned to Gaza, a deeply convicted member of the Muslim Brotherhood, to teach parasitology and genetics at the Islamic University.On April 17, 2004, Rantissi was assassinated by the Israeli Army after they fired hellfire missiles from an Apache helicopter at his car. Two others, one a bodyguard named Akram Nassar and the other Rantissi's 27-year-old son Mohammed, were also killed in the attack, and four bystanders wounded. Along with these deaths there was also 2 civilian deaths, a mother and her 5 year old daughter

Now, who is the terrorist and the coward here?

Until today, we are constantly under attack by the American-assisted Israel. Have we lost despite all the advances in their weaponry? Answer : NO.

Tengok je video tu betul2. Barisan tentera Palestine berdiri tegak dalam barisan. Nampak segak lagi tu. Mereka gak nampak sangat patuh kepada pemerintah/ketua. Mungkin kita ditindas, tp kita x kalah lagi. Sesuatu yg kita bole belajar dpd diorg, PAS ataupun UMNO walaupun anda berbeza politik, tp kita dibawah akidah yg sama.

saja nak kongsi ayat2 kat bawah ni
Al-Haddid 16,22,23, 25

16. Belumkah datang waktunya bagi orang-orang yang beriman, untuk tunduk hati mereka mengingat Allah dan kepada kebenaran yang telah turun (kepada mereka), dan janganlah mereka seperti orang-orang yang sebelumnya telah diturunkan Al Kitab kepadanya, kemudian berlalulah masa yang panjang atas mereka lalu hati mereka menjadi keras. Dan kebanyakan di antara mereka adalah orang-orang yang fasik.

22. Tiada suatu bencanapun yang menimpa di bumi dan (tidak pula) pada dirimu sendiri melainkan telah tertulis dalam kitab (Lauhul Mahfuzh) sebelum Kami menciptakannya. Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu adalah mudah bagi Allah.

23. (Kami jelaskan yang demikian itu) supaya kamu jangan berduka cita terhadap apa yang luput dari kamu, dan supaya kamu jangan terlalu gembira[1459] terhadap apa yang diberikan-Nya kepadamu. Dan Allah tidak menyukai setiap orang yang sombong lagi membanggakan diri,

27. Kemudian Kami iringi di belakang mereka dengan rasul-rasul Kami dan Kami iringi (pula) dengan Isa putra Maryam; dan Kami berikan kepadanya Injil dan Kami jadikan dalam hati orang- orang yang mengikutinya rasa santun dan kasih sayang. Dan mereka mengada-adakan rahbaniyyah[1460] padahal kami tidak mewajibkannya kepada mereka tetapi (mereka sendirilah yang mengada-adakannya) untuk mencari keridhaan Allah, lalu mereka tidak memeliharanya dengan pemeliharaan yang semestinya. Maka Kami berikan kepada orang-orang yang beriman di antara mereka pahalanya dan banyak di antara mereka orang-orang fasik.

Yang dimaksud dengan Rahbaniyah ialah tidak beristeri atau tidak bersuami dan mengurung diri dalam biara.

I have not had the best of Ramadhan yet. My mistake. I'm weak and constantly need reminders. Please brothers n sisters, feel free to remind me of anything. Bak kata teka-teki Umar Hakim tahun lepas time camping,

banyak2 Nan, Nan apa paling mulia?

okla,till next time,
selamat mengharungi 10 Ramadhan terakhir.

p/s : Rantisi, you are sorely missed

Monday, October 01, 2007



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

22. Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami mudahkan Al Quran untuk pelajaran, maka adakah orang yang mengambil pelajaran?

the end(of Ramadhan) is nigh..

When I gave my family a call last week, I was told there are only 4 individuals at home during almost every iftar n sahur, which are my parents and 2 sisters. I come from only a group of 8 siblings. 2 of elder brothers got married and have moved out, 1 sister with her husband in Canada, 1 in UM, 1 in MRSM Langkawi and therefore, only 2 left at home. I can't remember exactly the last time when we all sat together under 1 roof. Sigh, things like this make me miss home. You don't have to tell me that everyone goes through the same cycle, I know that.

