Sunday, May 25, 2008



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Mourinho, when asked if the season had been a good one as depicted by Grant, told The Observer: "That depends on your philosophy of leadership.

"In my philosophy it was a very bad one because in football 'almost' means defeat and Chelsea almost won the Carling Cup, almost won the Champions League and almost won the Premier League. Almost is nothing.

isn't he cool?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sisters in Islam mengarut!


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Islamic group’s uniform comment slammed

it's shocking really. National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia made a suggestion yesterday for a review on uniform for school girls. The ever irrelevant Sisters in Islam came up with these -Something must be seriously wrong with local men if the sight of girls in their school uniform turns them on and What? Even wearing baju kurung is still not enough?. Eh, if that was the case, we should allow these girls to come to school with just bikini. They should not get worried, because what we need to do is to correct the mindset of male race.

This is absolutely ridiculous!

Why must people get married then?

Maha Suci Tuhan yang telah menciptakan pasangan-pasangan semuanya, baik dari apa yang ditumbuhkan oleh bumi dan dari diri mereka maupun dari apa yang tidak mereka ketahui(Yaasin 36)

Have they not been taught that a man is designed to be attracted to woman and vice versa?

Women’s Aid Organisation executive director Ivy Josiah said what was needed was ”a review of misguided beliefs about women's attire,” not a review of the uniform policy.

“Statistics and research has shown that all women – young, old, women clad in tudung (headscarf), miniskirts, even babies in diapers – have been victims of rape and sexual assault.

“It is entirely irresponsible for anyone to suggest the idea that rape is a result of attire. Rape is not about attire, it’s about power that perpetrators feel they have over their victims,” she pointed out.

If this is a statement coming out from a non-Muslim, it is her right to do so. Their religion has their own rights and wrongs.

In Islam, we have never been taught that wearing headscarf will prevent any rape. It is never about the headscarf. It's about covering 'aurat'. As what the Noble Quran says in the image abobe, well I don't think to explain it any further(click on the image to enlarge). The usual comments

- baik buruk tu asal dari hati, pakai tudung tapi jahat tak guna gak.
- pakai tudung pun perangai macam setan gak wat apa
- pakai tudung je lebih...

let me read this to you again,
." Yang demikian itu supaya mereka lebih mudah untuk dikenal, karena itu mereka tidak di ganggu. Dan Allah adalah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.

To this date, tell me if there is any religion that is able to stop people from talking. there is not, is it??

have a listen to what Tuan Guru has to say here(video's title is slightly controversial

Why must they name the group Sisters in Islam? the name is misleading. You don't do what you talk about. Rubbish!

Malaysian politics' - Quote of the Day,

“Yes, Umno can consider me irrelevant. It is their funeral and not mine. Today the Barisan has been destabilised by Abdullah not being able to lead it to victory in the general election.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

a special tribute to MU fans


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

let me start off with comment from Dr. Peake today

' you know more than what you think you know, you know?'

it's that a compliment? or a constructive critic?lol! Oh, She's a consultant with a very beautiful name.

Now let's go to Champs League. I did not watch the match unfortunately, I had to be at class. I was told it's an exciting match. Maybe Man Utd deserved to win, I don't know. It's been a fantastic season for them to be sincere. How wrong was I to guess Arsenal to be the champions? Who would have thought MU to win doubles?

If I need to choose the Most Valuable Player, it has to be only 1 person. That person is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe Torres deserves that as well. He's been magnificent. Being a fair person, I don't think anyone did better than Ronaldo. 42 goals from midfield. That's a feat that will take ages before anyone breaks it.

I have not congratulated Man Utd fans yet on the doubles. So here it is,


8 years ago, I would have said 'Nasib je tu'. I was immature back then. To console myself, eat this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel better!!

I'm just helping Rafa Benitez here. He was asking me if I could persuade Sir Alex Ferguson to trade Cristiano Ronaldo with Voronin AND Kuyt? wanna help me here?

till next time

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Definition of 'life'


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

everyone's getting restless with tsunami-like disasters occuring all over the world. Earthquake in China, Nargis in Myanmar, Naqbah in Palestine, Tun Mahathir's quitting UMNO, Obama vs Clinton, Lebanon and Champions' League's Chelsea vs Man Utd.

Once a friend of mine asked,

F : do you have any tv series in your hard disk?
M : nope, only House season 3.
F : you don't have a life la

the conversation went something similar to above.

My passion lies in 4 inter-related subjects - Islam, politics, electronic gadgets, and sports especially football. Obama's recent win in Oregon interests me more than who's winning American Idol.

It depends on the definition of 'life' that you hold onto. I watch series too, but I am no fanatic to most series. If you think you are super cool by watching series, then so be it.

I find it super cool to watch Liverpool - Arsenal for instance.

