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Tomorrow is the 28th day of June, and soon July will follow suit. Time hasn't move neither fast nor too slow for me. Living day by day, counting hours when work will finish and what to eat for dinner. Lol!

Time to get serious. If I may ask, how would you describe Kelantan?

Many would say Kelantan is the Serambi of Mekah. I do not know what is Serambi is English.

Having lived here in 1999-2000,  I have seen a lot of changes. Back in the older days, we did not too many sky scrappers. Not that there are too many, but the differences are pretty prominent. From my point of view, at least.

There are things that remain status quo. For example, the airport remains the same. Pantai Timur is the same old Pantai Timur. BSN remains the old BSN.

1 thing that is closely associated with Kelantan is the ruling of PAS. During the days of the late TGNA, he brought a lot of changes to the state. They still carry the Islamic image wherever they go.

Now that he is gone, do you still see Islam when you come to Kelantan.

Cleanliness is a big issue here. People throw away things here on to the roadside. Restaurants are full with flies. Potholes are easily found and to make things uglier, here in Kubang Kerian, you see people placing their garbage bins right outside the restaurants. It is not a pleasant sight, and it when it rains, it stinks. Yet you still see people streaming to their restaurants.

Many other things I want to higlight here, but perhaps next time.

The photo above does not represent Kelantan, at all.

Despite all these, Kelantan remains a special state to me. I want to see Kelantan one day becomes a respected state, where everyone look at you and see Islam.

till next time,

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