Enough of sentimental. My last entry drew some comments, which some of them helped to clarify things.Thanks buddies..

Torres - if only I could be as cool as you

No matter where u go, Israel never gives u any good. Now they are doing the damage to Chelsea. Or rather it's a he, the Israeli manager of Chelsea. How could they get only a draw against Fulham. No disrespect to Fulham, but Chelsea is a top team. A set of players that most managers dream to have, which can only become reality in Football Manager(FM). Man City on the other hand is doing exceptionally well. Elano's freekick against Newcastle is definitely my top choice for Goal of the Week.just truly awesome..

yg ni saya akan ckp melayu je la.english terabur kang x sampai msg lak...mcm yg kita semua tahu, 10 malam terakhir terutamanya kan digalakkan mengejar malam Lailatul Qadr.Apa dia malam tu,apa kelebihan dia n cara mencari malam tu bole dicari kat website lain. Penat promo pun, kita x pernah dibantu oleh media2 yg terlalu sibuk mempromosikan raya. Memang tu pun bende yg berlaku tiap2 tahun. Ada kawan bgtau kat KB Mall(kota bharu) lagu raya dh start pasang awal2 puasa lagi. so sampai masa kita menilai balik kempen. drpd kita cuba nak lawan arus demam raya ni, apa kata kita main2 ngan bende ni.apa maksudnye? mgkn cadangan je, kita x perlu nak bising2 orang sibuk nak apa kita bole buat, kita galakkan org membahagi masa, cthnye wat segala shopping2 n kuih2 n persediaan lain tu pada waktu tgh hari n petang. malam plak kita set kan utk mengisi 10 Ramadhan terakhir..

cadangan je tu, sbb dpd kebanyakan kita hilang semua kebaikan Ramadhan, baik kita dpt sket..something is almost always better than nothing kan? kalo salah pe yg sy kata, betulkan la..point ni dinaikkan sbb fenomena sama je tiap2 tahun dpd kalah baik menang sikit kan?

kepada kengkawan Auckland, Shin Chan Kewell dengan jaya nye leading Petunia n Bersatu nye liga. mantap dow utk rookie..1st time ni main fantasy premier league.

utk dak2 pc, Shin Chan Kewell pn leading liga gak..=)..tahun demi tahun Shin Chan Kewell ttp unggul.

till next time
sori lambat update..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Searching for God


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Ramadhan is very close to the end of 1st 1/3rd. time flies very fast, so fast that you can still remember clearly how u started the Ramadhan this year 8 days ago. I have been blessed with a new nephew last week, the 3rd newborn in the family this year.

Few friends have been asking what is atheism. Defined by Wikepedia Atheism, as a philosophical view, is the position that either affirms the nonexistence of gods[1] or rejects theism. In simpler words, they believe in nothing.

All of us, regardless of what religion you might embrace, have always been bombarded with questions ,
-who created us
-why do we live, grow up and eventually die?
-if God does exist, where is He?

We the Muslims believe in Allah the Almighty as the One and Only. 25% of the world population are Muslims. The rest, the emptiness in their restless hearts made them began to look for the answers for the above questions, which unfortunately had lead them to create God in thousands of forms. The rest here includes those those who do not believe in God, but still they believe in something though they never portray it. Some believe God presented in a human form, God has son and endless other forms which of course are ridiculous.As said by Dr Asri(Minda Mufti)

Hingga mereka yang mendakwa tidak mempercayai Tuhan dan bebas dari sebarang peraturan manusia pun, mereka tetap menjadi hamba nafsu dan pemikiran sesat yang akhirnya merobohkan nilai keinsanan mereka yang sebenar.

Islam, what differentiates it to other religions is Islam is a complete way of life. Comparatively, other religions they stress only/mostly the spiritual side of a human being. Therefore, we see them going to their so-called holy places at one time and the rest of the week they live as if they will never die, taking alchohol and practising free sex for instance. Islam is different, it is a system that covers from the very basic life chores up to the rules and laws of a country.