It's a subjective topic. No answer is a right or wrong answer. Debate all you want, if you wish to do so.

One thing for sure, it's not cool posting your pictures going clubbing, holding a can of beer and lighting a cigarette. To me, I will call this an 'empty' life. empty = no life. There will come a day when you/I will regret this wasted time.

Dari an-Nawwas bin Sam'an r.a., katanya: "Saya bertanya kepada Rasulullah s.a.w.
perihal kebajikan dan dosa. Beliau s.a.w. lalu bersabda: "Kebajikan itu ialah baiknya budipekerti dan dosa itu ialah apa-apa yang engkau rasakan bimbang dalam dada - yakni hati - dan engkau tidak suka kalau hal itu diketahui oleh orang banyak." (Riwayat Muslim).


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Monday, May 19, 2008

yang benar, bukan yang senang


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

taken from my bro in law's blog

Lebih mudah menjadi seorang Kristian katanya. Ramai kawan-kawannya yang berpegang dengan agama Kristian tidak pernah ada sebarang pantang larang. Asal ada masa boleh pergi ke gereja. Jika tidak pergi pun tidak mengapa. Cukup sekadar hati percaya kepada Jesus. Cara penganut Kristian beramal ibadah lebih senang dari Islam. Lagi pula, semua agama lebih kurang sama sahaja, membawa kepada Tuhan...

[click here] for full article. baca biar penuh.

absolutely genius the way he writes it! simple, easy to digest and short! something for Malay-speaking non Muslims to ponder.

i'm not surprised at all by this. Back in UIA, he was the top student in both Quran and Sunnah and Economy(double major+ top student tu). I'm not sure of his recent post grad results, but he managed to obtain 3A+'s and 1A in the 1st year.

a confession - very often I don't watch any video on people's blogs. and I know they don't do it either in my blog. I'll consider it a success if I can get 20 people to watch the video below, Dr. MAZA's view on Siti Fatimah Tan's issue :

till next time.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

curi masa


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I have not written a proper entry for quite some time now. I have been busy lately. Maaf ye..

There are too many problems in this world nowadays. It happens everywhere, not only in Malaysia. Another problem is too many people want to talk, as if they are experts in that particular issues. Leave it to the real experts, and do not use what you think or feel as an argument. You will end up look like an immature 7 year old boy when actually you are e.g. 23 years old.

I am no expert too on the other hand. I am merely sharing my insight, and happy to be corrected if I am wrong, even if it means I have to swallow my pride. I try to use facts and figures to back my points, and I am still a human after all. Everyone makes mistakes.

ayat yang popular dan tiada kaitan dengan entry ni -
"Everybody lies" - Greg House(heheh)

When one talks about Islamic/Malay issues, it is 90% wrong to say 'Inilah masalah bangsa kita', Inilah Melayu' or 'Melayu, standard la tu'. I do that too, without meaning it when I say it. That is just so wrong. There are still many who rise to the expectation. Some have proved in many fields that they are the best, if not better than others.

Let's look in another perspective. Christians have been dogged with problems too. They are no longer practiced RELATIVELY(with time,place) in the Western countries. You hear many stories priests get charged in courts for sodomising, being pedophiles, Protestants vs Catholics and many more. You will know all these if you read newspapers of course.

Look at Buddha. They have their problems too. Many leaving their religion, for instance.

Look at atheist. They have troubles deciding what's best for them. 100 atheists with different style of thinking will find it difficult to find common grounds.

I emphasize, it's a huge mistake to generalise your statement. Don't make yourself look like a dumb. Rather than thrash talking on blogs, mamak or newspapers why don't we translate these words into action?

Mengembalikan Sikap Peduli/Being Ignorant
I'm sure that it(being ignorant) happens to everyone regularly. I do not need to explain, Quran says in Surah Al-Anaam,

52. Dan janganlah kamu mengusir orang-orang yang menyeru Tuhannya di pagi dan petang hari, sedang mereka menghendaki keridhaanNya. Kamu tidak memikul tanggung jawab sedikitpun terhadap perbuatan mereka dan merekapun tidak memikul tanggung jawab sedikitpun terhadap perbuatanmu, yang menyebabkan kamu (berhak) mengusir mereka, (sehingga kamu termasuk orang-orang yang zalim)

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Ayat2 Cinta


jgn stress2,hehehehe...

Kisah Cinta Laila dan Majnun

Dalam kesuraman ultra lembayung tika tujuh bulan menumpahkan cahaya dibawah kaki langit khirmizi, tiba-tiba aku terkenangkan eurika nostalgia cinta lama yang kita palitkan berdua. Kehadiranmu bersama molekul-molekul hidrogen menerjang segala kekusutan yang membelit tali perutku. Dan kehadiranmu itu mengajar aku erti rindu gelora dan shahdu.

