Sunday, August 23, 2009

ramadhan kareem


in the name of allah the most gracious the most merciful

in the spirit of ramadhan, i would like to urge the members of umno to stop attacking tuan guru nik aziz. He has replied with 'not to attack me based what u read in papers'.n how wrong more could you be if u r a big fan of utusan,right?

wherever u read it from, i hev repeatedly use this verse from quran that roughly says we need the analyse thoroughly every news so that we wont make mistakes and punish others undeservedly.

this is only day 2,therefore the chance is there for all of us to fully utilise this holy month.

till next time,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 more days


in the name of allah the most gracious the most merciful

2 more days to ramadhan,so selamat menyambut ramadhan semua.

i wish everyone the best for the coming ramadhan..

n the best is to keep reminding each n everyone of us...a good reminder of course

Till next time,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



in the name of allah the most gracious the most merciful

i would like to suggest the readers to have a read@the star yesterday.i think it sounds like a mat salleh who was pouring compliments on sg buloh hospital.

of course, many who prefer negative news will be selective in their comments.they think they will attract more fans by doing so.sigh...useless to argue with this group of ppl

My sisters are leaving very soon..1 is going to egypt,the other 1 for canada..this friday is going to be the first time the whole family will be celebrate,there will a family photo session.n farewell party this sunday of course.

this friday is also going to be a special day for's yuyu,s birthday..happy birthday yu!there is no need to say a lot of things, you know i only wish good things for u kan...=)

Im driving down to kl tomorrow right after work.these days, it's a rare occasion to get a break. While im on it, i hope there's nobody to destroy my good mood ok.

till next time,


Monday, August 10, 2009



in the name of allah the most gracioius the most merciful

here i am today to express my support for dr hassan ali.

in muslim majority area, alcohol should not be sold legally.

Some have argued that the muslims should teach their kids not to consume alcohol. If only everything can be solved through teaching.

Abolish macc, n just educate the leaders to not accept or give bribery anymore.

abolish internal security act,n educate everyone not to commit any crimes.

abolish rules and regulations at swimming pools, n educate everyone to swim, including the infants.

there are reasons rules are made,n there are consequences when they are broken.

to those who oppose selling of alcohol in public, don't get emotional. Nobody's banning alcohol, we are just not supporting the idea of having it in muslim majority areas.

To the muslims who oppose the idea, or the so called liberalised malays, quran has 1400 years ago said alcohol has some benefits,but it brings more harms than good.

see, it is banned not because it's not good, but because the commyunity will go hay wire if it isn't controlled.

n simple, not everything can be solved through education.

Please,be more academic. We are civilised, aren't we?

till next time,

Tuesday, August 04, 2009



in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

im mobile blogging again.

you see, some people, they think they are too smart that find it so hard to accept they have weaknesses. Many subjects, when they are a subjective subject, you are not wrong when you are neither right nor wrong.

Things, as you get older, should be taken more intellectually, rather than emotionally. I enjoy forums, heated discussions n brainstormings because these will not make u asleep.

Some people think they 'life' when they do clubbing. It is subjective, though i personally hate both clubbing and the people involved in it. Both will never qualify a 'life' for me. It is for those with hollow and empty minded individuals.

N also, going down on the streets like last weekend. It is a public place, for goodness sake. People are doing bussinesses there, therefore have some sympathy ok.

and at this moment, i wish somebody would take me anfield, or bekelah(pahang). It's a 7 layered natural waterfall, it takes merely 3 hours to reach the summit and you get to count the stars at night. It's so beautiful, subhanallah. Many of us fell asleep while counting, honestly. And moreover, we slept very close to the river bank!

So many things to be discussed in this very short time.

till next time,