Yes, the non-Muslims might be laughing at us now. The Malay's saying ' cakap tak serupa bikin' is perhaps not far from being true. Islam as proven by history reached the top of the world when It was truly practiced by the Muslims. I'm urging my fellow Muslims, as stated in the Quran,

24. Maka apakah mereka tidak memperhatikan Al Quran ataukah hati mereka terkunci?

25. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang kembali ke belakang (kepada kekafiran) sesudah petunjuk itu jelas bagi mereka, syaitan telah menjadikan mereka mudah (berbuat dosa) dan memanjangkan angan-angan mereka.

33. Hai orang-orang yang beriman, taatilah Allah dan taatilah Rasul dan janganlah kamu merusakkan (pahala) amal-amalmu. Surah Muhammad 24,25,33

to question where is God, why is the world unfair and why your loved ones die of cancer and others that deserve to die(subjective) live happily in this world is part of human nature. Islam has set the path, yet this path seems so blur to us because of our laziness in seeking it.

4. Katakanlah: "Terangkanlah kepadaku tentang apa yang kamu sembah selain Allah; perlihatkan kepada-Ku apakah yang telah mereka ciptakan dari bumi ini atau adakah mereka berserikat (dengan Allah) dalam (penciptaan) langit? Bawalah kepada-Ku Kitab yang sebelum (Al Quran) ini atau peninggalan dari pengetahuan (orang-orang dahulu), jika kamu adalah orang-orang yang benar" Al-Ahqaaf, ayat 4

On another heavy note, I would like a heavy penalty/punishment to be sentenced to the rapist of Nurin. A death sentence would be the preferred option to most of us(i guess). You are a sick animal! Even an animal would never do that!

Today, we had an iftaar with the majority of Malaysian Muslim students. More pictures will be uploaded later.

faliq - sekali lagi dengan gaya x sabar nak buke!

the owner himself,

till next time

p/s : I have received more than 10 000 visitors until today. Thanks for all the comments and constructive opinions. n correct me in any mistakes made.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

15 september


dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani

sambutan yg hangat utk aktiviti semalam

semalam 15 September, tayangan video Soal Jawab Puasa bersama Dr Asri dilangsungkan di bangunan engineering.yg sgt menarik, kehadiran sangat2 la di luar jangkaan sampaikan organisers pn risau takut x cukup makanan.mantap!kepada student2 AUT, kredit utk korang sbb organise dengan jayanya.

ada beberapa permintaan utk aku jawab beberapa soalan yg aku letak dlm previous entry tu.aku pn x pandai dalam al-ahkam ada lebih dpd 6 page pasal soal jawab, jadik bole klik direct kat sini la kalo sapa2 ada kemusykilan.dekat top left of that page ada link untuk download e-book soal jawab utk menyenangkan sume, sy sediakan jawapan yg saya amek dpd al-ahkam tu okeh, menggunakan dalil Quran dan Hadith

soalan 1.
ikut solat bersama orang arab,saya dapati ada perbezaan antara cara menunaikan solat tarawikh.kalau di negara kita antara rakaat2 solat tarawikh,selalunya bilal akan berselawat diikuti oleh makmum.tetapi berlainan dengan orang arab,imam meneruskan solat tanpa diselangi selawat.Minta pandangan tuan2 dalam perbezaan ini.mengapa wujud perbezaan ini dan cara mana yang disepakati ulama`?Minta juga disertakan hadith2 rujukan.
jawapan : klik sini

soalan 2: Adakah batal puasa dengan suntikan ubat di bulan puasa ?klik jawapan

soalan 3 : puasa dan haid . jawapan

faliq yg terlalu dahaga(sabar2)

syafiq meniru idolanya,musa.

member dpt makanan lupa aku - kata tawfiq

lebihan makanan yg jadik impian ramai.heheh

sorila xleh nak jawab.kalo jawab pn sama ngan jawapan copy paste dpd al-ahkam gak.

sekian saja laporan,kembali ke bilik berita

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh warga Auckland.............


dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani

kepada saudara saudari warga Auckland, sekadar ingin memaklumkan kepada kalian sume Sabtu ni ada buke pose + tayangan video Soal jawab agama

antara soalan2 yg ditanya dan dijawab dlm video
1)makruh ke kalo mandi
2)batal puasa ke kalo pakai ubat lelah
3)batal pose ke kalo kene injection
4)kene pose ke kalo musafir
5)banyak lagi soalan2 lain

kebanyakan soalan2 ni akan dijawab mengikut dalil2 Quran dan Hadith. jom datang sume!hilangkan segala kemusykilan pasal puasa2 kita.kan Islam tu agama yang mudah.kan?kan?

len kali sambung

p/s : poster adalah ihsan blog Beca and flowersofislam. trima kasih banyak2

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ramadhan, Bulan Puasa


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

8-9 days ago was the last time I posted something here.I could not possibly update sooner due to many reasons(real ones!).

so, 5 more days to Ramadhan huh?

