Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dreaming no more


I am now back in Kubang Kerian, and not everyone knows my name here(Joey, in case you didn't know).

I thanked Allah for the opportunity given to me in the past few days. It was such a wonderful feeling to be reunited with the family I love. I couldn't have asked for more.

Allah works in mysterious way, doesn't He? Friday morning, as my wife was preparing for work, I went to the bed to sleep next to my daughter. As soon as she woke up, she stared at me, and started smiling for at least 20 minutes. It was like a girl who hasn't met her beloved for ages.

That feeling was mutual. I felt the same way. What is magical is how a 22 month old baby able to demonstrate such feeling.

Not to forget, is the excitement of meeting wife again. We never really went out though. We drove up to KL on Friday, came back to Melaka on Saturday and here I am now in Kelantan on Sunday.

Although I have the experience working in Friday-Saturday weekend in Kedah before, it felt as if I was travelling to different worlds. Melaka was calm and quiet, and upon reaching Kubang Kerian, everyone was busy with work.

Tomorrow is on call day. I hope it will be a peaceful one. I have not had a productive Ramadhan yet so far.

till next time,

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