Monday, June 15, 2015



In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

So, Ramadhan is only 3 days away. Insyaallah, we'll be showered with the grace of Ramadhan, a month that only comes once in a Hijr calendar.

As for me, this is the first time I'll be celebrating it alone, since 2011 perhaps. I was unmarried, hence that easier life. The challenge is different this time. Yeah yeah, family is far away. Lol! This time around my housemates are all non Muslims.

I just bought my own microwave 2 days ago. I've been hunting for a mini bar, but it has yet to bear fruit. These will be kept in my room only. Since I do not cook, I feel mini bar will suffice. Coming back from work, I'll get everything ready for break fast and the leftovers are kept for sahur.

On top of that, the responsibilities that I carry as a post graduate student cum medical doctor, I have to learn how to utilise time wisely in Ramadhan. I suppose it's not going to be easy. At night, kena study lagi kan?

Anyway, I have booked my flight home this Thursday. Though the estimated time of arrival is 10pm, who cares?

Home baby, homeeeeee............

till next time,

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