Rasulullah,the Prophet himself had the opportunity of going through 9 Ramadhans. Ramadhan was implemented on the 2nd year of Hijrah. To the many of us, this probably would be our 9th-12th ramadhan probably. to those who will turn 24 this year, is our coming 11th ramadhan(assuming you reached puberty at 13) going to be a better than the Prophet's 9 ramadhans? Certainly not, but Rasulullah left us the guidelines to meet the objectives of Ramadhan.

Ramadhan, as indicated by this verse,

"Hai sekalian orang yang beriman! Diwajibkanlah puasa atas engkau semua sebagaimana yang diwajibkan atas orang-orang yang sebelum engkau semua itu,"

'Orang yang beriman'. does this imply all Muslims? why did not Allah use 'hai sekalian orang Muslim'? A believer(orang yg beriman) is definitely a Muslim, but a Muslim is not necessarily a believer. Not suprisingly we see a minor portion of Muslims do not oblige this order. they do not fast and some even make this public, and proud of it!

let's change this. a reminder, our job is not only encouraging the maaruf, but to prevent the munkar. your friends who commit any wrongdoings, let them know they are wrong. be nice to your friends. you should hate their attitude, not themselves. therefore, correct them in the very best way possible. they are not gonna be mad at you, if they really call themselves your friends. at the age of 20s, you are wise enough to know friends who are with you in the times of easy and difficult.

a friend in need is a friend indeed

think of it again, how many times have we been hated(temporarily) for correcting friends in the name of Islam. you wake your friends up for Subuh prayer, they might be angry at you. u might then feel inappropriately guilty for a wrong reason. dont be. Allah says

33. Siapakah yang lebih baik perkataannya daripada orang yang menyeru kepada Allah, mengerjakan amal yang saleh, dan berkata: "Sesungguhnya aku termasuk orang-orang yang menyerah diri?"

34. Dan tidaklah sama kebaikan dan kejahatan. Tolaklah (kejahatan itu) dengan cara yang lebih baik, maka tiba-tiba orang yang antaramu dan antara dia ada permusuhan seolah-olah telah menjadi teman yang sangat setia.

41. Sesungguhnya Kami menurunkan kepadamu Al Kitab (Al Quran) untuk manusia dengan membawa kebenaran; siapa yang mendapat petunjuk maka (petunjuk itu) untuk dirinya sendiri, dan siapa yang sesat maka sesungguhnya dia semata-mata sesat buat (kerugian) dirinya sendiri, dan kamu sekali-kali bukanlah orang yang bertanggung jawab terhadap mereka.

friendly match All Blacks - Ireland 2006

I'm writing this as I'm watching the Rugby World Cup. woohoo! All Blacks vs Italy. The game would be probably have finished as u read this. No regrets coming to Auckland bro! if you were wondering the situation in NZ here, it's sufficient to say almost as good as football world cup. i know the game is so not familiar to Malaysians but try to have a go at one match. any All Blacks game would do, a Haka for sure will get u addicted to the game! forget football for this 1 week, they are only international matches anyway.

again, no more bazaar Ramadhan for me this year. last year was fun, this year will be even better. we have a bigger community now. earlier this year, we could form 4 different football teams everytime we played football. more people means more food, more food means more Malaysian food! mantap2!

okla, till next time

before I leave, dont forget to wake up for Sahur. it goes without saying sahur is good. we wanna fast as taught by Rasulullah, so make sure we start fasting in an Islamic way, and ends it in Islamic way