Kau juga mengajarku erti cinta, singa laut,beruang kutub, penguin, kambing salji, mee rebus, cendol, koridor, kotak pensil, tali kasut dan pasu bunga.Kala itu, kita bagaikan Nobita dan Sizuka.Kau dan aku umpama Kurt Cobain dan Rafeah Buang yang tidak dapat dipisahkan. Malangnya percintaan yang mendapat liputan meluas hingga ke planet Ziku itu telah mengundang perpisahan yang akhirnya telah mengecewakan seluruh penternak lipan di Burma. Kau pergi jua ketika Kuala Lumpur sedang bersiap sedia menjadi tuan rumah Sukan Komanwel 1998.

Sesungguhnya perpisahan itu berpunca daripada penebangan pokok getah secara besar-besaran di Lembah Klang. Pemergianmu menyebabkan aku menghidap penyakit resdung dan hepatitis-Q secara mengejut. Ketiadaanmu memaksa aku memakai topi keledar setiap masa sebagai langkah keselamatan. Aku seperti tidak percaya dengan apa yang telah terjadi. Aku bagaikan tergelincir dari orbit bumi dan terpelanting ke ruang angkasa, apabila daya tarikan graviti terhadapku tiada lagi berfungsi setelahaku tersungkur dalam percintaan yang berlarutan hingga ke rubber-set. Seluruh perjalanan hidupku menjadi gelita bagaikan terperangkap di dalam gua yang gelap dan ditemani stlagit dan stlagmit yang bagai sembilu.

Kondominium cinta yang kita bina dari makgat basikal dan kipas helikopter akhirnya musnah setelah kau berpaling tadah. Ternyata sikapmu mulai berubah bila Malaysia mula melancarkan satelit MEASAT-1 ke ruang angkasa raya. Sejak itu kau sering melarikan diri bila terserempak dengan abang iparku. Akhirnya aku menyedari bahawa diri ini tidak diperlukan lagi.

Sejak kau tiada, aku sering menyendiri berbual-bual dengan pokok betik untuk mengisi masa lapang. Kadang-kadang aku mengikat botol oren pada tiang rumah agar nampak lebih cantik. Saban hari aku termenung di dalam peti sejuk mengenangkan dirimu yang entah kemana menghilang. Aku cuba bermain badminton sambil makan mi hailam untuk melupakanmu, tetapi aku tak berdaya. Lalu aku membakar mesin basuh dan membelasah empat ekor itik serati jiran sebelah sebagai tanda aku tidak bersalah.

Mengapa? Mengapa sayang? Mengapa ini semua bisa terjadi? Mengapa setelah kau curi hatiku, kau rompak cintaku lantas kau bunuh cintaku sehingga kau terbunuh dalam kemalangan cinta yang ngeri. Aku bagaikan terhimpit dan dihimpit oleh guni-guni batu yang kau timpakan di atas belakangku. Derita yang kautimpakan itu adalah bebanan yang terlalu berat untuk ku tanggung bagaikan mendukung 75 ekor biawak dan 386 ekor anak beruk. Dan kini segala harapanku hancur berkecai bagaikan aku terjatuh dari Menara Kuala Lumpur dan dihempap oleh Menara Berkembar Petronas lalu tersangkut di celah landasan LRT dan kemudiannya digilis pula keretapi Komuter hingga aku hancur berkecai. Oh! terlalu berat dugaan yang kutempuhi kini.

Kini segalanya telah pun berakhir. Aku sedar siapa aku. Aku hanya insan biasa yang suka makan mi segera. Aku bukan McGyver, McDonald's, Superman atau Kesatria Baja Hitam. Aku juga bukanlah Ultraman seperti yang kau idam-idamkan. Aku menyedari kekurangan diri dan kekurangan kemudahan awam di tempat sendiri. Tak perlu dikesali lagi kerana nasi telah menjadi capati dan tin sardin yang ku genggam ini telah pun luput tarikhnya. Segalanya sungguh mengharukan dan semua hadiah pemberianmu termasuk enjin kapal selam telah pun aku cincang untuk dibuat makanan lembu.

Walaupun segalanya telah pun berakhir, disini, diatas pokok getah ini aku tetap menunggu kau akan kembali. Selagi ada nafas ini, selagi ada kompleks membeli-belah SOGO, selagi ada kedai kasut selipar di sekitar Argentina, selagi kumpulan Metallica tidak berpecah, aku tetap menunggumu sehinggalah mentari terbelah lapan. Namun aku menyedari bahawa penantianku hanyalah sia-sia belaka. Akhirnya aku mengambil keputusan mektamad untuk menunggu tiang elektrik dihadapan rumahku berbuah. kalau tiang elektrik berbuah nanti, aku poskan buahnya kepadamu. Nak tak?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wanita, Antara Objek dan Subjek


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

to begin with, I'd like to wish Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

I don't know a perfect way how to start this. So bear with me o.k.

