Sunday, May 28, 2006

testing 1,2,3

i realise that i have not been active blogging as before.I still have a week more to go for has been great.I(or we) went to tauranga and rotorua.trip was fun and awesome.I came to realise that if i had chosen uk for med school, maybe I'd enjoy Euro trip.However, I have never regretted my decision. Here in NZ you get to do lots of outdoor activities and crazy staff.It's really undescribable.
During my time at rotorua, we tried a thing called swoop. I was placed in a sac or bag and they let u swing like a pendulum at a height of 40metres. Amazing! Nobody would say it's not scary, but after a few swings you'd feel the fun. Then we went for ZORB. This time we were put in a ball filled with water. They let u off from a hill and the ball started rolling. We had no control whilst in the ball, and that's the fun part of it. Look at this pic. Bungy jumping was way too expensive. 90 NZ dollars for a jump of 15seconds.

My family is in Mekah(Macca) now performing umrah. I wish I am there now with them. They are lucky to be there. When u r there ur mind is solely focused on ibadah. And a good time to bond with your family members. Maybe not my time yet. Sigh. yesterday was the graduation day for my IMU classmates and what an another occassion to miss.

I recently talked to my friend who happened to join a tabligh group. I am quite disagree with tabligh. They( the followers) seem to be very obsessed with their leaders and rejecting other scholars at the same time. This is something not good. And they seem to be very judgemental as if only their scholars who are always right. However, having said that, nature has a way that we always remember someone by the bad things that they have done. Tabligh, as said by Ust Samsure has always been involved in rehab of drug addicts. No one has mentioned that when talking about tabligh. Anyway, I still wont join any tabligh. I dont like the way things are done, and the resources that they use are not all 'sahih'
this time I have posted a few pics.enjoy it!