"Pemisahan - yakni perbedaan - antara puasa kita dengan puasanya kaum ahlulkitab -yakni kaum Yahudi dan Nasrani - itu ialah adanya makan sahur." (Riwayat Muslim)

we certainly have not helped enough our brother and sisters in Palestine. now we want to follow their teachings?

will write again,

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merdeka - the finale


dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani

menjelang detik merdeka yang semakin hampir, terasa membazir kalo cerita pasal bola je.

kalo difikirkan 50 tahun merdeka, secara matematik-nya, 50 tahun merdeka hanya cukup 50 tahun bila Merdeka dilaungkan pada jam,minit dan saat Tunku Abdul Rahman laungkan merdeka. tapi memang dh fitrah manusia dalam 20-30 tahun ni, birthday dikira jam detik 12 tgh malam. tapi takpela, isu kecil je tu.

apa2 pun, kita sume happy kan. bukanla senang pas bertahun2 semua org penat bekerja nak jadikan Malaysia yg sekarang ni kita bangga panggil diri kita orang Malaysia. pembangunan fizikal kita hampir sampai tahap kelas pertama, mcm yg disebut NTV7 dlm interview ngan Prof Khoo Kay Kim kat video bawah ni. minda kelas ketiga kata Prof, ada pendapat? ramai yg ditegur kalau diorg wat salah ramai yg jawab 'rilek aa, mat saleh pn wat bende2 gini' . Attitude yg meletakkan mat saleh sebagai benchmark, sangatla tak patut. Pas 50 tahun merdeka, prof x salah bila dia kata minda kelas ketiga tu.

tahun demi tahun, kita diingatkan oleh para pemimpin termasuklah Tuan Guru Nik Aziz bahawa merdeka bukanlah sekadar bermaksud bebas daripada penjajah. Ironi nye juga, tahun demi tahun kita dengar, amat sedikit bilangan daripada kita yang mengambil pengajaran daripada peringatan pemimpin2 kita. Benar, generasi muda termasukla saya, tak endah pun bende2 gini. Kenapa? antara sebab yang sy bole fikir, satunya, kita tak merasa betapa susah nak capai kemerdekaan. Bagaimana kita nak ulang pencapaian kita, kalo kita nak kumpul kawan2 utk futsal pun sikit punye susah?

generasi muda skrg ni gak, kita hidup dalam suasana yg sangat senang. otak kita dilembabkan, fizikal kita dilemahkan, rohani kita sekadar hidup xnak, mati x mahu..kenapa jadik camni? bagi 2 minit, sume org bole bagi jawapan masing2. tapi sampai 2 minit tu je la kita fikir. pas 2 minit tu kita sambung tgk tv balik, layan internet. sume berlaku tanpa ada rasa kita apa nak wat pas kita dh dpt jawapan utk soalan tadi..sifat kita tu disebut dlm Quran,


Maka apabila manusia ditimpa bahaya ia menyeru Kami, kemudian apabila Kami berikan kepadanya nikmat dari Kami ia berkata: "Sesungguhnya aku diberi nikmat itu hanyalah karena kepintaranku." Sebenarnya itu adalah ujian, tetapi kebanyakan mereka itu tidak mengetahui.

az-Zumar, ayat 49

disini juga saya ada klip daripada mufti perlis, dlm ceramah beliau tentang merdeka. sangat mantap.

utk mereka yg ada kelapangan, saya sediakan link2 utk sambungan video ni,

apa2 pun, masih banyak lagi positif yg bole diamek dlm 50 tahun merdeka. aku bangga aku rakyat malaysia. aku pakai jersi malaysia gi kelas, pakai jersi malaysia main bola. tido pn kadang2 pakai jersi malaysia. setinggi mana kita berada, kita taknak 100 org yg berusaha nak berjaya, tp akhirnya 50 je yg btol2 berjaya. kita sama2 rakyat malaysia, sapa sanggup tgk org lain kat bawah tapi sama2 kat atas. mcm peribahasa dulu kata lidi kalo sebatang senang gile nak patah, tp lidi tu diikat banyak2 sapa bole hancurkan kan??