Last week I was rostered to be in Delivery Suite for 1 week. I'm not talking this from a medical point of view. Let's view it from another angle.

Dan Kami - Allah - berwasiat kepada manusia supaya berbuat baik kepada kedua orangtuanya. Ibunya telah mengandungnya dengan menderita kelemahan di atas kelemahan - yakni terus -menerus -dan ceraian susuannya dalam dua tahun. Hendaknya engkau bersyukur kepadaKu dan kepada kedua orangtuamu."(Luqman: 14)

Women are not appreciated highly enough. Seriously, a week is enough to tell how difficult it is to bear a developing fetus in the womb for 9 months. The pain levels increase proportionately with time. It does not stop there. Next, they have to be in delivery suite for as long as 24 hours sometimes, just to give birth, regardless of whether it's a planned or unplanned one. Sometimes this is so hard that some women die. Some of the procedures were quite traumatising to me, yet these ladies had the courtesy to say 'thanks' to their husbands for just being there for them. It should be the opposite way, shouldn't it?

A husband would appreciate his wife more if he knew this, and he should be grateful he was born a man. I have witnessed it a few times, few men cried after the delivery.

Now, seriously, I can't understand why would anyone ever raise their voice or worse, walk out on his/her mum? They have no idea what their mothers went through.

"Dan Tuhanmu telah menentukan supaya engkau semua jangan menyembah melainkan Dia
dan supaya engkau semua berbuat baik kepada kedua orangtua. Dan kalau salah seorang di antara keduanya atau keduanya ada di sisimu sampai usia tua, maka janganlah engkau berkata kepada keduanya dengan ucapan "cis", dan jangan pula engkau menggertak keduanya, tetapi ucapkanlah kepada keduanya itu ucapan yang mulia - penuh kehormatan.

"Dan turunkanlah sayap kerendahan - maksudnya: Rendahkanlah dirimu - terhadap kedua

orangtuamu itu dengan kasih-sayang dan katakanlah: "Ya Tuhanku, kasihanilah kedua orang tuaku itu sebagaimana keduanya mengasihi aku di kala aku masih kecil." (al-lsra': 23-24)

peaceful, isn't it?

This is nothing sentimental. You will know when the time comes.

Part 2 will come.
I'm too sleepy to write about Wanita sebagai Objek pulak.


Sunday, May 04, 2008



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I am different, full stop.

1. I am user of Nokia at present. I have never liked Nokia and never will. Everyone knows I am a fan of Samsung, I even held U-600 with both hands before I decided to buy Nokia. What made me change? I have my reasons.

2. I hate I-Pod. I've always hated it and that will never change. That's why I decided to go with Sony.

3. I hate common things, that's why I hate Man Utd.

4. I partially disagreed with 'Boikot Israel 'and will continue to do so. I have my reasons, I am aware of many fatwas and I abide them. They have come up with statistics to show that it has worked. They claimed Israel have lost few Billions, which I still believe is not good enough.

Profit 5 billion - Loss 1 billion = Profit 4 billion.

Some of them still have the mindset of fighting with weakened Israel rather than building a stronger Muslim community. I came up with my thoughts previously, and they disagreed. Let me put it this way,

Profit 5 billion - loss 1 billion + (-Muslims gaining 1 billion) = 3 billion

The focus needs to change. We need to start building our strength again. We need to start supporting the Muslims, rather than hoping the foes to become weaker. The first equation shows they are still getting 4 billion to empower their armoury.

2nd equation shows they will have 3 billion at their disposal, while the Muslims have 1 billion.

To simplify this, let us start supporting our economy. Those 2 objects above are the things I am currently using here in Auckland. You see, I am weakening Israel by RM8 and helping Muslims becoming RM8 richer. It is small, but surely will be bigger if it's done collectively. kan jadi macam killing 2 birds with one stone..

This is also why I made public my support towards the use of Dinar currency. We are not helping the course, instead we continue to make them stronger, indirectly.

I hate Man Utd not because they are so strong, but because Liverpool can't beat them. Liverpool are not strong enough to be the champions. Let's face it. and for them to be at the top, they need to strengthen the team, as shown by that 2nd equation. I would not enjoy seeing Liverpool beating 9-men Man Utd. I would rather see 10-men Liverpool beating on form Man Utd.

p/s : 1. One of the reasons with Boikot Israel, who would be responsible to secure new jobs for Muslims working in Coca Cola, if they were dismissed by their employer? You are implicating more losses to the Muslims, totally opposite to what the plan was made for.

2. please stop those thrash talking. Stop talking, start initiating please

till next time.

****update*** - as suggested by mr/ms anonymous, Sufi is not owned by Muslims. My bad, if it's true. Somebody please check on this. Thanks.