okla, dengan semangat nak merdeka ni, sama2 kita laung merdeka!!! setinggi2 syukur kepada Allah. terima kasih juga kepa Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Hussein Onn, Tan Cheng Lock dan Tun Sambathan atas usaha anda semua. trimas. selamat merdeka malaysia!!

ni antara video yg saya jumpa, x jumpa aa lagu sudirman-tanggal 31 ogos tu.sapa ada bgtau okes.

selamat merdeka sume, kepada team bola, tahniah.hadiah terbaik utk merdeka ni dpd korang.mantap semalam!




in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful,

Sadly, we could not be at the stadium. there was no television either. Did we give up? the pics below have all the answers.

tgk kat comp tebu sebenanye - zainal abidin rawop tu

a pose with JALUR GEMILANG right after the match

what a night! too long have we been waiting, too long we have suffered. today, we celebrate our pre-merdeka with an exclusive birthday present -PESTABOLA MERDEKA CUP!! HAIL MALAYSIA!

this event was held at flat 14 last night, which managed to attract visitors from Wellesley, Metro and apa tah nama tmpt Ali tinggal.

also thanx to the fans in the stadium, we could hear all the noises. Lagu Inilah Barisan Kita pn ada kan kalo x silap? wohoooo

till next time,

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I'm nothing but to echo Asrif's statement/vision/opinion on Malaysia's football team. Long have I waited for the glory to be restored. I have always dreamed seeing the football team of Malaysia at the level they used to be. If the memory still serves me right and I dont ever think I get this fact wrong, Malaysia lost only 4-2 to England in 1992(or 1994), a team marshaled by Gary Lineker. A warning, dont call yourself a football fan if you dont know who Gary Lineker is. That's how good Malaysia team was. The teams of late 60's - 80's were the golden generations, but history should not be made as text-book topics only. We can repeat it, why not? To the least, in the spirit of 50th Merdeka, be positive that we can win tonight's match against Myanmar.

These pics are from Malaysia-New Zealand All Whites that took place somewhere beginning of last year.
As for tonight, as SEMANGAT as Boromir in the re-coup of Osgiliath, I call for all Malaysians to pledge/show your support. This is not the time for racial sentiments to be played. You are either with the Malaysian team or you are not. To those who are not in Malaysia, if we are lucky, Sopcast would be an ideal solution to replace RTM. kalau dapat la.

and for fans who missed the game M'sia - Singapore, here are the highlights,

1st goal was enough to shut the critics. have a watch

I, here, pledge my support to my national football team. If they should lose, which hopefully not, I have no slightest regret calling myself a Malaysian fan. I'm a rather proud, honestly.

btw, 2 goals in M'sia-England match were scored by Sabahan Matlan Marjan.

'semboyan telah berbunyi, menuju medan bakti'


Saturday, August 25, 2007

merdeka part 4


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I am still exhausted from today's event. Ignore the Merdeka Part 4 title. I shall write another proper merdeka-related entry soon.

to those that have some spare time, have a read
1. Pengembara Syukri's bila kita memijak diri sendiri and my new new project
2.Asrif's Malaysia 2007
3. Yapis(YAYASAN PENUNTUT IMAM SYAFIEE)'s - Laporan Seminar Pendekatan Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah(Aqidah n Syariah)

I'm officially on 1 week holiday now. A time that should be interpreted as a period free from school books. Or u can define it to the least as a short period of relaxing your mentally drained brain. Sigh..Why am I talking a subject that everyone here has a very little idea about?

Anyway, what I meant earlier(feeling exhausted), we had a Hari Sukan today. It's not a modern Hari Sukan, just if u were wondering. We had Galah Panjang, Captain Ball n Bola Beracun. It's not lame! It is extraordinarily fun when you are so far away from your hometown. Somehow I feel, Malaysians are more MALAYSIAN when they are away from home. BETUL KAN? I have uploaded 290 pics to my laptop and more photos will be displayed here. Specially posted today are super-cool, macho and awesome pics -

lol! These are from Musa's(part 1) camera. Musa(part 2) is a specialist in photography. Musa is always among the best in his work, if not the best. If by fact I'm not a superb football player, blame it on Musa for making me look like Ibrahimovic in those!!

okla, tidoq plak.letih
I shall write again in the near future.